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    You might be scared because of all the bad things that are said about us but there is nothing to be scared of unless you are scared of the truth. Your adoptive Dad is a good man and we appreciate the love and fantastic care that he, Kristin, and Suzy have provided to you. I would never complain about that in fact, they have provided you with a higher quality of life than we could have afforded so for that I am very grateful. They only know what they have been told, over and over again. I believe my purpose in life was to give birth to you for them, there is no other reasonable explanation for all the evil things that were said and done to us. We are not so mentally unstable that we would do anything to hurt you. What happened to us took its toll on us for sure then other people played on my sensitivity to it and used it to their advantage which was so unfair to you, Jon, Kristin, and Suzy I can’t put it into words. An alleged “Christian” purposely went out of his way to talk to Kristin at work one day just to hurt me. He did not think about anyone but himself for something I didn’t even do that had absolutely nothing to do with you. Then someone else spoke very bad of me to Suzy out of spite and selfish reasons despite the fact that I was putting money on his books, answering his calls from jail, found him an attorney AND paid his bail! That was after YEARS of helping him with money, rides, and places to live (including four separate times I let him live with me, one time he made such a bad impression that my father started believing lies my brother was spewing from his mouth again, for selfish reasons). You see Donnelly, there are people in this world with severe mental disorders, such as narcissism, and drug addictions so severe that alters their thinking and behavior and these people are unavoidable to unsuspecting empaths (people who have a great amount of empathy for others). I am one of those unsuspecting people and it is really easy for people to manipulate me to get what they want and when I finally catch on, I still help them! So, maybe I am no good because I let those things happen to me.

    I used to always think of ways I could possibly see you because t kept me going rather than sit in a corner and cry. But, I gave up trying. Now, all I do is sit in a corner and cry. My only hope is that one day you will get the courage to call or text. I will love you until the day I die and even after that. But I guess I just wasn’t meant to be your Mommy.


  • Another Year Without My Son

    2019 – Another birthday has passed. You are now 12 13 years old (oh my how the years fly by) and oh my goodness, you must not even remember us now. In fact, I am pretty sure you don’t. I think learning of what happened to our family may be a bit overwhelming and I don’t mean to upset your life, however, it is not fair to you that the information you are learning is your birthright and you have every right to know it and I do not think it was right to hide it from you because now it is a shock. Did they think you just would never find out? Maybe but then again they do not know my dedication. I can understand why, your adoptive parents believe I am some kind of derelict drug addict who is absolutely dangerous. This is due to what they have been told by other people. I can’t even say that they never learned the REAL STORY because i sent it to your adoptive mom and dad.
    They said in court documents that our story was “heartbreaking, if true”  and never giving any thought to it being true. I am still here for you all you have to do is call, text or email me. 951-484-6812 or donnellyjustice@hotmail.com or sdj4u@yahoo.com. Look me up on Facebook under Sharon Joyce-Burns. Look up your sister, Kayla Joyce, she is now 25 and you can call or text her at 951-295-5326. We have social accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and have more websites other than this one dedicated to you.  We still miss you as much as we did from the day we last saw you. You can even ask Kayla what kind of parent I am and if we deserved to lose you. We love you with all our heart and dream of the day we get to hug you again. Love, Mommy

  • Director of Child Protective Services Tells it Like it IS!





         First of all, we wish this site was not needed, if we could trade it for our son, we would. I am sure most of you would do the same. However, here we are, here you are, and you might need help so help we will if we can.

        For those who are here from a flyer I sent you in the mail, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN!! Be sure to check the side column for VIDEOS that show just how much of a problem Child Protective Services (or whatever they are called in your area) is for hundreds of thousands of families each year. 

        I ASK YOU, do 99 out of 100 children need to suffer to MAYBE save just 1? CHILDREN DIE IN FOSTER CARE, children get molested, raped and tortured in foster care. This is an irrefutable fact. Yes, children die at the hands of their own parents but CPS may take that one child out of a dangerous and abusive situation only to give strangers the opportunity to abuse that child. In more cases than I would like to know about, CPS WORKERS ADOPT CHILDREN AND ABUSE THEM TOO! And they do it in such a sick way, like hanging dead chickens around their necks. One social worker duct taped her almost adopted daughter to a high chair because she threw fits caused by the separation anxiety from being denied seeing her mother, and ultimately fell over in the high chair and hit her head and died. Other people have adopted children then killed them and continued to receive our tax money for years and years since no one checking on those children! I could go on and on. 

       Try Googling and searching on YouTube, “CPS saves children” or “Thank you CPS, you helped our family” and all you will get are negative reviews of CPS and parents across the nation (and the world) complaining about how awful the system treats them and their children. We also get many comments from former foster children who have the most horrific true stories about being abused, molested, raped and some, tortured.  We have a partial list of children who were “protected” to death on the side column if you want to look at that, which also states the cause of death. Blunt head force trauma, strangulation, starvation, drowning, and lack of medical care for pre-existing conditions.

        I believe that every child deserves to retain the right to live with their family regardless. They say that children need a voice and that they can not make choices that are in their best interest but I completely disagree. Educate children about abuse and how they do not deserve it. Teach children that they can talk to someone if they are experiencing excessive discipline or abuse. Children can speak for themselves if we teach them to. If the justice system can prosecute a 9 year old as an adult then their whole theory that they need a voice goes right out the window. Together, we can come up with a better way. But I doubt the child welfare industry will allow that to happen. They make way too much money off this child abuse prevention cash cow.  HHS KEEPS THE SYSTEM FUNDED WITH 25 BILLION DOLLARS EACH YEAR TO KIDNAP OUR CHILDREN, 

       We could focus dedicated efforts towards teaching people that children are more important than themselves and break the cycle of selfishness, narcissistic personalities, the violent tendencies which are born from how they see themselves. People feel neglected, people feel resentful, people feel that the world owes them for some reason. We need to teach love, care and selflessness. This is a difficult task after teaching children how important they are but there must be a way using some kind of Zen-based ideology or something similar. IF WE CAN CHANGE HOW PEOPLE SEE AND FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES AS WELL AS CARE FOR OTHERS, MAYBE ALL OF SOCIETY WOULD BENEFIT AND IMPROVE THE LIVES OF MILLIONS. Come on now, if advertising can convince children that they want McDonalds, or that they have to have an Xbox, and we can convince adults that they have to have an Iphone or that ISIS is really a national threat, we can convince people to be nice to each other, don’t you think?

       Please comment with your thoughts and ideas. 

       For those who are currently experiencing the abuses of CPS and the kidnapping of your child, please spend a lot of time here as well as the links we have on the side. Hopefully navigating through our site proves to be useful, insightful and a little hopeful for you.  We welcome all comments and suggestions. TELL YOUR STORY HERE:http://wp.me/P2nMjZ-8H

    To find out what happened to us, see the category “Our Story” and “Letters to Donnelly”.




  • I am having a difficult time…

    With the design of this website so I direct you to the new one: www.donnellyjustice.nicepage.io. You can also learn about CPS at my other sites: www.billandsharon9.wordpress.com and www.thebloghoe.wordpress.com.

  • This information is haunting me

    I really hate to post this but if we are going down the rabbit hole this is something that is extremely important to know. It has upset me to no end. It makes me hate humans actually. Now I know there are plenty of people whose insticts have evolved and despite the way they may have been raised, we rise above and don’t perpetrate the abuse on our children amd another generation. Very very slowly, everyone may eventually change but we really have no control over other people in other countries where children are still being abused, mutilated, disregarded, sexually abused, exploited and demonized.  This is probably why so many people flee to the U.S., to save their children from the etrocities they face in their home country. And we make them wait, and go through all kinds of red tape to get over here! If we fought wars over how they treat their children rather than to gain access to an oil pipeline maybe that would be worth fighting over. No wonder other countries continue war with each other, everyone had PTSD from their childhood and are taking it out on other people. They were taught at a very very young age that people are disposable, not worth any respect, their lives not worth anything. 

    Here it is, this is what is influencing me to write this: [WARNING! THIS CONTENT MAY BE UPSETTING READ AT YOUR OWN RISK]



    CPS steals children, please watch this documentary. Produced by Patrick Howley and directed by Ben DeLaurentis, this film shows and proves everything I have been saying plus things I didn’t even know! CPS targeted children and families during COVID-19 shutdowns. I figured it was happening, I just wasn’t doing the research at the time.

  • Check out these sites and articles:



  • Some Thoughts

    To EVERY HEARTBROKEN MOTHER, FATHER, AUNT, UNCLE, COUSIN, BROTHER, SISTER, AND STEP-RELATIVES: I GRIEVE WITH YOU. I feel the pain and sorrow, I feel the loss, I feel the frustration, I feel the outrage, I feel the unfairness, I feel your need for help. What they are doing to you is a CRIME, in fact, many crimes over and over and over. They do not abide by their OWN laws and regulations, they do not adhere to their policies, procedures, and manuals. They do not do what they are supposed to do, they have no hearts, they have no souls, they work for a paycheck and your child is their meal ticket. That is the cold hard truth of it all. They don’t care about you or your child(ren) they claim to have “core values” that sound nice and helpful but those are just words they use to get away with what they do. Here is a clip from the Montana Child and Family Services Division regarding “core values”: mont mont2 mont3

    Do they realize that we can see right through these kinds of words? When INTEGRITY is a core value of social work, then STEALING children isn’t a moral issue for social workers. They remove, discriminately, choosing well-behaved, good-looking children, from decent parents for federal funds. Some of my readers have commented claiming CPS only removes children who are abused and neglected but most, not all, of those children do not have attractive adoptive qualities and many are treated even worse by social services, foster homes, and even after adoption. This most likely is due to behavioral issues. Foster parents should undergo a higher level of scrutiny and extensive training including psychology courses to understand these children better but it is very easy to become a foster parent hell, many foster parent’s backgrounds are overlooked and obtain exceptions due to the number of foster homes needed due to the volume of children who are removed from their homes. I will say this once again, children would rather be abused at home than by strangers. It is a difficult thing to swallow, I know but if you were a child and the option was presented to you, which would you choose?

    Removing funding for foster homes, or at least greatly reducing the amount of money and making foster homing be a voluntary, for the good of the community action. If one cannot afford to take on the expense of another child then they should not be a foster parent. According to this literature, child welfare is supposed to be a community effort to better society. But the system protocols are insane, as Molly McGrath, former DPSS Director, would put it. They keep doing something that isn’t working.

    This is not a site to come to if you are guilty of child abuse and looking for information on how to beat CPS. Most likely, you have custody of your children anyway, or better yet, CPS removed the children from the other, non-offending, parent and placed them with you, a monster in disguise.

    I wish CPS lived up to it’s stated core values and actually cared about children, but they do not. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that 55% of the children CPS rightfully removed (that is giving them one hell of a benefit of the doubt) there are still 45% that are wrongfully removed. THAT IS TOO MANY! I guarantee you that of that 55%, only 20% of those children are placed back at home, and of the 45% only 5% get placed back at home.

  • Not a Day Goes By

    Each and every hour of each and every day I think about you Donnelly. I miss you so very much. My heart breaks again every day too as I think of the last time you saw me, “Mommy, me go with you, Mommy, me go with you!” as I was in handcuffs being taken to jail after I told the police everything. I was hoping they would realize that CPS was wrong and have no signed court orders giving them custody of you.

    That was the last time you saw me as “Mommy”. My heart breaks every time I think about it. A few years later, I was shown pictures of you in foster care and you looked so sad. I regret so many things, it is very difficult going through life with so many regrets. You don’t even remember me anymore. You said, “My mother died.” and although you were talking about Kristin, your adoptive mother, I felt like I was dead to you too. When you were younger you remembered us, you remembered that you were adopted and had other parents. I told you that your parents really wanted to see you.

    I believe now, that my purpose in life was to give birth to you so that Jon & Kristin could have a son. The most loving and wonderful son in the whole world. If you had truly been abused you wouldn’t have been so perfect for them. You were such a good little boy! So precious! I am proud to have brought you into this world even if for someone else.

    You ended up with very loving and good-hearted people even if they were not so good-hearted to me. They love you and took excellent care of you. You ended up with a better life than we could have provided you. They had more money however, they could not possibly have more love for you than I do. I believe that with all my heart. Your real Dad and I did a lot of fighting after you were stolen from us. Not about you or what happened, that always brought us back to the same page but, dealing with life after losing a child creates a hole in your heart than can never heal. We missed out on you growing up, all the drawings, all the “I love you’s”, all the story book readings, the rest of the “Cars” movies, all the games, all the questions about life, all the first days of school, all the school projects and field trips, all the parent-teacher conferences, all the awards, all the sports practices and games, all the Christmases, Easters, Fourth of Julys, all the birthdays, all the Thanksgivings. Its been extremely painful to miss all these things when you were made in my tummy, and born from me. I was in hard labor with you for four days!

    But destiny may have done right after all. I am sure you brought happiness and content to a couple that really deserved a wonderful son like you. I don’t believe now that I actually deserved you, simply because I can’t seem to do anything right. Nothing in my life ever works out, I must have done something to deserve all the things that have happened to me although I do not know of anything I have done to deserve all this pain, must have been something in a previous life. I know I haven’t been perfect and I made a few bad decisions to say the least.

    Anyway, you will be 18 in 2.6 years and I can’t wait until you are a legal adult and allowed to make your own decisions and no one can monitor your Facebook or other social media profiles anymore. I would love to know if you are going to college. I guess I will just have to find out, like I find out every time you move, I know about it before you are finished unpacking. Honestly, I don’t know why they even try to hide from me. I’ve just been such a threat that I have left you alone for the most part and haven’t tried to “kidnap” you despite having several opportunities. I really wish they would use some common sense.

  • Our Story

    I’m finally posting the written version of our story,

  • Scroll to the bottom for full site content

  • If you think CPS does ANY GOOD whatsoever please provide your comments here

    Please do not tell your unjust, typical CPS horror story here this is for those who have had a POSITIVE experience having this agency “help you” and “provide services” that have not done any emotional or physical damage to your family (so you think). I would like to make sure this site tells all sides good or bad.

    My personal belief is that no one will comment except for a social worker or two pretending to be a parent or a troll looking to advertise something.. I will approve only positive comments here so again, if you have a horror story see the page entitled, “Families Destroyed – Tell your story here.”https://donnellyjustice.wordpress.com/families-destroyed-tell-your-story/

    If one of your social workers was nice and helped you get your kids back you can comment here. If you are a social worker and want to defend your position and answer the question,  “How do you live with yourself knowing you rip families apart?” Feel free.

  • I wish I could sit down and talk with you Donnelly.

    I know when you were younger you actually remembered that you were adopted but for some reason you don’t remember now. I am praying that you have visited this site and watched some of the home videos and at least maybe kind of remember. I wish your adopted father would let us at least chat over messenger or text. You have a right to know the truth about what happened and why we lost you.

    I AM NOT A CRAZY CRIMINAL like people have portrayed me. I have a criminal record, yes, and on paper it looks bad but I can explain everything. I have a kind heart and a restless soul ever since we lost you and it is very hard to cope sometimes but I am a very reasonable person and I am not dangerous. People who spoke bad of me had an agenda of their own for various reasons which I can explain. I wish my life wasn’t so complicated but like I said, sometimes I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out because it is extremely hard to overcome my record and what has been said about me. It seems like a lost cause to even try to help your family understand who I really am. I was a very attentive, loving, caring, nurturing mother and we didn’t deserve this separation. Not one bit. Please, Jon, please talk to me. I know you are a God-fearing, Jesus believing man, do you think that Jesus would keep a mother from her son if she was begging and pleading regardless of what others have said about her? I believe he would have an open heart yet take some precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Measures can be taken to assure that no harm comes to Donnelly. We could have a Zoom meeting or something. You and I first, so you can get your own impression of who I am. I am begging you. Donnelly and I both need this desperately. I would have given my life to save Kristin and I told Arron to tell you that. If I could trade my life for hers I would do it in a heartbeat. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Please email me and I will give you my phone number. donnellyjustice@hotmail.com.

  • Donnellyjustice Consulting

    We are here for you.

    Donnellyjustice Consulting can help you with your current CPS case. We believe that children belong at home. We can help you overcome obstacles that are seemingly put in your way on purpose with the intention to make you fail. Obstacles such as:

    • The possibility that your child(ren) are being brainwashed to believe that you are not putting any effort into reunification
    • Delaying your referrals to programs despite the deadline to complete them
    • Not having visitation occur as ordered or other issues regarding visitation
    • Your attorney failing to adequately represent you in court
    • Problems with programs and court-ordered classes
    • Problems with the other parent
    • Issues concerning lies, hearsay and falsified evidence
      • These are serious problems and a clear sign that your case Plan B is actually Plan A. You see, you may not realize it but CPS always has a concurrent plan after removing your child. From day 1 they are actively trying to find a permanent home for your child. This is for several reasons, one being that they look good on paper. There is a major concern with the length of time children spend in foster care and their funding is effected by it. To them, it saves time. You must understand that the younger children are the likelier they will find an adoptive home. Most people do not want to adopt teenagers, they will end up aging out of the system.

    CPS’s stated purpose is to “protect children from maltreatment” and to “help families by providing services to correct the issues that brought the child to their attention”. They have cart blanche to do whatever they want, however they want, always reporting that their actions are “in the best interests of the child”. However, the child’s FAMILY is in the their best interests. Any parent who cares enough to fight for their child deserves their child. It is a known fact, and people think I am a monster for saying it but, children would rather be abused at home by their family rather than be abused by strangers. Foster care is a very dangerous place! I do not believe that any child should be abused nor do I believe your child was abused. That is why you are here.

    This quote is referencing one county in Iowa specifically:

    “To see the extent to which DHS buries its head in the sand about abuse in foster and adoptive homes, consider the most recent case: There were 68 reports; an older sibling even posted video of the abuse on Facebook and gave it to authorities. But no one responded until the older sibling gave the videos to a newspaper.

    Richard Wexler

    Richard Wexler is executive director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, www.nccpr.org

    Currently, there are 600,000 CPS cases across the U.S. and more than half are in foster care or kinship care. That is a scary number.

    If your child(ren) are with relatives you are a little better off than most because at least you know where they are. I can help you with issues with your family if there are any.

    We can help guide you through this difficult time, we offer suggestions on how to appropriately fight for your child(ren) without offending social service workers. This is extremely helpful. We can and will advocate on your behalf and make formal complaints with the appropriate departments. We know how to gain leverage and we want to help you with that.

    Visit our our appointment site here: https://shoptastic-7155-2.myshopify.com/

  • When Can I See You Again?

    When Can I See You


    When can my heart beat again?
    When does the pain ever end?
    When do the tears stop from running over?
    When does “you’ll get over it” begin?

    I hear what you’re sayin’
    But I swear that it’s not making sense
    So when can I see you

    When can I see you again?
    When can my heart beat again?
    When can I see you again?
    And when can I breathe once again?
    And when can I see you?

    When does my someday begin
    When will you remember me again?
    And what if you never ever?
    What am I supposed to do then?

    Please hear what I’m sayin’
    Even if, if it’s not making sense
    So when can I see you?

    When can I see you again?
    When can my heart beat again?
    When can I see you again?
    And when can I breathe once again?
    And when can I see you again?

    Please hear what I’m sayin’
    Even if, if it’s not making sense
    So when can I see you

    When can I see you again?
    can my heart beat again?
    When can I talk to you again?
    And when can I breathe once again?
    And when can I see you again?

    oh again, yeah
    wanna see you again, yeah
    oh, again

    Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Kenneth B EdmondsWhen Can I See You lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLCFeedback



    800 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline Operator: “Hello, how can I help you?”

    Caller: “Yes, I want to report child abuse.”

    800 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline Operator: “Can I have the name of the child and who is the caretaker?”

    Caller: “Joey and his mother is beating him with a broomstick!”

    800 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline Operator: “And how do you know this?”

    Caller: “I hear the broomstick hit the child!”

    800 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline Operator: “So you have not actually witnessed the child being beaten then?”

    Caller: “No but I hear him crying!”

    800 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline Operator: “Ok we will send someone out to check on Joey.”

    What the caller does not know is that Joey is only 3 years old and was watching TV when the two dogs started playing and growling at each other playfully. They dogs knocked over the broomstick and it scared Joey. Joey’s mother quickly put the dogs outside and consoled her son. They played This Little Piggy” and soon Joey stopped crying. Joey’s mother put the broom in the closet.

    Five days later, Joey’s mother gets a knock on the door. She opens it to two ladies with ID tags around their neck and one police officer. They ask to come in, thinking she could quickly show them everything is fine and they would leave.

    The house was clean but a little messy as houses get messy with a three year old and a newborn baby. She asks what this was about. One of the ladies walked around the house and another took Joey into his room, closed the door and interrogated him as to sexual abuse. Joey’s mother objected but the police officer told her she had to let them talk to Joey privately. Joey did not comprehend the nature of the questions and kept shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders. He barely said two words which were the names of their dogs, Mary and Jane, from the nursery rhyme, “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and Jane from the children’s book, Dick and Jane.

    The two ladies called their supervisor and told her that Joey indicated that the mother smokes marijuana and that the child may be at risk. Joey’s mother blurted out when she overheard that. Then the ladies were conversing about the mother being delusional and in denial. They were told to drug test the mother with an on-site mouth swab. Joey’s mother complied. After a few moments one of the ladies took the swab from the mother and placed it into a little thin cup. The two ladies eyebrows went up and they began to tell the police officer that they would be removing both children. More phone calls were made to their supervisor and to foster homes. They could not find one close that could accommodate the newborn and Joey and discussed what to do when the Judge asks why the children were not placed together or with family. They opted to keep the children together however, the foster home was 50 miles away.

    Joey’s mother is frantic at this point. How could things go so wrong? She does not smoke pot so the test must be wrong. She denies any drug use so they say her kids are at risk of neglect because she won’t acknowledge her “problem”, even Joey told them about “Maryjane”. They tell her to go to court in two days. Joey is crying as they pick him up and put him in their county vehicle. They have to literally rip the newborn from Joey’s mother’s arms and now she is screaming. The police officer tells her to calm down or he will have to take her in on a 5150 charge. Joey screams from the car, “Mommy, don’t let them take me, Mommy, me stay with you!”

    There have been parents who experienced something similar and NEVER SAW THEIR CHILDREN AGAIN! TELL ME THIS IS NOT KIDNAPPING!

    This is how it happens. First, they come to the door FIVE DAYS after the original incident that the social workers never even mentioned. They come to the door and knock meaning they had no reasonable cause to even come to the door in the first place. They bring the police as an intimidation tactic, he is mostly there to protect the social workers. Joey’s mother should have never let them in. NO WARRANT NO ENTRY. Then they talk to Joey about sexual abuse, that in and of itself is sexual abuse. Then they make her take a mouth swab drug test which are NOT ADMISSIBLE IN COURT and are often WRONG. The only test that is admissible as evidence is a lab confirmed test. Joey’s mother should have refused and offered to go to a collection site for laboratory urine testing however, she did not have to take any test. Then, in the social worker’s report it will claim that they provided REASONABLE EFFORTS to keep the children in the home and obviously that will be a lie. Reasonable efforts is the key to their funding and they never try to keep the family together so they receiving federal funding fraudulently.

    This story is not based on anyone I know but you can click on “Families Destroyed – Tell Your Story” at the top of this page and read actual horror stories, there are more stories as comments on past posts.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of thousands of parents whose children were kidnapped by the government. I will post more soon.

    Donnelly, I love you so much, please call.

  • How We Lost our Son, Donnelly Keaton Burns

    I have tried to make these videos simple yet, explanatory. I hope they are easy to understand. Donnelly is 13 now and may be wondering about his first family and where did we all go? We are all still here, waiting for him to grow up and ask about us and maybe try to contact us. He has always deserved to know that we did not abandon him, that we still love him with every breath we take.


    That is not the end of the story, I am still working on the rest. But you can read the entire story, I will provide the link tomorrow.

  • Some pics

  • Video of Kentucky News Investigation Into CPS Abuse

    Excellent example of what CPS does.


  • The “Order” Did NOT Authorize Entrance Into the Home Without an Official Warrant!


  • CPS Toons


  • Everything I Know In One Documentary!!

  • CPS Toons – CPS School Part 3

    And the saga continues…

    CPS School Part 3

  • CPS Toons – CPS School Part 2

    Here is Part 2 of many more to come!

    CPS School Part 2

  • CPS Toons

    Using an app called Toontastic, I created a series called (click this link to watch) CPS School Toon Part 1 of cartoons called CPS School. I used some facts from our case and tried to make it funny. I hope you all enjoy them. I really enjoy making fun of the social workers and show how blatant they are breaking rules and committing crimes.

    CPS School Part1


  • The Best Thing You Can Do To Get Your Children Back

    WE ALL KNOW that CPS is corrupt as f_ck. We know what they do is illegal and immoral. THEY ALL KNOW this too. Alone, which is what you will be in your fight for your children, there is nothing you can do to change this WHILE YOU HAVE AN OPEN CASE AND WHILE THEY HAVE YOUR CHILDREN. The best thing to do is COOPERATE. After your case is closed, try to find an attorney to sue them or become an advocate.

    1. Social workers get a “high” from “saving” children. They are ADDICTED TO THIS FEELING and we all know what people do to get a fix.
    2. Child “protection” is an INDUSTRY and our children are the commodity. Social workers,  doctors, lawyers, psychologists, nurses, behavioral science workers, counselors, drug programs, drug testing facilities, and more DEPEND on the taking of our children. Of course no one is going to help you.
      1. When parents argue with social workers, when they are shouting to everyone, “Hey this is wrong!”, they will keep you from communicating whatsoever with your children. You are being punished and the last thing they want is the CHILDREN to know that they are being treated wrong because they will become uncooperative and uncontrollable in foster care. All your shouting (figuratively speaking) only causes them a ton of grief. They want their cases to go smoothly. So help you case go smooth and they will be excited to return your children to you.

    Everyone read that? HELP YOUR CASE GO SMOOTHLY FOR THEM AND THEY WILL BE EXCITED TO RETURN YOUR CHILDREN. Sometimes I feel I have done parents a disservice by providing all of this information and explain what they do is illegal because that is not actually helping any parent get their child back. For that, I am truly sorry.

    This is the best advice I can give to help you get your child back. All these are IMPERATIVE AND ESSENTIAL TO GETTING YOUR CHILDREN BACK.

    1. Never raise your voice to a social worker. Look at her with pity and compassion, she is after all, an addict.
      1. Write down exactly, every detail, the wrongful conduct of the social workers, police officers, counselors, whoever is causing your case  grief,  as a Declaration in Response to the Detention Report, Petition, Jurisdictional Report, Progress Report, whatever document they serve you with and either mail it to the court clerk asking her to pass it along to the Judge and to place it in the court record OR submit your Declaration at the next hearing to the “court” and ask the “Judge” (or Circus Ringleader as I like to call them) to acknowledge it into the official court record. This will be your OBJECTIONS to get on record. When the “Judge” sides with social services and denies you ANYTHING you can appeal the decision and quite possibly be successful as long as you also object in court to anything that is said in court that was not said in whatever report your Declaration was in response to. A key note: EVERYTHING SAID IN THE SOCIAL WORKERS REPORT AND WHAT IS SAID IN COURT BECOMES A “FACT” OF YOUR CASE IF IT HAS NOT BEEN OBJECTED TO AT THE TIME. ONCE THE HEARING IS OVER, YOU CAN NO LONGER OBJECT TO THINGS IN THE PAST. This is a broad general rule that an attorney may be able to overcome with a Memorandum or some similar filing but without a private attorney to do this just keep what I said as the rule.
      2. Bullshit the social workers. You don’t have to admit to lies however, without actually lying yourself you can act like you have some kind of problem. I used to replace their lies and accusations in my head with my problem with THEM and agreed that my family needed all the help we could get. This would always move the social worker to write a report recommending the return of my children and closing the case. This happened several times but my husband’s ex-wife would become aware of the closing of the case via her children who lived with my husband and I (who were never included in our case, gee, I wonder why? We were good enough parents for them but not for MY children??). We participated in their programs and received excellent recommendations as good parents by counselors. We went out of our way to go the extra mile for whatever demands they placed upon us. You don’t have to do that because some people just don’t have the resources to do that. We were fortunate enough to have vehicles and a little bit of money for going out of our way to do whatever.
      3. If you have a problem with something, be nice. My mother always used to say, “Kill them with kindness.” I know this can be very difficult but imperative for your family. I think this is the hardest part of my advice. If the social worker fails to do something, speak to her supervisor and then their supervisor, all the way to the Director themselves. Usually, if you have been a nice little target, your request will be granted if you go about it this way.
      4. Talk to your lawyer as often as you can. Again, be nice. Be sympathetic to their overburdened caseload and offer to do any legwork or research for them. Prepare Declarations to every report and be sure to GET IT NOTARIZED and send it CERTIFIED MAIL to your attorney and another original to the court indicating your case number on it and ask the clerk in the cover letter to submit it to the “Judge” and into the record. After each hearing ASK YOUR ATTORNEY FOR A SIGNED COURT ORDER and the hearing minutes. ALWAYS GET THE COURT REPORTER’S CONTACT INFORMATION AND GET A TRANSCRIPT OF THE HEARING. What  you are doing is getting their lies and perjury noted in the case file just in case they still have it out for you no matter what and/or for appeal and/or to sue them later.
      5. Use technology to audio and/or video record every interaction with the social worker, visits with your children (you will have to hide this because they will stop your visits if they find out). Before the next hearing, upload these files onto your computer and burn a CD. Get a adhesive-backed sleeve for this CD and attach it to an attachment page of your Declaration. Only include relative audio and video to support your objections in your Declaration. DO NOT UPLOAD ANY OF THESE FILES ONTO THE INTERNET, DO NOT MAKE THEM FACEBOOK POSTS OR YOUTUBE VIDEOS not yet anyway.

    If I think of anything else I will edit this post. I cannot guarantee this advice to work but it worked for me. Basically it is fighting them but very quietly.

  • I finally got back into my wordpress account!!

    OMG someone totally sabotaged my login including my login for the email address associated with my wordpress account! After begging Microsoft to please somehow verify my identity despite someone changing it all was a chore like no other. So, I’m back on this site now to get into my consulting pay site….So sorry to all that have been unable to get a hold of me.

  • Arizona Hearing Templates

    ARIZONA VICTIMS! THIS IS FOR YOU – This is what the Dependency “Judges” should be doing. Click on the links to view the scripts or “guidelines” for Judges to follow for each hearing. You should ask for a copy of what the Judge SIGNS. If you actually get a copy of something the “Judge” has signed, could you forward it to me because I have yet to see a SIGNED ORDER FROM ANY CPS Junk..I mean Judge. Study these guides and see if your hearings actually adhere to the RULES. If not, you can take away their funding by sending copies of your hearing transcript (from the court transcriptionist) along with the minute orders to the OIG. I have a link on the side for that.


    This image links to a folder containing the current (2017) AZ Dependency Benchguides. The link below the image will take you to the AZ Superior Court Website with the links to the guides.


    Arizona Benchguide Templates

    send signed orders to: donnellyjustice@hotmail.com

  • Attorney for CPS Advises You To Not Let CPS In Your Home

  • Explanation of Everything


  • Conspiracies DO EXIST!!! EYE OPENER VIDEO

  • Message to my Son Donnelly

    I’m still here, missing you so much. My heart aches everyday. When I think of the last time you saw me I cry and my heart sinks because you were saying, “Come on Mommy, let’s go Mommy, me go with Mommy, right Mommy?” and you had the saddest look in your eyes when those evil social workers took you away. You must have been so sad everyday, waiting for us to come get you. Oh my god Donnelly, I am so sorry that happened. I’m getting way to choked up right now I will have to finish this later. I love you so much baby, why do they deny you the love from your real parents? Oh, come on, he’s almost 10! Can’t I see him now?

    There is so much I want to tell the people who adopted my son but it seems impossible to get this “Christian” couple to give us the opportunity to show them who we really are. First, there was CPS talking crap about us, then there was me, in court, giving her the evil eye. I should have thought about that a little more. I was hoping to scare her off so that Donnelly would be placed with my sister-in-law. Well, it did not scare her off, it made me look like someone she wouldn’t want to know. Backfire. And I am very sorry about that. I was in custody and desperate.

    Then for some reason, when we wrote to them and tried to get them to talk to us, they FREAKED out and filed a restraining order and got it so then we would get arrested if we even attempted to contact them.

    Then, another desperate act, I wrote to the adoptive father’s brother, (I will call him “A”) in prison because I knew he was going to be released soon and wanted to make sure he was not going to be around my son. Well, he ended up being completely innocent and I began advocating for his release as they decided to keep him an extra year despite the court having granted him special relief from an illegal act on behalf of the court during sentencing. A spent 11 years in prison for something he didn’t do then they kept him an extra year! We became somewhat friends during that year, we set up a phone account so he could call, I wrote to him and to the prison Warden, the State’s Attorney, his lawyer, and served a habeus corpus filing on his behalf. I chatted with his mother (also the adoptive father’s mother) but she didn’t know who I was even though i had given her my full real name. When he was finally released, he decided that the only friends he had were my husband and I and we offered to help him as much as we could if he chose to live in California (he was in Illinois). Well, he moved out here and we did help him like we promised.. We never asked him for anything, We never asked him to do anything or to speak on our behalf. We did offer all our evidence and he did his homework and came to the realization that we were truly innocent and that the whole removal and adoption was completely unnecessary. He voluntarily gave us updates about how our son was being cared for and maybe what school he went to. We never attempted to interfere with their life whatsoever. But still, we are seen as monsters.

    All hope was lost when my own BROTHER, Donald P. Joyce, Jr., went to the adoptive mother’s work and said all kinds of things he had no personal knowledge of, that were completely false based on the manipulation by my other brother, David M. Joyce, who I helped as well when he was released from prison (crimes he was 100% guilty of). Now A’s charges and conviction by plea bargain via intimidation and and absolute bias against him, were those of crimes against children. My brother, being the predjudice mother-effer he is, labeled A a “cho-mo” and refused to believe evidence I put in front of his face that A was innocent, A stopped by once in a while and they seemed to get along. They even smoked some weed together. I did not join them. Dave smokes weed every day and lied to a doctor to get a prescription for it simply because he cannot deal with life sober. Now I was caring for my father, now Dave living with us, who also, without asking, lets his girlfriend move in. They are in the living room on a pull out couch and not getting any privacy because I have the second bedroom. Dave decided to take my room by force and came up with crap and stole from my dad by stealing my dad’s ATM card from my wallet, going to the casino and spending $3000, then telling Don that he thought I had a gambling problem and that he should look over my dad’s bank account! I was accused of all kinds of crap. Fine, I am used to that kind of treatment but to go to my son’s adoptive parents and ruin ANY chance for a sliver of hope to see Donnelly before he turns 18 and can’t remember us at all, that was DESPICABLE AND MEAN AND TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR! Don sent me an email basically telling me to straighten up and he would “put in a good word for us”. WTF? This from Don, the REAL cho-mo (he molested two little girls when he was 18 and was babysitting them. This is the REAL reason we moved from NY to CA), and Dave, the REAL drug addict doing drugs with A, not me!

    I wish there was a way convince your adoptive parents to give us an opportunity to tell our side and show them the evidence that they themselves can go down to the court and get right out of the file. Our proof is in the court files but completely ignored by everyone. They claim to be “Christians” or believe in Jesus and all the lessons in the Bible that direct them to do unto others and to not judge people and love thy neighbor and forgive people. Even if it is only in their mind, we deserve forgiveness for things they believe we have done. And we are asking for this forgiveness. We have changed our lives, we are going to church and volunteering our time for the parish. We give 10% of our income to the church. We pray everyday. We refrain from doing drugs, we go to AA and NA and we are 100% clean and sober. We beg for your forgiveness and promise that no harm will come to anyone and we will not try to kidnap our own child.

    But this won’t do any good. You are afraid that Donnelly will love us more than you and you are being selfish.

    So Donnelly, it seems like fate won’t let us see you. I want to just walk right up to your door but I won’t because I do not want you to see me arrested again! Our ONLY hope is that you somehow find this site, dedicated to you, sometime soon and you demand to see us.

  • Anuual Fatherless Day Rally June 16th

    If you are anywhere near the California State Capitol City of Sacramento, show your support and help raise awareness to the most neglected social issues facing the human race – see below:


  • Social Worker School

    These are funny cartoons that include references to actual cases in Riverside County, CA.



  • To The Cop I Called A “Pig” Last Night:

    I was at a local bar, ET’s Lounge in Temecula, California, and doing my rap Karaoke and this young guy was with his buddies and they tried to play like they were okies from Oklahoma and acting like they were clueless on technology and Eminem and “smoking the pot”. However, I got to talk to him and somehow got involved in talking about CPS and you know, their B.S. I ended up getting a little irritated with this guy after he said he knew something as a fact and I said, “What are you a cop or something?” and hes said yes. He said a few more things and I said, “You’re a fucking cop, I don’t talk to pigs.” Then I pointed him out to the rest of the bar just so they know he’s a cop. For this, Sir, I apologize. Sincerely. I should never have referred to you as a farm animal. I have friends and relatives that are police officers and it feels like when I called you a pig, I was calling them a pig and for that I am truly ashamed and embarrassed. It was completely out of line dramatic. I will never use that word when addressing an officer of the law ever again. I promise. I should have been more patient with you as you know not what you do. I understand you see the worst in people on a daily basis and it is hard to not form an attitude towards people in general. I am sure you really didn’t mean to say, “Fuck the families, fuck the parents, it SHOULD BE HARDER TO GET YOUR KIDS BACK.” i am quite sure you didn’t mean to say, “Fuck the family, I’m not going to burden aunts and uncles with a kid because his parents got in a fight so I take them directly to the group home.” I’m sure you don’t really do this. If you do, please do some research to see the  outcome of these children and families and don’t be so bias. Imagine its your family, please. I really want you to fully comprehend the way the system is. Why don’t you start with the video below of Molly McGrath on Ted Talks regarding foster care. Then Google “Nancy Schaefer” and “Ted Gunnerson” on Youtube and watch them all the way through. Then, if you still don’t have a clue, there is nothing else I can say, but maybe this will intrigue you and you will research further. But I doubt it, you and your friends are probably trying to decide where you will be from the next time you go out. Have a wonderful day, Sir.

  • Donnelly is 9 Years Old Today



    We are not REALLY OLD nor are we DEAD. This is what you believe. I wonder how you will feel when you find out that your adoptive parents have KNOWN FOR YEARS EXACTLY WHERE YOUR REAL MOMMY AND DADDY ARE but they simply lie to you either directly or by omission of the truth. They will tell you that they are “protecting” you but from WHAT EXACTLY?


    They will try to tell you that we were drug addicts and criminals, this iS NOT true!!! We are for the most part RESPONSIBLE people. I say this because losing you has taken its toll on us emotionally and that also affects us physically. There is a lack of motivation sometimes when this loss overwhelms us, we do fight with each other a great deal, but not about you, you are the one thing we agree about. Donnelly, you unite your father and I because you were made with all the love in the world that two people could have for each other. We want you to know this on this special day, the day you were born.


    I wish people weren’t so jealous and insecure with themselves so that they go out of their way to hurt other people. This is the main reason our family was ripped apart and why it continues to be ripped apart. People do not understand, they do not sympathize, they harshly judge, and hypocritically I might add! I want the BEST for you and I believe, as well as NORMAL person would, that the BEST thing you could have in your life are your REAL parents, even if only occasionally. I know my brothers went out of their way to ensure that we don’t get to see you any time soon and that they only strengthened the hatred your adoptive mother has for us but I have this hope, still, in my heart and soul that your adoptive parents will come around sooner than later but REALITY is that they are closed-minded and refuse to make their OWN ASSESSMENT. This is very sad for me to think about.



    I hope you are having a birthday party, or already had one, like I would do for your birthday. I hope you went somewhere fun, like we would take you for your birthday. I hope you got presents and the one thing you wanted more than anything. Maybe someday that wish will be to meet your real parents.



    We love you and miss you with all our hearts and souls. Happy Birthday baby boy! (I’m sobbing now.) xxooxoxoxoxoxoxox Love, Mommy and Daddy




    We LOVE this song, this video, this message. JUST LISTEN. We ask YOU, where IS the LOVE?


    Credits: http://www.wheresthelove.com/credits

    For more, visit:

    Music video by The Black Eyed Peas performing #WHERESTHELOVE. (C) 2016 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.



    WALLACE PATE WANTS CONTACT WITH YOU ALL (no one who has filed a lawsuit can come to this movement!) want you to know there is the commission for children and families in Los Angeles. Wallace Pate as well as several others are going there you get 2 minutes and the complaints get investigated YOU MUST have your paper work and Attorney Wallace Pate wants to meet with you to make sure its tidy and what important issues should be brought up its every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month! Lets do this immediately! We need as many at LOS ANGELES COUNTY COMMISSION FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES KENNETH HAHN HALL OF ADMINISTRATION 500 WEST TEMPLE STREET, ROOM 739 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90012 MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016, 10:00 A.M. http://lachildrenscommission.org/agenda.pdf

  • donnellyjustice.me has advertising now, SORRY

    Hopefully it is not too intrusive.

  • Senator Ed Ableser CAN Find ANY Reason in ANY Home to Remove EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN! Watch!


    LA DCFS Newsletter

    Read the newsletter I have linked above. Note the first page where it states that LA County files over 100,000 Petitions each YEAR! Then, move on to the third page where it describes what the court provides for the children while they are at court. Sounds like a CIRCUS to me! Popcorn, games, representatives from the Wild Animal Zoo bringing animals to the court for the children’s “entertainment” because they usually leave court “in tears”. Well, if they were removing children from really abusive homes, they probably wouldn’t necessarily be in tears! They are in tears because THEY HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM A DECENT HOME AND HAVE BEEN SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS AND SIBLINGS AND THE COUNTY JUST DENIED THEM TO BE ABLE TO GO HOME!

    This crap really pisses me off, they are fake scoundrels who earn a living off the stealing of our children!

  • I am so sorry everyone…

    I am so sorry that we have not approved your comments for a while now. I am going through them and reading, trying to reply to some but I just can’t do it all in one night. I will be working on these a little each day. Again, so sorry for your family going through the horrific experience of “legal kidnapping” by your state and those nasty CPS baby-stealers. Thank you everyone, for visiting our site, learning our story and sharing yours.

    To the lawyers who visit our site: THANK YOU!!! If you want to be listed and have a link to your website or if you have any other links that would help our viewers that I could put on our side column, please email me at: billandsharon9@msn.com

  • Happy Birthday Donnelly!!!

    Your birthday is November 14th and I am a few days late posting this but we were thinking about you ALL DAY. We wish we could see you for your birthday, we miss you sooooo much! If you were home with us, I would have a birthday party every year and do other special things with you like take you to Disneyland or Legoland. We hope you look for us someday and find this site so you know that we were always with you in spirit, not just on your birthday but every single day of the years! You are such a special and sweet little man and our hearts are forever broken being denied the right to see you and knowing that you are being denied the truth. Happy Birthday baby boy!

    Love, Mommy and Daddy

  • Child Protective Services – Topic 2 – Detention of your Child(ren)

    Detention: The removal of your child(ren) from your care by Child Protective Services

    One thing is very important for people to know and that is Child Protective Services DOES NOT HAVE ANY POWER until YOU GIVE IT TO THEM. Otherwise, they can go take a hike.

    If you think there is some kind of law that says that YOU HAVE TO TALK TO THEM you are wrong. No county that I know of has such a law. Often, they arrive with the police. This is merely to INTIMIDATE YOU but also to protect them against you flipping out. We are often shielded from news stories about parents who go postal on social workers who threaten to take their child away. I think so no one gets any crazy ideas. However, a few have made into the mainstream. I have heard of people shooting CPS workers in the face and recently a mother hunted down the social worker who terminated her rights and killed her in cold blood. Let’s be honest, that is our initial urge in such a devastating event. Violence is counterproductive because when that mother’s child grows up she will most likely still be in prison and until the day she dies. There is no chance of ever having a close relationship with your child if you have to spend the rest of your life in prison.

    As soon as CPS shows up at your door, and you ignorantly agree to speak to them, RECORD EVERYTHING! If they tell you that they are there to remove your child, say “NO!”. OBJECT to everything that is undocumented, lacks witness testimony, that is unreasonable, and make sure you get it recorded. If that day has already passed, you can still RECORD every future conversation with anyone and everyone involved in your case, in person and over the phone. If you think it is illegal to record a conversation that YOU are a party to, I have news for you:

    Who must give permission to record a telephone or in-person conversation?

    Federal law permits recording telephone calls and in-person conversations with the consent of at least one of the parties. See 18 U.S.C. 2511(2)(d). This is called a “one-party consent” law. Under a one-party consent law, you can record a phone call or conversation so long as you are a party to the conversation. Furthermore, if you are not a party to the conversation, a “one-party consent” law will allow you to record the conversation or phone call so long as your source consents and has full knowledge that the communication will be recorded. Check your state’s law to see if they use the one-party consent law.

    Every parent feels that their child will be taken “over their dead body”. Believe me, THAT IS WHAT IT WOULD BE if you decided to stick to that way of thinking. Dead or in jail of course. My husband and I went to jail for taking our son back from THEIR ILLEGAL DETENTION of our son, Donnelly. Of course for some reason, CPS in Riverside County, California, believes that they have a legal right over your child WITHOUT ANY SIGNED COURT ORDERS giving them custody! The police do not require the same from CPS as they do parents when involved in a “legal” custody battle. Us parents need to show the police a duly court stamped CUSTODY ORDER SIGNED BY AN OFFICIAL STATE JUDGE in order to receive their assistance to regain custody and control over your child. CPS can simply say they have custody and sometimes show them a MINUTE ORDER that is NOT SIGNED BY ANY JUDGE (because the “official” they call a “Judge” is merely an ADMINISTRATIVE “HEARING OFFICER”). BE SURE TO RESEARCH THIS IN YOUR COUNTY.

    In California, CPS MUST CONSIDER PLACEMENT WITH A FAMILY MEMBER FIRST! This is from the current CA Welfare & Institutions Code:

    361.3.  (a) In any case in which a child is removed from the
    physical custody of his or her parents pursuant to Section 361,
    preferential consideration shall be given to a request by a relative
    of the child for placement of the child with the relative, regardless
    of the relative's immigration status. In determining whether
    placement with a relative is appropriate, the county social worker
    and court shall consider, but shall not be limited to, consideration
    of all the following factors:
       (1) The best interest of the child, including special physical,
    psychological, educational, medical, or emotional needs.
       (2) The wishes of the parent, the relative, and child, if
       (3) The provisions of Part 6 (commencing with Section 7950) of
    Division 12 of the Family Code regarding relative placement.
       (4) Placement of siblings and half siblings in the same home,
    unless that placement is found to be contrary to the safety and
    well-being of any of the siblings, as provided in Section 16002.
       (5) The good moral character of the relative and any other adult
    living in the home, including whether any individual residing in the
    home has a prior history of violent criminal acts or has been
    responsible for acts of child abuse or neglect.
       (6) The nature and duration of the relationship between the child
    and the relative, and the relative's desire to care for, and to
    provide legal permanency for, the child if reunification is
       (7) The ability of the relative to do the following:
       (A) Provide a safe, secure, and stable environment for the child.
       (B) Exercise proper and effective care and control of the child.
       (C) Provide a home and the necessities of life for the child.
       (D) Protect the child from his or her parents.
       (E) Facilitate court-ordered reunification efforts with the
       (F) Facilitate visitation with the child's other relatives.
       (G) Facilitate implementation of all elements of the case plan.
       (H) Provide legal permanence for the child if reunification fails.
       However, any finding made with respect to the factor considered
    pursuant to this subparagraph and pursuant to subparagraph (G) shall
    not be the sole basis for precluding preferential placement with a
       (I) Arrange for appropriate and safe child care, as necessary.
       (8) The safety of the relative's home. For a relative to be
    considered appropriate to receive placement of a child under this
    section, the relative's home shall first be approved pursuant to the
    process and standards described in subdivision (d) of Section 309.
       In this regard, the Legislature declares that a physical
    disability, such as blindness or deafness, is no bar to the raising
    of children, and a county social worker's determination as to the
    ability of a disabled relative to exercise care and control should
    center upon whether the relative's disability prevents him or her
    from exercising care and control. The court shall order the parent to
    disclose to the county social worker the names, residences, and any
    other known identifying information of any maternal or paternal
    relatives of the child. This inquiry shall not be construed, however,
    to guarantee that the child will be placed with any person so
    identified. The county social worker shall initially contact the
    relatives given preferential consideration for placement to determine
    if they desire the child to be placed with them. Those desiring
    placement shall be assessed according to the factors enumerated in
    this subdivision. The county social worker shall document these
    efforts in the social study prepared pursuant to Section 358.1. The
    court shall authorize the county social worker, while assessing these
    relatives for the possibility of placement, to disclose to the
    relative, as appropriate, the fact that the child is in custody, the
    alleged reasons for the custody, and the projected likely date for
    the child's return home or placement for adoption or legal
    guardianship. However, this investigation shall not be construed as
    good cause for continuance of the dispositional hearing conducted
    pursuant to Section 358.
       (b) In any case in which more than one appropriate relative
    requests preferential consideration pursuant to this section, each
    relative shall be considered under the factors enumerated in
    subdivision (a). Consistent with the legislative intent for children
    to be placed immediately with a responsible relative, this section
    does not limit the county social worker's ability to place a child in
    the home of an appropriate relative or a nonrelative extended family
    member pending the consideration of other relatives who have
    requested preferential consideration.
       (c) For purposes of this section:
       (1) "Preferential consideration" means that the relative seeking
    placement shall be the first placement to be considered and
       (2) "Relative" means an adult who is related to the child by
    blood, adoption, or affinity within the fifth degree of kinship,
    including stepparents, stepsiblings, and all relatives whose status
    is preceded by the words "great," "great-great," or "grand," or the
    spouse of any of these persons even if the marriage was terminated by
    death or dissolution. However, only the following relatives shall be
    given preferential consideration for the placement of the child: an
    adult who is a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling.
       (d) Subsequent to the hearing conducted pursuant to Section 358,
    whenever a new placement of the child must be made, consideration for
    placement shall again be given as described in this section to
    relatives who have not been found to be unsuitable and who will
    fulfill the child's reunification or permanent plan requirements. In
    addition to the factors described in subdivision (a), the county
    social worker shall consider whether the relative has established and
    maintained a relationship with the child.
       (e) If the court does not place the child with a relative who has
    been considered for placement pursuant to this section, the court
    shall state for the record the reasons placement with that relative
    was denied.
       (f) (1) With respect to a child who satisfies the criteria set
    forth in paragraph (2), the department and any licensed adoption
    agency may search for a relative and furnish identifying information
    relating to the child to that relative if it is believed the child's
    welfare will be promoted thereby.
       (2) Paragraph (1) shall apply if both of the following conditions
    are satisfied:
       (A) The child was previously a dependent of the court.
       (B) The child was previously adopted and the adoption has been
    disrupted, set aside pursuant to Section 9100 or 9102 of the Family
    Code, or the child has been released into the custody of the
    department or a licensed adoption agency by the adoptive parent or
       (3) As used in this subdivision, "relative" includes a member of
    the child's birth family and nonrelated extended family members,
    regardless of whether the parental rights were terminated, provided
    that both of the following are true:
       (A) No appropriate potential caretaker is known to exist from the
    child's adoptive family, including nonrelated extended family members
    of the adoptive family.
       (B) The child was not the subject of a voluntary relinquishment by
    the birth parents pursuant to Section 8700 of the Family Code or
    Section 1255.7 of the Health and Safety Code.

    All too often, CPS will use a catch phrase to support their kidnapping of your child(ren) such as “the child was at imminent risk” or even the lesser, “the child was at risk”. The “risk” can be as minimal as to not even exist because they can make it up and not have to provide ANY real evidence or ANY real witnesses. In most Juvenile Dependency actions, (which is ACTUALLY JUST A CIVIL OR ADMINISTRATIVE COURT) the mere filing of a Petition along with a Detention Report, regardless of its correctness or truthfulness, constitutes a “prima facie” case which means:

    Prima Facie

    [Latin, On the first appearance.] A fact presumed to be true unless it is disproved.

    In common parlance the term prima facie is used to describe the apparent nature of something upon initial observation. In legal practice the term generally is used to describe two things: the presentation of sufficient evidence by a civil claimant to support the legal claim (a prima facie case), or a piece of evidence itself (prima facie evidence).

    For most civil claims, a plaintiff must present a prima facie case to avoid dismissal ofthe case or an unfavorable directed verdict. The plaintiff must produce enough evidence on all elements of the claim to support the claim and shift the burden of evidence production to the respondent. If the plaintiff fails to make a prima facie case,the respondent may move for dismissal or a favorable directed verdict without presenting any evidence to rebut whatever evidence the plaintiff has presented. This is because the burden of persuading a judge or jury always rests with the plaintiff.

    Assume that a plaintiff claims that an employer failed to promote her based on hersex. The plaintiff must produce affirmative evidence showing that the employer used illegitimate, discriminatory criteria in making employment decisions that concerned the plaintiff. The employer, as respondent, does not have a burden to produce evidence until the plaintiff has made a prima facie case of Sex Discrimination (TexasDepartment of Community Affairs v. Burdine, 450 U.S. 248, 101 S. Ct. 1089, 67 L. Ed.2d 207 [1981]). The precise amount of evidence that constitutes a prima facie case varies from claim to claim. If the plaintiff does not present a prima facie case with sufficient evidence, the judge may dismiss the case. Or, if the case is being heard by a jury, the judge may direct the jury to return a verdict for the respondent.

    Prima facie also refers to specific evidence that, if believed, supports a case or anelement that needs to be proved in the case. The term prima facie evidence is used inboth civil and Criminal Law. For example, if the prosecution in a murder casepresents a videotape showing the defendant screaming death threats at the victim,such evidence may be prima facie evidence of intent to kill, an element that must beproved by the prosecution before the defendant may be convicted of murder. On itsface, the evidence indicates that the defendant intended to kill the victim.

    Statutes may specify that certain evidence is prima facie evidence of a certain fact.For example, a duly authenticated copy of a defendant’s criminal record may beconsidered prima facie evidence of the defendant’s prior convictions and may be usedagainst the defendant in court (Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 18-3-412 [West 1996]). A Civil Law example is a statute that makes a duly certified copy or duplicate of a certificateof authority for a fraternal benefit society to transact business prima facie evidencethat the society is legal and legitimate (Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 10-14-603 [West1996]).

    Further readings

    Herlitz, Georg Nils. 1994. “The Meaning of the Term ‘Prima Facie.’” Louisiana LawReview 55.


    Burden of Persuasion.

    West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

    prima facie

    (pry-mah fay-shah) adj. Latin for “at first look,” or “on its face,” referring to a lawsuit or criminal prosecution in which the evidence before trial is sufficient to prove the case unless there is substantial contradictory evidence presented at trial. A prima facie case presented to a grand jury by the prosecution will result in an indictment. Example: in a charge of bad check writing, evidence of a half dozen checks written on a non-existent bank account, makes it a prima facie case. However, proof that the bank had misprinted the account number on the checks might disprove the prosecution’s apparent “open and shut” case. (See: prima facie case)

    Most often, CPS has NO WARRANT AND THEREFORE NO LEGAL GROUNDS TO REMOVE YOUR CHILD! They must state in their PETITION as well as their DETENTION REPORT what the reasons are, and if no warrant, they must state the facts, clearly and concisely, what evidence they had to believe the child(ren) were at imminent risk of being abuse or neglected. Do you know what they say in their detention reports? Things like, “The family has had a prior CPS case therefore, due to someone calling in again then the parents did not benefit from services provided by the Department therefore the child was at risk of abuse or neglect.”!  WTF???

    Sometimes it is very difficult for me to write these posts as this kind of shit really disturbs me!


    1.  RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH – Look up your state’s laws regarding child welfare, look up and get a copy of your county’s MANUAL OF POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, find out what YOUR ATTORNEY CAN AND SHOULD DO FOR YOU AND WHAT YOUR CHILD’S ATTORNEY CAN AND SHOULD BE DOING FOR YOUR CHILD(REN). Call them on their lack of proper representation, call them, leave messages, quote the laws and policies you look up, write and call their superiors if the attorney is not making proper responses and objections. You can also find help on Facebook page called Families Against Government Abuse: https://www.facebook.com/groups/familesagainstgovernmentabuse/?ref=browser and another called T.E.A.R.S.: https://www.facebook.com/groups/347127752109413/?ref=browser  From there you should find many more groups.
  • Donnelly Keaton Burns Having Fun At Home





  • Child Protective Services- Topic 1: Referrals

    Referral has two meanings in Child Protective Services

    Referral=When someone calls a CPS hotline and says that they believe a child is being abused.

    Referral= An approval and authorization to provide payment to a “service” that is “required” and demanded upon you in order to get your child(ren) back from CPS such as counseling, drug testing and parenting classes.

    For this post I will be “referring” to the first REFERRAL I described above.

    Who called CPS on you? Was it a family member or close friend?

    This is the shittiest type of referral because these are the people who are supposed to be there for you, not feed you to the wolves. If a family member or close friend feels that they are “helping” you by calling CPS on you then they do not deserve to be considered family or close friend. With friends and family like that, you don’t need any enemies. If you are one of those family or friends that have called on someone, I think that if you are here, you are regretting it. It’s OK, at least you are here and most people have no clue as to what they are doing to a family when they make that call. But did you have the BEST intentions? NO you didn’t but still, you are here. The best thing you can do for them now is TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID AND DO IT IN COURT AND ON PAPER, SUBMIT IT TO THE JUDGE PERSONALLY. HELP YOUR FAMILY MEMBER OR CLOSE FRIEND AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

    ANYONE CAN CALL THE CPS HOTLINE and report anything they want regardless of whether they are telling the truth or NOT.  A disgruntled neighbor, friend, family member, an ex-spouse or partner, your child’s friend’s mother or father, a complete stranger who witnessed you yelling at your kid in the grocery store and managed to get the phone number you have on your car advertising your business, a jogger passing by your house and hears a loud bang and then the cry of a child (this really happened to a friend of my brother’s.  The loud bang was a broomstick falling to the floor and it startled a young child causing them to cry. The broom wasn’t even close to hitting the child.)  The person making the “referral” does not have to have proof nor do they ever have to testify! NEVER! Their names are kept secret (unless they call your social worker directly while you have an open case, then this information may be in the case/contact log). No background check for the person’s credibility will be performed and they can be convicted child abusers themselves!

    What can you do to avoid the “referral” by someone you know? You certainly can lower the odds by just getting along with people. I wish I would have put more effort into not being a bitch to my husband’s ex-wife that is for sure! I thought I was so much better than her, I looked at her like she was a piece of shit (she was and still is) but I didn’t have to go out of my way to write her that letter telling her so. I had my reasons at the time but golly gee willicker, if I could go back in time, I would kiss that woman’s ass for sure! I had no idea of the evil she was capable of doing. So be kind to your neighbors, ex-spouse or girlfriend, be tolerant of certain personality defects, try your best to be firm but always nice. Don’t piss your mother off (they must rank #4 in the people who call!) and try to get along with your sister. This would not only improve your chances of not being falsely reported, it also strengthens your family bonds and that is positive for everyone.


    A lot of calls are from “mandated reporters” who are professionals who can be charged with a crime for failing to report “suspected” child abuse either in criminal or civil court as well as pay a hefty fine and possibly lose their license.  I believe that there may be a minimum referral quota but I can not verify that.  

    Here is a partial list of “Mandated Reporters”:

    School teachers

    School Nurse

    School Principal

    School Counselor

    School Janitor

    School Administrator

    School Staff

    School Volunteer

    School Cafeteria Lady/Worker

    School Clerk/Office Staff

    School Librarian

    School Social Worker

    Hospital Doctor

    Hospital Nurse

    Hospital Administrator

    Hospital Social Worker

    Hospital Staff

    Hospital Chaplin

    Regular Doctor

    Doctor’s Nurse

    Doctor’s Office Staff

    Doctor’s Aide



    Daycare Administrators

    Daycare worker


    Dental Assistant

    Dental Office Staff

    Police Officers

    Code Enforcement Officers

    Animal Control Officers

    Probation Officers

    Substance Abuse Program Directors, Counselors, Volunteers and Office Staff

    Domestic Violence Prevention Program Directors, Counselors, Volunteers and Office Staff

    Parenting Class Teacher, Administrator, Volunteers and Office Staff

    Anyone who works at Macy’s Department Store (no kidding!)

    Utility Workers (like the people that come out to turn on/off your electricity, water or gas)

    Refuse Pick-up Drivers

    Mail Delivery Persons




    Each CPS office has its own referral evaluation process.  You should be able to find the one for your county by searching, “Child Welfare Policies in ____ County”.  How the agency in your area responds depends on several factors such as current case load, budget conditions and case to staff ratio. All too often calls will be “evaluated out” simply because they were understaffed and over budget already. Even more disgusting is when CPS KNOWS a child is in real danger and they don’t do a damn thing! They let that child get hurt or die just so they can spin it so that they can say they need more money! Shameful, despicable behavior!

    The call center will receive the call, ask pertinent information about the child and the child’s family and/or residence but they will not verify the caller’s credibility whatsoever. Personally, the person who called on us was herself a child abuser and on the CACI index along with having a criminal record which included child endangerment. Not to mention a lengthy drug abuse history!

    At your first hearing be sure to OBJECT to any policy violations that you can find. If they are supposed to get a warrant then OBJECT to the detention of your children on the grounds that they violated ____ Policy (state your source which is the Manual for your county). Do this especially if they did not have any valid reason to suspect that your child was at imminent risk. Such as simply school attendance ONE alleged positive drug test or for refusing to drug test. You can use this policy in your Objections, Declaration and Statements of Fact in Response to the Petition and Detention Reports.  Be sure to list all the policies and procedures that they did not adhere to regarding the referral, investigation and removal of your child(ren).

    CPS abuses their power this is no secret. Supposedly, they get a rush from “saving” children so most often, to feed their egos and get their “saving” fix for the day, they will out and out falsify things you say and things your children say so NEVER speak to them without an attorney present. I know this is hard to do so at least say as little as you can! Always be polite because they will use your attitude against you. Say everything with a smile and thank them for their concern. But still, do your homework, READ YOUR COUNTY’S CHILD WELFARE POLICIES AND USE IT AGAINST THEM AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.  IT WILL GO A LONG WAY TO MAKING YOUR CASE FOR THE APPEALS COURT.

  • Our Family Torn and Terrorized by CPS (Part 6)

    I finally completed Part 6 of our story including getting arrested for a possession of stolen property that was not stolen and more falsified hair follicle tests.

    Part 7 should be much more exciting as I will explain what happened in Arizona and show how we “stole” our son back from CPS who never has legal custody of our children because they never had any SIGNED COURT ORDERS!


  • MOM: How are my children? Why can’t I have communication with my girls? SOCIAL WORKER: That’s a lot of questions!

    Now a few MILLION MORE people know about what they have done!

  • Ignore these things that CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE does after all they are not your kids, yet

  • If I Said I Was Sorry Would I Be Forgiven?

    If I dedicated my life to Christ and converted to an acceptable religion, would anyone’s views and opinions of me change? Would I then be “accepted”? I doubt it. You know why? Because I don’t need to do those things to be a good or better person. I am a good decent person who made some poor decisions because I MADE THOSE DECISIONS WITH MY HEART. I am trying to change that but it is hard. To become cold and heartless is not in my nature. To look out for only myself is very difficult. But if I promise to try, will I be given a reprieve? Can I pass go and collect the love from people who now despise me based on lies they were told about me? 951-295-6854 If anyone has anything to say to me please call, ask me anything you want. I am an open book. Oops, that is not a good way to “cover my butt” is it? I am thinking with my heart again.

  • Sharon you have always been a good person and wonderful mother.

    There are times in our lives we must stand for what is right. OUR child was taken for no other reason than my jealous ex-wife telling CPS lies because she is a narcissist, the rest was about funding and social workers who love  playing God and to satisfy their funding demands. The way I see it you have demonstrated tolerance beyond what parents were ever intended to put up with.

    You have been asked to never contact your child that you would have given your life for,without question. I know you can show everyone exactly how they manipulated evidence, falsified documents, committed perjury and how everyone in the court is in on it. The judge in our case was well aware that they were using the criminal record of another William Burns and that we did not “kidnap” Donnelly in any way! They stole him from  us, we stole him BACK! They NEVER HAD ANY SIGNED COURT ORDERS, NO SIGNATURE, NO CUSTODY! THEIR “MINUTE ORDERS” WERE NOT VALID! But we took the deal so we could get out of jail as soon as possible. They knew setting our bail at a half a million dollars would make it nearly impossible to fight our case out of jail and it would have taken a year or more to get that case to trial. We took the deal to keep fighting for our son, our LOVE CHILD.  My lawyer offered us a deal if we agreed to say certain things which appeared to be admitting guilt in the court room, he promised that the judge would reinstate reunification. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN! None of this is your fault sweetie, you didn’t DO ANYTHING but stand up for what is right AND JUST which is a whole lot more than I can say for other people. You stood by me during that time and didn’t let me go down alone and I am so proud of you for that! You are my hero too.  To say that we are “kidnappers” is a bunch or horseshit, people should at least talk to us and look at our evidence before passing judgement.

    We did everything the court asked. They knew we were not guilty and still took our child. No one has questioned the fact that they only terminated our rights to one child out of 6. Even though we both had other children under 18.  Common sense would tell you if we are not good enough parents for one child how can we be good enough parents for 5 more. I have never been arrested for drugs and yet the attorney for you stated I have a great big drug arrest history. No, never even one time did have drug charges against me.  Everyone that looks at our case cannot understand why this happened to us.

    So it is very understandable why you can not give up. That is a very commendable thing you do. Even though all this has happened to us as a family you still continue to fight for as many families as you possibly can. I would not want to be married to anyone less.

    Sweetheart you are an angel,

    Love Bill


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  • Oh My FREAKING GOD!!!!! Evil SOCIAL WORKERS!!! This is total B.S.


  • Please Help Save Kendall

    When you are finished watching this video, please visit: www.savekendall.com

  • California Manual of Policies and Procedures for Child Welfare


    Click on the words above to be redirected to the Manual

    Here are links to more manual sections:




  • Harassment by Cops and CPS Simply for Speaking Out and Posting Abuse of Power

  • Q & A: Can CPS take my kids if I give one dirty drug test?



    According to this NO! But almost all county social service “child protection” agencies across the country and abroad DO REMOVE CHILDREN BASED ON ONE TEST ALONE. Is it LEGAL? The answer is NO IT IS NOT “LEGAL”. Nowhere in the California Welfare & Institutions Codes does it state that they have authority to take possession of a child based on ONE drug test. Often, CPS will remove your child simply for declining to cooperate, if it comes back “diluted” which only means that there was not enough creatiine in your urine so the test was aborted. So, if a person drinks the recommended 8-10  eight ounce glasses of water a day and goes to test before they have eaten and/or digested any portion of food then most likely the test will be considered a “dilute”. That will prompt CPS to suggest and ultimately state as a fact, that you used and purposely drank an exessive amount of water to “fool” the test. What a bunch of bullcrap that is, especially when you do not know these things before hand! I know, I experienced it.



    Often social workers will use mouth swab preliminary drug test kits and they are told to use them as evidence to remove children. They KNOW that they can and will get away with it because they KNOW the parent’s lawyers will NOT object to their use nor will they challenge ANY DRUG TEST WHATSOEVER. 

    In our second case, I declined to participate in their drug testing as they faked the results more often than not. Twice they tried to “prove” to me that they do not fake tests and came up with two negative hair follicle tests but it is so obvious how they cut-and-pasted the real test document onto their THIRD PARTY COHORT (CDT iNC.) LETTERHEAD like they do for the fake ones. Near the end of our first CPS case, I did not even show up at the collection site to give a hair sample and they still came up with a positive hair follicle test! You can tell how fake this test is by the fact that it does not claim to be positive for amphetamines. It is IMPOSSIBLE for hair to be positive for only methamphetamines because when you consume methamphetamines, it quickly converts to amphetamine metabolites as that is the main ingredient of methamphetamines. Can’t make meth without  ephedrine which is what? An amphetamine! Many clinical and case studies have been conducted on this issue and the research documentation available online. If the “lawyers” were actually on your side, they would contest, object and motion to dismiss based on the falsification of documents that CPS social workers commonly submit to the COURT. That, in and of itself, is a FELONY in California!

    Both offering and preparing false evidence are obstruction of justice crimes in California. Penal Code 132 PC makes it a felony to knowingly present false written evidence in pretty much any kind of legal proceeding.1 Similarly, Penal Code 134 PC makes it a crime to prepare any false evidence with the intent to use it in a legal proceeding (even if, for whatever reason, the false evidence never actually gets presented in court).2


    Offering or preparing false evidence under Penal Code 132 PC or Penal Code 134 PC is a California felony.4 This means that it is possible to be sentenced to as much as three (3) years in California state prison if you are convicted.5

    California Penal Code Section 115 PC: Filing A False Document

    1. Definition and Elements of the Crime

    Filing a False Document under California Penal Code Section 115 PC makes it a felony to file any forged or false document with a public office.

    The statute requires a prosecutor to prove the following elements:

    1. A defendant provided a document for filing, recording or registration with any public office in California
    2. The defendant knew that the document was false or a forgery when he or she filed it AND
    3. The document was one that, if genuine, could be legally filed.

    The term “document” has been interpreted broadly by courts and prosecutors. The statute is most frequently used to prosecute the filing of false property deeds in connection with real estate fraud schemes. However, Filing a False Document charges can involve almost any document that can be legally filed in a public office, including bail bonds, probation work referrals, and even fishing records.

    2. Examples

    Looking to make some quick money, a man forges a copy of a property transfer deed indicating that he purchased a home from his mother and he is now the lawful owner. The man files this forged property deed with the county recorder’s office and then takes out substantial loans against the property. Not only is the man guilty of mortgage fraud, he would also be criminally liable for Filing a False or Forged Document and could be prosecuted for both offenses.

    3. Related Offenses

    Filing a False Document under Penal Code Section 115 PC is usually associated with other Theft Crimes andWhite Collar Crimes such as Real Estate Fraud and Mortgage Fraud. In fact, prosecutors may prefer to file charges under Penal Code 115 PC because it is a felony level offense that is easier to prove than some of the more complex fraud charges.

    Related charges also include:

    1. Forgery – California Penal Code Section 470 PC
    2. Perjury – California Penal Code Section 118 PC
    3. Grand Theft – California Penal Code Section 487 PC

    [Courtesy of http://www.losangelescriminallawyer.pro/california-penal-code-section-115-pc-filing-a-false-document.html]




    I really wish I could help every single person that is experiencing the traumatic and horrific injustices of Child Protective Services. If I was physically capable of helping each and every one of you on a personal level I would, in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I cannot do that. When I do attempt to help someone, their story practically immobilizes me as I know it brings out very real and very emotional memories of my experiences and loss. Please bear with me and keep calling or email me at: selfhelp_donnellyjustice@live.com.

    My husband and I read every single heartbreaking story and feel your pain as if it were us. Every detailed story makes me cry, and more so mad at the monsters that go around acting like they are saving children. What a rouse the system is! I have very very strong negative opinions of those people for the following reasons:

    1. I despise social workers and their supervisors for all the extremely vulgar lies that come out of their mouths and/or write in their reports about good, decent parents;

    2.  I despise social workers and their supervisors for every cover-up of their deception;

    3. I despise social workers and their supervisors for every broken promise that they make;

    4. I despise social workers and their supervisors for separating children who are obviously bonded to their parents and siblings;

    5. I despise social workers and their supervisors for placing children with strangers who TRULY ABUSE AND NEGLECT THEM;

    6. I despise social workers and their supervisors for separating siblings;

    7. I despise social workers and their supervisors for not caring about the children or hearing their voices when they speak about NOT being abused and that they are happy and well cared for at home;

    8. I despise social workers and their supervisors for claiming that a child said things about their parent that they did not say;

    9. I despise social workers and their supervisors for threatening or coercing children into claiming that they had been abused;

    10. I despise social workers and their supervisors for performing invasive and very uncomfortable sexual assault examinations on children that they KNOW have not been subjected to any sexual abuse (until they themselves do that with the examination);

    11. I despise social workers and their supervisors for failing to assess family members for placement and/or for claiming to family members that they are not approved despite the assessment department sending them a letter stating that they had been approved;

    12. I despise social workers and their supervisors for administering psychotropic medication to children as young as 12 months old without consulting the parent;

    13. I despise social workers and their supervisors for denying parents knowledge of the administration of drugs and the right to make that medical decision;

    14. I despise social workers and their supervisors for denying the rights of the parents to make any medical decisions, denying their right to know their child’s medical condition


    16. I despise social workers and their supervisors for taking custody of children whose parents chose not to subject their child to extremely harmful chemotherapy and radiation for the treatment of cancer and chose a homeopathic approach;

    17. I despise social workers and their supervisors for taking illegal custody of children as a retaliation to good parents for speaking out and warning other parents of this gross injustice;

    18. I despise social workers and their supervisors for not reporting injuries of children in foster care;

    19. I despise social workers and their supervisors for not reporting deaths of children in foster care;

    20. I despise social workers and their supervisors for failing to investigate obvious abuse perpetrated upon children in foster care:

    21. I despise social workers and their supervisors for falsifying evidence and submitting such evidence to the court;

    22. I despise the court for always siding with CPS;

    23. I despise the court for never dismissing a petition due to lack of evidence;

    24.  I despise the court for sustaining every objection of county counsel and overruling any and all objections made by the parents or their counsel;

    25. I despise the court for failing to find CPS in contempt when they do not follow court “orders” but use any and all major or minor deviations of the Welfare & Institutions code by the parents against them;

    26. I despise the court for being so positively bias towards the County and so negatively against the parents;

    27. I despise the court for failing to question anything that the social workers report says or the evidence attached to it;

    28. I despise the court for adopting each recommendation of the Department as it makes its “Findings and Orders”, as they say, “I adopt the recommendations contained on page (blah blah blah) of the (blah blah blah) Report dated (blah blah blah)” rather than make his/her findings based on credible evidence and testimony;

    29. I despise the court for conducting “hearings” in an adversarial manner;

    30. I despise the “Defense Panel” attorneys for failing their clients in every way possible;

    31. I despise the court for failing to clearly state on the record the reasons for finding that the child(ren) come within Welfare & Institutions Code Section 300;

    32. I despise the court and the Defense Panel for failing to question the legitimacy of documents, the validity of the social worker’s testimony, and for failing to allow the parents or other family members to speak in court;

    33. I despise County Counsel for sleeping with the “Judge”;

    34. I despise the Director of Social Services for pushing the Supervisors to remove without offering the family any real services and for claiming that demanding a parent to drug test is considered a “service” and is allowed to be used as a Reasonable Effort to allow the children to remain at home;

    35. I despise the way that the county submits Minute Orders to the State of California for qualifying for AFSA and CAPTA despite the fact that the Minute Orders do not accurately reflect the conduct of the hearing;

    36. I despise the “Collaborative Partners” for either 1) Being completely ignorant to what the County is doing to children and families; or 2) Knowing what is going on and contributing to the destruction of the families;

    37. I despise the “headhunters” who are usually nurses or wannabe doctors who will see a situation that they can manipulate and turn into something bad against the parents and completely wrong and untrue, this bothers me so much I have hyperventilated from the stress of hearing the injustice;

    38. I despise the police officers that go to people’s homes and watch their rights be violated and watch children be removed from people that they can clearly see care properly for their children;

    39. I despise anyone who is aware of the injustices and does nothing.

    And these are the reasons I can think of off the top of my head! There are many more reasons and they all have to do with specific cases.  I will be listening to someone’s story and they will tell me something that the social worker did or said and I will get all red in the face and just say, “Oh my god, I swear, I despise those people!”

    Like I said, I wish I could help every person who visits our site and cries out for help. Reading the comments on ‘Families Destroyed, Tell Your Story” and on other posts literally debilitates me sometimes because I want to write objections for everyone, I want to write and  call social workers, supervisors and the Director himself/herself for each and every one of you but it is physically impossible for me to do so. My husband and I keep talking about funding. We are exploring our options and applying for whatever we can. I want to create an alternative to CPS. I want to have a legal staff, I want to provide seminars and workshops for parents currently in the system. I want to convince everyone who is unaware of what is happening to us that this shit needs to change. Its like when we learned (or maybe just led to believe, I’m not sure) in school about what happened in Germany to the Jews and even non-Jews and thought, “Oh my God, how could that have happened? Why did the people of Germany just sit by and let their government do that?” Well, why are WE, CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, letting this happen to our own families?????

    This post, as all posts, is dedicated to our son, Donnelly Keaton Burns, our little baby boy who was stolen by CPS and their court cohorts (with the help of Leslie Ann Logan Burns Hoyle) for adoption incentive funding

  • I’m Amazed

    I am amazed, and bewildered. I get countless emails and phone calls each and every day from people all across the U.S., begging for help, pleading for someone to hear them and their story. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with grief for these people, going through exactly what my family went through and some even worse that what my family went though. Last night I visited with a couple who live near me. In fact, they live in the house where I lived a few years back, while we were fooling CPS into believing that I lived in Arizona so that they would close the case. (Which worked by the way.)  This couple, they are just KIDS themselves, 19 years old. Adorable, kind, responsible, and sponges for knowledge. I didn’t even have to school them on what CPS is all about. They know, just from going through this for 3 months now. I won’t get into the details of their story for fear that the court cohorts will use it against them. I already believe that they have somehow linked us together as CPS already had their address in their system as one of my addresses. I really hope that has not been a factor in this because I did not know them before yesterday. I really feel for these kids. Kids trying to do the honorable and responsible thing, having an unplanned baby so young. Many people feel that having a baby so young somehow limits or hinders being successful in life. I don’t agree with that, and neither do these kids. The anguish on their faces, their extremely supportive aunt right by their side, fighting for them, it breaks my heart. CPS preys upon good, decent people and it sickens me to no end.

    So, I got off of my original thought. I have a program that traces each and every IP that visits our site. I can see what ISP you are using and whether or not the IP is registered to a business. People from all over the world visit our site, from the UK to Australia to even Ecuador and Finland! Where the heck is Oman? I’m wondering why they are interested in our site as I tend to focus this child stealing, federally funded kidnapping ring to events within the continental U.S. Don’t get me wrong, this is happening everywhere. I hope those visiting from other countries are getting an idea of what their own country might be doing. Of course, what I am curious about is those visitors from the Arizona State Government, The Cocoa-Cola Company and Amazon. Regardless of where you are or why you are here, WELCOME! If you have any questions or concerns, just ask! I will tell you anything you want to know but in return, tell me what your purpose is for checking out our site. My curiosity is killing me!

    I do sell things on Amazon and when I send out packages, I include a “Public Service Announcement” which advertises our site but I never include the flyer with international packages. Often, I take a loss the items I sell, not a very profitable business, I know. I undercut everyone just to get the sale so I can get the word out about CPS stealing children. I am certain I will have to explain that to some official someday. I have receipts for all of the items I sell so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I buy many things that are in the clearance bins at local retailers or items on sale. Sometimes I have to pay full price for an item because I know it is a good seller and will sell fast, therefore I take a loss on the item just to send out the flyers. Rather than buy a mailing list, I figure if I can make a buck or two off a buy one get one free deal and then sell it online for a little lower than the lowest online price, great! On the side, I clean houses and do invoicing for contractors. I also prepare court documents for a small fee so that is how I can afford to buy the items I sell. It’s all legit and on the up and up. I have a reseller’s license as well. So there!


    To our faithful and railroaded parents and readers: If you hear that I have committed suicide don’t believe it.

  • Will “The Rock” Wake People Up?

    I love Facebook, especially the News Feed. You get to see and learn so much, not to mention SHARE! Some people like to post recipes, some like to post family pictures, some like to post funny sayings, some like to post inspirational clips, some share completely FAKE posts because they are fakers pretending to be someone they are not, but that is NOT the case with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He has a new show on TNT called “Wake Up Call” where he helps, inspires, informs and I am sure, makes some money (that he honorably deserves for what he is doing). 

    As I was reviewing my Friend Requests and visiting their page to see who they were and if they were REAL, I stumbled upon this post:


    So then I clicked on the link to: Dwayne The Rock Johnson which brought me to his Wake Up Call page. As I scrolled down reading, I learned about his show. I found a post that I ended up commenting on. Here is that post and my comment. Enough said.










    I know, I spelled CRISIS wrong. There is always ONE.lol

  • I Keep Posting These Stories, Are You Reading?

    Another child dies in foster care, it happens everyday. Yes, some children die at the hands of their parents or step-parents and CPS claims they “save” children but they have shown, time after time, that they do not choose better  caregivers. You know why? BECAUSE THEY DON’T FREAKING CARE ABOUT CHILDREN! 



    16 year old dies in CPS custody, overdosefosterdeath


    When my husband and I rescued our son from the dangers of foster care bail was set at a half a million dollars and this lady kills a baby and gets only a hundred thousand dollar bail?

    I changed the heading of this post. Originally I posted something I had to remove as I was very upset at the time I posted it. Then I posted a redaction. Now I am focusing this post on the news story below which is why I was upset to begin with. But the story below just goes to show why my husband and I rescued our son on May 23, 2011 after visiting him at the CPS office in Moreno Valley, CA and seeing a bruise on his face which he said that his “brother”, meaning the foster brother, hit him in the face. That rescue is the reason that the adoptive parents of him filed and were granted a restraining order against my husband and I. It is just not right to use protective actions against us as if they were criminal in nature. There is no reason to fear us unless they are abusing our son and I do not believe they are. Why would we rescue a child who is not being abused? Why would we upset the only life and family he knows because I am sure that he does not remember us at all. That upsets me very much that they do not remind him that he has a family that loves him more than anything. The loss of our son not only affects my husband and I, but his sisters’ lives, his brothers’ lives, his grandfather’s life, his aunts’ and uncles’ lives and his cousins’ lives. WE ALL miss him so much.

    Here is the original post from the redaction heading:

    I am upset and heartbroken but I am also very fearful of our corrupt government. In fact, I believe that the government is the best thing ever. The President is the most wonderful President that ever lived. Our local officials and police are just doing their job and are personally very nice people. They care about humanity and just try to keep law and order in our communities. The government takes such good care of us all and we should all be very thankful that we have such a wonderful government full of wonderful people who look out for us and especially our children. They take such good care of our children that they save parents from the indictments and prosecutions of killing their children by taking them away from us and putting them with strangers who eventually throw babies to the ground and kill them. So the foster parents are doing that nasty deed for the parents, isn’t that so kind of them?

    I am being extremely sarcastic. Check out this story:





  • FINALLY! Someone taking on RIVERSIDE COUNTY DPSS!!



    Riverside County is VERY GOOD at hiding the fact that they literally steal children from innocent parents. They make it LOOK LIKE they are doing the “right thing” but in reality, they are not playing by their own rules. The Welfare & Institutions Codes are violated in every case but they will hold the parents to codes that shouldn’t even apply to them. It is teamwork, not only is the County railroading parents and abusing children but the whole Court system is involved. County Counsel, the Defense Panel, the Clerk, and yes, THE “JUDGE” are all fully aware of the scheme against parents and the taking of their children all for FEDERAL FUNDING and their paychecks. It IS a conspiracy and I can give you more people involved as well, such as every contractor for services such as the psychologists and psychiatrists that perform the “psychological evaluations” that end up saying whatever CPS wants it to say, the drug counselors who fake, falsify and CHANGE DRUG TEST RESULTS! The regular doctors at hospitals such as Rady Children’s Hospital who literally “shop” for kids for CPS to take as well as Kaiser Hospital who allow CPS to enter into the maternity ward and just steal babies! I am not exaggerating, no I am not. They will use absolutely nothing against a parent and make it into something. Actually, anything can be construed to declare that a child comes withing W&I Code Section 300. A “preponderance” is merely an utterance from anyone regardless of how far removed the utterance was. Hearsay is only applied to parents when they have paid for their own drug tests that prove they are not using drugs but a hair sample can go to a reputable lab but come back from a third party on a piece of paper which is not from that lab nor has any indication that the results are actually the donor’s. Look here!



    Read more about McMillan’s lawsuit here:


  • All I Want For Christmas is You [Donnelly]

      I think that a Christian should not be so judgmental as to NOT even SPEAK to Donnelly’s parents because of the lies CPS social workers told them. Would Jesus completely

    SmCb4Bblock out the parents of a child whom they obviously cherished from the bottom of their souls? I do not believe he would. Would Jesus file a restraining order against people who clearly miss their son more than anything in the whole world? I do not think so. Would Jesus hold such resentment and contempt for people he has never even tried to get to know? I do not believe so. Being a Christian is more than just going to church. Being a Christian is more than going to bible study. Christ would not judge so harshly. Christ would not purposely and carelessly allow two parents to bear the pain and loss of their child if that child was still alive. Jesus would heal that pain, not make it worse. Are you really CHRISTIANS?









    I want to wish my son a Merry Christmas and I hope you learn to be a REAL Christian despite the examples you are being influenced by.

    All I want for Christmas is to see and hold my son so he knows that we did not abandon him, that we love him and that he will always be in our hearts and minds as he is every single millisecond or ever single second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week in every month of every year. We love and miss you so much Donnelly. All I want for Christmas is YOU! 1501661254807






    I like this picture



  • Attorney to Court: Charge Parents or Give Babies Back

    Click this link to see the video.

    Give Babies Back



    WHERE: Ontario Convention Center 2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764

    WHEN: Thursday, November 20, 2014 [10:30 am]


    If you can’t bring a sign, no worries but if you can, get a posterboard, a black Sharpie and a red Sharpie and write your child’s name on it and say, “My child was stolen by _____ County Child Protective Services” or something or whatever you want to write on it.  Bring your VOICE! 


    INVOLUNTARY/FORCED ADOPTION PEACEFUL PROTEST! Thursday. Nov 20, 2014 the Ontario Convention Center Located at 2000 E. Convention Center Way in Ontario, CALIFORNIA 91764. Children and family services is hosting the event for final adoption. As many of you know a lot of these children are INVOLUNTARY adoptions and many parents want their children! Many families had rights terminated unjustly and without due process in the juvenile courts many of these children end up abused and we must let the world know this is happening and its a kids for cash scheme via our government! Not all the adoptions however we know MANY children are being adopted out without due process and having parental rights terminated unjustly as well as loving fit family members wanting their family are being denied! We must raise awareness and EXPOSE what is happening to our children and families! Lets all of us advertise and sponsor a protest at the convention center. I know WE CAN DO IT! We can keep it peaceful. Lets do this people!!!! this is our spot lets make it a large!!! this is HUGE! “LET’S KEEP THE HEAT ON” LETS JOIN TOGETHER! please only accept invitation if you are going! This is in STATE OF CALIFORNIA CITY OF ONTARIO



  • Kids For Cash Lawsuit Against Horrible Abuses Children Endured San Bernadino Foster Care

    Kids For Cash

    Click the link above or the picture to be redirected to Channel 4 News video. Thank you Channel 4!





    Sample Letter to DCFS

    (click on the link above to download a copy)

    October 12, 2014


    Phillip L Browning, Director


    425 Shatto Place

    Los Angeles, CA  90020

     (don’t double space the address or the RE:

    RE:     [Name(s) of child(ren)

              DSS No.: __________



    Dear Mr. Browning,

               I am sure you are a reasonable man and truly care for the people in your County and strive to achieve for the most courteous and professional delivery of health and human services possible.  I feel it is my duty, as a resident and citizen of the County of Los Angeles, to bring to your attention the very shameful actions of those who serve under your authority.  I am specifically referring to those social workers, in the Santa Clarita office, who have been assigned to my case, past and presently, with emphasis on social worker, Ramaul Rush.  Ramaul is unprofessional, lacks empathy, has committed perjury, and filed falsified documents with the Court.  This entire investigation is based on a repetitive referral that began over two years ago, that has been investigated by two counties, Riverside and Los Angeles, including an LAPD officer, at least four times and deemed each time to be unfounded

               My main concern is the health and safety of my five children who have all been separated from each other.  I believe this has been done on purpose as with everything else that is happening to my family simply because I am outspoken and somewhat of an advocate when it comes to Child Protective Services and the horrifying actions they often needlessly perpetrate upon children and their families.  My concern right now is the children’s placement and living conditions.  As I can understand that there are so many children in foster care and may be difficult to place five children together, I still object to this separation.  My children have the right to familial association.  My children are very close to one another but not so much as to be so dependent upon one another that their health is impaired.  Nonetheless, the separation takes it toll on their emotional well-being.  Child Protective Services is supposed to be about the children and right now the Department is performing a disservice to my children.  This will affect them for the rest of their lives; their education will suffer and therefore so will their future.  I ask you, sincerely Sir, please intervene, and assist the social workers by whatever means possible to re-establish placement for all five children. There is an approved foster home in Riverside County willing to take them in immediately.  I have attached the pertinent details for your convenience.

               Regarding the children’s current placement concerns, my oldest son, _______, is experiencing severe emotional distress.  When he was first placed in foster care, I had spoken with him on the phone, but I have not seen him since September 22nd, the day the Department confiscated all five of my children.  But now something is wrong, something has changed as the foster parents claim that he does not want to speak to me or visit with me.  I have attached copies of emails advising me that our visits have been canceled allegedly due to Anthony refusing to visit.  This causes me great concern as _______ and I have a good relationship.  I would like to know if he is being given any type of psychotropic medication.  I am sure I do not have to remind you that the Department is required to file a request for authorization to administer psychotropic medication to children with notice to the parents/guardians for an opportunity to object.  I believe _______ may be withdrawing from socializing and is internalizing his distress.  This is not healthy for a boy his age.  I respectfully request that he be placed in an environment that better fits his needs and together with his siblings.

               My daughter, _______, whom I have not abused in any way whatsoever, told me during a visit that she has to take some kind of liquid medicine and I do not know what it is because no one will tell me.  I have the right to know, in fact, if she is being given psychotropic medication I should be advised.  Again, I do not have to remind you of the procedures involved in giving children psychotropic medication.  Even if she is taking Tylenol, I want to know why she has to take it every day.  This poor child has been subjected to TWO vaginal/anal examinations within a matter of a few days!  Again, I have not sexually or by any other means, abused this little girl!  She has never been touched or probed until the Department exposed her to it!  This is a violation of her body and mind.  It is so shameful that the people who claim they care and are paid to protect are actually the real perpetrators.  I do visit with _______ but she is not the same, she is obviously distressed and scared.  She was not scared in my care.  _______ appears extremely traumatized by everything she has been forced to endure.  As her parent and guardian, it is my responsibility to console her and help her to understand the nature of what is happening to our family.  The visit supervisor demanded that I discontinue any discussion with the child and further claimed that I was “interrogating” ________.  This child is clearly suffering from separation anxiety, depression, and severe emotional detachment as she is alone without her familial siblings.  This is a violation of her Fourth Amendment Rights.  I am demanding that ________ be placed in a proper home, with her siblings, immediately.

               I am also very concerned about the baby, ______.  She is barely 14 months old and we are the only parents she has ever known.  She has been sick and she never got sick in my care.  I was very concerned when I met the foster family as one child had a clear and distinct red mark on their face, clearly due to a fierce smack of a whole hand.  The baby also had a severe diaper rash along with the rash from the Rosella she allegedly had.  _________ was also very fussy however; she seemed to relax in the comfort of my wife and me.  I demand that ________ be moved to a better home with a higher standard of care and with her siblings.

             _______ and _______ are currently placed together.  ________ has voiced his distress as he is not happy at all with the living conditions he is being forced to endure.  _________ states that he is put in his room constantly as punishment and for an indeterminate time.  Sometimes two hours, sometimes four hours.  He is not told how long, just that he is confined to his room and they will let him know when he can come out.  He states that he is being punished for unwanted behaviors such as sitting on the couch while wearing shoes, or laying down anyplace other than his bed.  That means he cannot lay on the couch or the carpeted floor at any time.  ________ revealed to me that one night, during dinner, he was deprived of the rest of his meal, for speaking while sitting at the table, and sent to his room.  This is unreasonable and not the type of discipline that I condone.  To add insult to injury, ________ states that he is not allowed to play outside at all.  _________ states that he is confined to inside the house once he arrives from school for the rest of the day only to be subjected to constant verbal abuse by an adult living in the home.  This adult is using foul, demeaning words.  This is inappropriate and unacceptable.  Additionally, _________ needs new shoes.  I had saved money last month because I planned on purchasing new sneakers for him this month but then he was removed along with his four brothers and sisters.  _________’s white shirts are being washed the kitchen sink and coming out all dingy.  __________ takes pride in his appearance and the caregiver who is washing his clothes is not taking care with his laundry.  I have always been so very proud of __________ as he has an engaging personality and a good heart.  His current environment is extremely detrimental to his health and well being.  Moreover, my last scheduled visit was abruptly canceled before it even began.  I am attaching copies of the emails regarding that issue.  I am demanding that the Department find proper living arrangements, with his siblings, immediately.

               I have many more complaints about the way the Department has handled allegations that are over two years old and proven unfounded at least four times.  Now Ramaul Rush and his cohorts have made up allegations that are extremely disturbing to me.  I say this because I know I didn’t do anything they are claiming so someone is quite sick in the head if you ask me.  The Department should really weed out these bad seeds because they make the entire agency appear like misfits.  I don’t know a single person who trusts LA DCFS.  Why can’t anyone in the Department show diligence and strive to achieve the basic standards of care?  Does anyone there realize that removing children from loving homes is not right?  I don’t see anyone in the Department looking out for any child’s best interests, only the Department’s best interests.  Mr. Browning, Sir, with all due respect, maybe you should look into this.


              I throw myself at your mercy; please help me with placing my children together.  I am getting nowhere with Ramaul or any other worker assigned to my case.  Ramaul does not return my phone calls or emails.  I am enclosing copies of my unanswered correspondence.  I am also enclosing information regarding the approved foster home that is welcoming all of my children.  Please communicate with the Supervisors of the Santa Clarita office as they need some direction and to review the policies that are established to provide quality standards of practice and service delivery.  Made up allegations, falsified documents and perjury do not qualify as a standard of care.  I think I understand what the Department means when they say Evidence Based Practice which really means Falsified Evidence Based Practice. 

               I thank you, in advance, and sincerely appreciate your assistance.



                                                      [Your Name]

                                                      Legal Guardian/Parent   



  • Fight CPS and WIN Seminar




  • DonnellyJustice Research asks you to please take this survey if it applies to you or someone you know.

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  • Sample Letter To Social Services

    If your children have been removed from your care and it has been several months since then, and you are experiencing delays on the part of the social worker(s) in providing you with services and or having the children returned to you even though you are diligently completing your case plan, I suggest you write a letter to the worker with a cc: to the supervisor AND the Director or Assistant Director.  Here is a good example if CPS has recently changed workers and causing a delay in what they are supposed to do. You can copy this letter and change it to fit your situation.  I have witnessed the effectiveness of these types of letters.  Always be sure to send a copy to your attorney as well as file it with the Court, especially using it as an attachment to a Declaration in the event you file a Contempt of Court against CPS.

    Dear Suzy Social Worker:

    I understand the Department’s goal is to protect my children while providing me and my family with the tools and services we need to overcome our difficulties. [Name of husband, wife, partner] and I have been dedicated to strengthening our family by engaging in all of the services that the Department is providing us. We are working diligently in completing the case plan because we firmly believe that it is in the best interests of our children and family.  We are dedicated to complying with whatever the Department deems necessary for the safe and timely return of our child(ren) to our home. As we can sympathize with the Department’s caseloads, this is no excuse for failing to diligently perform your duties and responsibilities. The Standards of Practice as well as the State’s Policy Manual clearly regulates the Department regarding the children’s permanency. {name of husband, wife, partner] and I are meeting our responsibilities without delay and we expect nothing less from the Department.  This letter is to notify you that the Department is failing our family with excessive delays in their service functions which is not meeting regulatory policies in regards to providing our children with permanency.

    Over a month ago, I was told that we would be provided with overnight visits. I had spoken with our previous worker, [name], four times prior to the change in workers however, I was repeatedly told that our case was being transferred to you and that as soon as you reviewed the file that the Department would be providing the court ordered overnight visits.  I spoke with you a week after you received the file and you told me that you had not reviewed it yet.  I called again three times last week and was unable to speak with you personally so I left several messages.  To date, I have not received a return call. I find this unacceptable and unprofessional not to mention not in the best interests of our children, who ask me everyday I speak with them while in foster care, when they can stay the night.  Our children cry and exhibit signs of severe emotional distress.  This can be verified by the foster family.

    This letter serves as an official request and demand that the Department adhere to the Court’s Order and provide my children the benefit of familial association before the emotional damages become worse, immediately. If the Department fails to respond to this request and demand within 48 hours of receipt of this letter, we shall have no other remedy than to proceed with a Contempt filing.


    [Your Name]

    cc:  [List of names of other recipients, i.e., worker’s supervisor, the Director and/or Assistant Director of DPSS (or ACS/ACFS/DCFS, etc.), your attorney, other parent’s attorney, minor’s counsel








    First, take their regular bench pay, add overtime, “other” pay and benefits and you get $230,000 to always rule in favor of CPS. That means: sustain every petition, order the care, custody and control (of every child named in every petition), to the DIRECTOR of Public Social Services by declaring that each and every child named in a petition comes within the court’s jurisdiction, to OVERRULE any and all objections from the parents’ attorney (only the private pay attorneys EVER OBJECT since the “Defense Panel attorneys NEVER OBJECT), and to adopt all findings and orders that the Department includes in their attachment to the report (and rather than adhering to Welfare & Institutions Code regarding the conduct of the “Judge” he/she gets away with simply stating, “I adopt the findings and orders contained on Page [blah blah] of the Detention Report.”  follow the law and regulations that say you SHALL examine the parents and/or any other person with relative information, you SHALL make paternity findings, you SHALL inquire as to the reasonable efforts put forth by the Department), This “Judge” is paid to make sure every child that comes before the court is denied the right to GO HOME.

    355.  (a) At the jurisdictional hearing, the court shall first
    consider only the question whether the minor is a person described by
    Section 300. Any legally admissible evidence that is relevant to the
    circumstances or acts that are alleged to bring the minor within the
    jurisdiction of the juvenile court is admissible and may be received
    in evidence. Proof by a preponderance of evidence must be adduced to
    support a finding that the minor is a person described by Section
    300. Objections that could have been made to evidence introduced
    shall be deemed to have been made by a parent or guardian who is
    present at the hearing and unrepresented by counsel, unless the court
    finds that the parent or guardian has made a knowing and intelligent
    waiver of the right to counsel. Objections that could have been made
    to evidence introduced shall be deemed to have been made by an
    unrepresented child.
       (b) A social study prepared by the petitioning agency, and hearsay
    evidence contained in it, is admissible and constitutes competent
    evidence upon which a finding of jurisdiction pursuant to Section 300
    may be based, to the extent allowed by subdivisions (c) and (d).
       (1) For purposes of this section, "social study" means any written
    report furnished to the juvenile court and to all parties or their
    counsel by the county probation or welfare department in any matter
    involving the custody, status, or welfare of a minor in a dependency
    proceeding pursuant to Article 6 (commencing with Section 300) to
    Article 12 (commencing with Section 385), inclusive.
       (2) The preparer of the social study shall be made available for
    cross-examination upon a timely request by a party. The court may
    deem the preparer available for cross-examination if it determines
    that the preparer is on telephone standby and can be present in court
    within a reasonable time of the request.
       (3) The court may grant a reasonable continuance not to exceed 10
    days upon request by any party if the social study is not provided to
    the parties or their counsel within a reasonable time before the
       (c) (1) If a party to the jurisdictional hearing raises a timely
    objection to the admission of specific hearsay evidence contained in
    a social study, the specific hearsay evidence shall not be sufficient
    by itself to support a jurisdictional finding or any ultimate fact
    upon which a jurisdictional finding is based, unless the petitioner
    establishes one or more of the following exceptions:
       (A) The hearsay evidence would be admissible in any civil or
    criminal proceeding under any statutory or decisional exception to
    the prohibition against hearsay.
       (B) The hearsay declarant is a minor under 12 years of age who is
    the subject of the jurisdictional hearing. However, the hearsay
    statement of a minor under 12 years of age shall not be admissible if
    the objecting party establishes that the statement is unreliable
    because it was the product of fraud, deceit, or undue influence.
       (C) The hearsay declarant is a peace officer as defined by Chapter
    4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the Penal
    Code, a health practitioner described in paragraphs (21) to (28),
    inclusive, of subdivision (a) of Section 11165.7 of the Penal Code, a
    social worker licensed pursuant to Chapter 14 (commencing with
    Section 4991) of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code, or
    a teacher who holds a credential pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing
    with Section 44200) of Part 25 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the
    Education Code. For the purpose of this subdivision, evidence in a
    declaration is admissible only to the extent that it would otherwise
    be admissible under this section or if the declarant were present and
    testifying in court.
       (D) The hearsay declarant is available for cross-examination. For
    purposes of this section, the court may deem a witness available for
    cross-examination if it determines that the witness is on telephone
    standby and can be present in court within a reasonable time of a
    request to examine the witness.
       (2) For purposes of this subdivision, an objection is timely if it
    identifies with reasonable specificity the disputed hearsay evidence
    and it gives the petitioner a reasonable period of time to meet the
    objection prior to a contested hearing.
       (d) This section shall not be construed to limit the right of a
    party to the jurisdictional hearing to subpoena a witness whose
    statement is contained in the social study or to introduce admissible
    evidence relevant to the weight of the hearsay evidence or the
    credibility of the hearsay declarant.
    355.1.  (a) Where the court finds, based upon competent professional
    evidence, that an injury, injuries, or detrimental condition
    sustained by a minor is of a nature as would ordinarily not be
    sustained except as the result of the unreasonable or neglectful acts
    or omissions of either parent, the guardian, or other person who has
    the care or custody of the minor, that finding shall be prima facie
    evidence that the minor is a person described by subdivision (a),
    (b), or (d) of Section 300.
       (b) Proof that either parent, the guardian, or other person who
    has the care or custody of a minor who is the subject of a petition
    filed under Section 300 has physically abused, neglected, or cruelly
    treated another minor shall be admissible in evidence.
       (c) The presumption created by subdivision (a) constitutes a
    presumption affecting the burden of producing evidence.
    56.  After hearing the evidence, the court shall make a finding,
    noted in the minutes of the court, whether or not the minor is a
    person described by Section 300 and the specific subdivisions of
    Section 300 under which the petition is sustained. If it finds that
    the minor is not such a person, it shall order that the petition be
    dismissed and the minor be discharged from any detention or
    restriction theretofore ordered. If the court finds that the minor is
    such a person, it shall make and enter its findings and order
    358.  (a) After finding that a child is a person described in
    Section 300, the court shall hear evidence on the question of the
    proper disposition to be made of the child. Prior to making a finding
    required by this section, the court may continue the hearing on its
    own motion, the motion of the parent or guardian, or the motion of
    the child, as follows:
       (1) If the child is detained during the continuance, and the
    social worker is not alleging that subdivision (b) of Section 361.5
    is applicable, the continuance shall not exceed 10 judicial days. The
    court may make an order for detention of the child or for the child'
    s release from detention, during the period of continuance, as is
       (2) If the child is not detained during the continuance, the
    continuance shall not exceed 30 days after the date of the finding
    pursuant to Section 356. However, the court may, for cause, continue
    the hearing for an additional 15 days.
       (3) If the social worker is alleging that subdivision (b) of
    Section 361.5 is applicable, the court shall continue the proceedings
    for a period not to exceed 30 days. The social worker shall notify
    each parent of the content of subdivision (b) of Section 361.5 and
    shall inform each parent that if the court does not order
    reunification a permanency planning hearing will be held, and that
    his or her parental rights may be terminated within the timeframes
    specified by law.
       (b) Before determining the appropriate disposition, the court
    shall receive in evidence the social study of the child made by the
    social worker, any study or evaluation made by a child advocate
    appointed by the court, and other relevant and material evidence as
    may be offered, including, but not limited to, the willingness of the
    caregiver to provide legal permanency for the child if reunification
    is unsuccessful. In any judgment and order of disposition, the court
    shall specifically state that the social study made by the social
    worker and the study or evaluation made by the child advocate
    appointed by the court, if there be any, has been read and considered
    by the court in arriving at its judgment and order of disposition.
    Any social study or report submitted to the court by the social
    worker shall include the individual child's case plan developed
    pursuant to Section 16501.1.
       (c) If the court finds that a child is described by subdivision
    (h) of Section 300 or that subdivision (b) of Section 361.5 may be
    applicable, the court shall conduct the dispositional proceeding
    pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 361.5.

    For the complete W&I Codes (California) go to: CA W&I Codes


    48.  The provisions of Chapter 8 (commencing with Section 469) of
    Title 6 of Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure relating to variance
    and amendment of pleadings in civil actions shall apply to petitions
    and proceedings under this chapter, to the same extent and with the
    same effect as if proceedings under this chapter were civil actions.

    This court is not even like FAMILY COURT and orders are NOT SIGNED (at least not back when our case was active in 2007-2012) therefore, actual custody by the Department is NOT LEGAL. For example, in Family Court you get a signed and sealed Order granting or outlining custody and control of the children. Let’s say you file for divorce and custody of the children and after a long or short battle, you are awarded full custody of the children with your ex getting supervised visits every other weekend. So then one day your ex goes to the children’s school and signs them out and takes them home and when you go to pick them up from school they are not there and the office tells you that your ex picked them up (of course you should have provided the school with a copy of the order but let’s say you forgot). Now, you call your ex and say you are coming to get the children and they say, “No, I’m not letting them go.” But you have legal rights to call the police, show them a copy of the signed and court-stamped order and they will assist you in getting your kids back from your ex. But if you don’t have a copy of the order, they will not assist you. Luckily, if the courthouse is open, you can easily go there and get a copy and show it to the police and then they will help you. In Juvenile Court, CPS never gets SIGNED ORDERS but the police will still assist them! To compare further, let’s say that your ex files for divorce and custody of the children. Let’s say he is allowed to rent a courtroom and pay a “Judge” and a bailiff and pay the attorneys including the one that represents YOU (and then frown and be harder on you if you pay for your own attorney). How fair would that be? THIS IS THE WAY JUVENILE DEPENDENCY COURT OPERATES!

    IN FACT, ALL STATE COURTS ARE SET UP THIS WAY. THE STATE, I.E. “THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA VS. JOE AUTOMATICALLY GUILTY”. THE STATE PAYS THE JUDGE’S SALARY AND THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S SALARY AND THE PUBLIC DEFENDER’S SALARY. NO WONDER THE CONVICTION RATE IS SO HIGH! This was the single biggest mistake in our “justice system”, providing an attorney if you cannot afford one. Private attorneys would have to charge a great deal less for representation but would that be a BAD thing? 

    Here is a clip showing the highest paid CA Judge is also a CPS Judge.



    Clip from Transparent California. Click on the picture to be directed to the site and the entire list.

  • What Happens If You Do Not Answer The Door For CPS?

    What Happens If You Do Not Answer The Door For CPS?.

    via What Happens If You Do Not Answer The Door For CPS?.

  • Why Doesn’t The FBI DO Anything?

    As many of our regular viewers may know, I often check out the search terms in which people have used to stumble upon our blog. Some questions really upset me because it shows that CPS abuse is in full force and effect. Corruption is ramped. False allegations are on the riste. “Judges” continue to side with CPS regardless of available witnesses and evidence presented by the parents. A lot of people are asking about getting the FBI involved. Well, here is my experience about that.

    I cannot give a difinitive answer to why the FBI does not investigate Child Protective Services. However, several years ago, now deceased I believe, former Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office, Ted Gunnerson did investigate. Most of the report contained his own testimony as to what he personally witnessed. There are many videos from Mr. Gunnerson on YouTube. You can learn about many operations and investigations involving not only children but many major events and their respective cover-ups. Here is a link to a series of 8 videos


    There must be at least a few FBI agents who have surely seen Gunnerson’s videos and read his reports. However, Gunnerson is officially labeled “emotionally disturbed”. This gives you an idea that the FBI completely ignores the kidnapping of our children by CPS. They refuse to get involved in the outrageous injustices bestowed upon families being railroaded by Child Protective Services. They use the excuse that “a Court of competent jurisdiction provided parents due process but subsequently made findings of parental unfitness therefore, CPS and the courts followed the law.”. 

    We tried to get the FBI involved in our case as well as one other case of a woman we know. In each case, the agents listened and seemed to be concerned. However, there was no follow-up despite several calls back to them.  

    Here is what happened in our case:

    After four years of dealing with CPS, my husband and I had enough. Enough of their manipulative, lying asses. It was blatantly obvious that their plan was to keep and adopt out our precious son. The Court thought they directed physical custody of the children to stay with my father and they did for a few days. After that, he let us take them home every night and for the weekends. We suggested that if anything were to happen that he could blame us so he would feel more comfortable about not getting into any trouble. After what happened to us during our first case, my father was well aware of the manipulative and shady practices of social workers yet this time, my Mom was not around to help him manage the chaos and frustration that having these people in our lives creates. At our first hearing of our second case, the Hearing Officer returned the children to my husband. At the second hearing they were “removed” again. My husband was asked about where the children were and he said that they were with their grandfather. That was true, my kids and I were with my Dad while my husband was at the hearing but we weren’t living there. The Hearing Officer simply stated that the kids were placed with my father but you know what? NO ONE EVER CALLED TO TELL MY FATHER THAT THE COURT “ORDERED” THE CHILDREN PLACED WITH HIM.  NO ONE CHECKED TO MAKE SURE THAT THE CHILDREN WERE SAFE. NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS! One social worker came by a few days before the third hearing but other than that, there was no way for him to even know he had placement of the children if we had not told him!

    After several months of the same run-round of lies and manipulation we went through the first time, and after receiving threatening and blackmail-like voicemails from my husband’s ex-wife, we up and moved to Arizona. We already had the children with express permission from my father although we all did have a falling out right about then too. But we took off anyway, and were warmly welcomed by our friends. One whose grandchildren had been needlessly removed from her house a long time ago. The other turned out not to be our “friend” after all. Also, there was a lady they were letting live there for free because they felt sorry for her. Well, she ended up getting annoyed that we were all taking up so much room and Donnelly was making noise or something, so she ended up calling CPS to let them know we were there. She also claimed that the granddaughter had “inappropriate photos” on her phone.

    When CPS came to the door, our “friend” was only interested in saving his own ass and traded us for it.  As soon as we were aware that CPS was at the door, we had grabbed the kids and went out the back door.  Luckily our “friend”s” car was parked in the backyard so we grabbed the keys and took off down the alley. We left without a carseat, shoes, money, our vehicle,  and my husband’s trade tools (for earning money to support us) so he went back to retrieve some of those things. He took too long so I began to worry and I went back into the neighborhood. I had no idea that the cops were lurking about waiting for us to come back. When I was spotted and realized it, I took off and tried to play like I was a neighborhood resident, pulling into an empty driveway and turning off the engine. I didn’t realize that there was a helicopter hovering above. Needless to say, the cops turned the corner and knew exactly where we were.. One cop ran up to the car and went to the passenger side where my 17 year old daughter was. He was asking who she was and if she was ok. He was also asking about my son. I toyed with the idea of turning on the car, shoving it into reverse and running from them. Then I started the engine and began to put the car in reverse. Before I knew it another officer had my door open and I was told to put the car in park with a gun pointed to my head. I obeyed his command and then I was dragged out of the car, the gun still to my head, his hands nearly choking me, my arms and hands were restrained and I was in the back of a cop car within seconds. They even removed my earrings, necklace and rings and had them bagged up. 



    While I was in the back of the cop car, an officer put a phone to my ear and I was told that my husband was on the other end and that I needed to talk him into turning himself in or else he might get seriously hurt. He was inside our friend’s house and the phone he was using was our friend’s phone. He was apparently collaborating and cooperating with the police. I talked to my husband and while he was distracted talking to me on the phone, the cops rushed into that house and tackled him. They brought him down the street to where I was sitting in the cop car and my children sitting on the curb. Then the Arizona social worker, Monique Vazquez arrived. She saw us both in custody and LAUGHED! But an officer began talking to me while I was in the cop car and I tried explaining the situation to her. That is when she asked me if I was the biological mother of the children and I said, “Yes, of course I am, who did you think we were?” She excused herself and went and spoke to the officer in charge. I could hear the anger in his voice when he approached Vazquez and asked her if we were the biological parents. She admitted that we were. Then he demanded to see a court order and she couldn’t provide one. The lead officer then spoke with two other officers who quickly released my husband and I from the back of the cop car, apologizing, I don’t know how many times. We were told that we still had rights to our children but they didn’t say anything else. I wish we would have attempted to pick up our son and refuse to allow him to be taken. I wish I could go back in time and see what would happen if we did that. Instead, we felt intimidated. Extremely intimidated due to what we had just been put through. My daughter however, was refusing to go with them. She even asked the police if she had to go, she said, “What are you going to do? Pick me up and force me into that car? I don’t think so, you can’t t TOUCH me!” The police did not say anything. But Donnelly was already in the CPS car by then and we asked her to go so Donnelly wouldn’t be alone. The whole way to the CPS office, she was texting me, telling me every corner they turned, every street they drove. I think that may be the reason why they separated her from Donnelly. They stuck Kayla in a group home and Donnelly went to a foster home. I replied to her text which told me so and asked her to make sure that she be given a contact phone number for Donnelly. 

    After the night with the cops and the taking of our children, my husband was on the phone, calling everyone who could possibly do anything to assist us. The FBI was the second call, the first was to CPS in California. My husband called the local Arizona field office, then Los Angeles. Both agents whom my husband spoke with seemed genuinely concerned but we didn’t receive any further response. My husband called back several times with no return phone call. He also went down the to local police station and complained about how we were treated the night before and demanded that they do something. They pretty much had to kick him out of the station because he refused to leave until they gave him some answers.

    By the second day, Kayla had the phone number and had spoken with Donnelly. Within 2 hours I had 4 addresses of Donnelly’s possible location. I sent my husband and friend to go find him. Meanwhile, Kaya was begging for me to pick her up because the group home was full of rough and rowdy girls who threatened to “initiate” her by replacing her shampoo with Nair. That is a very traumatic threat for a teenage girl. I told Kayla to figure out a way to get out of the house, which was like escaping from a prison for her, and to wait at the CVS that was a few blocks away. I sent someone to pick her up. Kayla was with us the rest of the time, CPS wasn’t even looking for her. They never even called us to let us know that she was “missing” from the group home! 

    Kayla told us that she was told that Calfiornia CPS was scheduled to pick her up in a few hours. I had to call off my husband from looking for Donnelly as Kayla believed that California already had him.  

     A few weeks later, after having visited Donnelly three weeks in a row, driving back to California every week, we couldn’t bear the pain that was evident on our son’s face and in his voice begging to leave with us. We made several more phone calls the the FBI, with no return call, after observing a bruise on Donnelly’s face. Donnelly explained to us that his “brother” (foster) hit him. We made a resolution to rescue Donnelly ourselves if authorities were not going to help us. 

    We then planned and executed a rescue mission which was quite successful. However, our actions landed us on a Most Wanted list, the subjects of an Amber Alert and made several local and national news reports, TV, radio and print. Eventually we were apprehended in Flagstaff, Arizona after a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Charged with kidnapping and child stealing, we were extradited to California. My husband’s bail was set at $500,000, mine at $80,000. 






    Our Rescue Mission
    In the RV in Arizona just after crossing the border safely.

    We wholeheartedly believed we were in the right to rescue our son. According to Welfare & Institutions Code Section 248.5, the Court must sign all Orders. In our case, and many other cases I know of, the Juvenile Dependency Court in Riverside, California, Southwest Courthouse, DID NOT SIGN ANY ORDERS GRANTING THE COUNTY CUSTODY OF THE CHILDREN.  Anyone who has ever been to Family Court and custody orders were granted denying one parent physical custody and restricting them to supervised visitation only, will be able to relate the situation as follows:

    You go to court for custody. The other parent has acted inappropriately with your child and the Judge issues an Order restricting or removing physical custody of the child from that parent, giving them supervised visitation only. (SAME THING JUVENILE DEPENDENCY COURT WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE THEY ARE DOING). But one day, the other parent picks the child up from school and simply takes the child to their house. You go to pick your child up from school and learn that the other parent already picked up the child. You call the parent and they tell you they are at home with the child. You ask for the child back, they say no. So you call the police and they meet you at the home. Before they do anything, they want to see a SIGNED AND VALID COURT ORDER. But you do not have it with you. They say, well, go to the Court and get a copy. You say, “Okay.” and proceed to the courthouse. You wait in line, you pay the copy fee and take the copy to the police station. They take a look at it and say, “Well, let’s go get your child.” You arrive at the other parent’s home and the police assist you with the safe return of your child. The other parent does not even get arrested in most cases, unless the child has been hurt or if the police were threatened in any way during the confrontation. 

    First of all, WE DID NOTHING TO OUR CHILD. HE WAS PROPERLY LOVED AND CARED FOR. HE WAS OUR LOVE CHILD, WE CHERISHED DONNELLY. WE STILL CHERISH DONNELLY AND WOULD NEVER EVER HURT OR NEGLECT HIM NO MATTER WHAT. Well, if no custody orders are ever signed by a Judge in a Juvenile Dependency issue, why the hell does the police assist them in removing children from parents? We could have and would have beat our criminal charges after rescuing Donnelly however, it would have taken some time, a year or more. Meanwhile, the Juvenile Dependency case would have proceeded with or without us. With us in custody, we had no chance and with the amount of the bail, we were stuck in jail. So, we had to make a choice and that was to take a plea bargain in order to be released prior to our parental rights being terminated. We plead guilty to “child stealing” and were sentenced to a year in county jail. We were given credit for time served and calculating good time credits, we were given a release date that would keep us in custody until November 22, 2011 which was before the next Dependency hearing was set. 

    But good old CPS, always thinking of the child, placed Donnelly in a pre-adoptive home and a glowing report was prepared to make it appear that it was a far better home than my husband and I could possibly provide. They used Kayla’s “AWOL” event and continued absence from contacting CPS, our criminal record, along with many other exaggerated circumstances and plain old lies against us. We got into some more trouble right before the hearing and that completely ruined all of our chances to get Donnelly back. 


  • Confidential Report About Fatalities In LA County

    Click on the picture to read the report. NOTE** ON THE FIRST PAGE, SECOND PARAGRAPH OF THIS DOCUMENT IT STATES, “This fact-based analysis presents a unique opportunity to examine the need and possibly for wholesale changes in the way DCFS and the County of Los Angeles carry out the charge of providing services for families and children in crisis. Accordingly, in addition to identifying the RSI (Reoccurring Systemic Issues), this report suggests opportunities for improvement that, if capitalized upon effectively, can lead to positive changes and outcomes for the children and families DCFS serves.” ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! 



  • Support US!

    We are trying to raise money to help families. A few of my goals are:

    1.  Print and distribute information to parents caught in the judicial system as well as valuable information about Child Protective Services.

    2.  Coordinate and conduct workshops for parents to learn everything about the California Juvenile Dependency Court.

    3.  Outline a protocol of the workshop for others in other States to conduct workshops in their area.

    4.  Record the workshops on video and make them available on YouTube.

    5.  Complete writing a Bill, and submit it to our legislators, that would change the requirements for proof of neglect, evidence of hearings that are conducted according to Law, the hiring and administration of Hearing Officers and attorneys so they are not paid for by the County, to provide for “secret shoppers” who are allowed in any courtroom at any time to audit the hearings and that would provide for the auditing of every single case file terminating parental rights that includes interviewing the parents and every audit’s findings can be submitted to the Appellate Courts for review and determination of whether or not the parent’s rights be restored.

    I have created an account with Ebay where I am selling random stuff. Every penny profit will go towards achieving these goals. Please support our cause simply by purchasing everyday items. I am working on another blog (it is updated daily) which highlight some of these items for sale. Once you are directed to my Ebay site, at the bottom you will see boxes which showcase all the items I have for sale. (I purchase these items from the clearance racks and re-sell them for a lot less than retail price.) Here is the link to my blog: http://radomestuff4sale.wordpress.com/

  • Child Un-Protective Services, your worst nightmare . What they don’t tell you.

    If anyone believes this organization helps kids, you better step into the real world. I have seen this happen over and over again so many times I have lost count the list is in the thousands and this is a fact. CPS is so irresponsible with our children and the facts have been in for a very long time. We must close this organization down.  Any congressman, senator who doesn’t agree that something must be done NOW is on THE TAKE and letting kids get killed for money.  These are children’s lives and these are not throw away kids, these kids were taken from loving homes. CPS doesn’t target bad homes for a reason,  to keep up adoption numbers by taking good kids.  I have researched this problem for many years and this is not opinion this is fact.


  • If Adoptive Parents Deserve Incentive Funding, So Do Biological Parents!

    This is absolutely CRAZY! These people CHOSE to adopt a child, they chose to adopt a “special needs” child, just like couples chose to have a natural child. Natural parents don’t receive any money for having a “special needs” child. Most of the “special needs” children ,who they claim “need” medication, wouldn’t need medication if they were never taken from their families!! The system is the most discusting, perverse, hypocritical, abomination! Adoptive parents don’t deserve money any more or less than the biological parents!

    Watch this news report:



  • Your Tax Dollars Paying To Protect DPSS Workers

    $700,000 per year. This is what Riverside County has been granted for UN-ARMED guards to “protect” the people who CARE SO MUCH ABOUT CHILDREN! WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY NEED PROTECTION? THESE OFFICES DO NOT HAVE ANY CASH OR VALUABLES ON HAND, WHY WOULD PEOPLE THREATEN TO HARM AND CAUSE “ALTERCATIONS” IF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE WORKERS ARE NICE, CARING HUMAN BEINGS WHO JUST HELP PEOPLE IN NEED? Maybe CPS social workers, supervisors and the Director, are not really very nice or care one bit about the children!

    Check out the Submittal to the Board of Supervisors who approved the funding:


    Ha ha ha ha Temecula doesn’t get any guards!!!!!  

  • Donnellyjustice Research

    I have created a Google Page to host research surveys regarding the way Child Protective Services operates, how the children are treated by CPS and foster care, how parents are treated and the outcomes of cases. Please help us by participating in our surveys. They are completely anonymous however, I would like to connect some of the cases and information as we go along so I am asking for parents to set up a family code for this purpose. Still, no manes are necessary. However, once you set up a code, I will have no way of knowing what your code is so you may want to keep it for future surveys. You could always use a first or last name (only if you want) that way remembering a code will not be difficult. Thanks in advance for your help.





    Click on the picture or the link below.