I am so sorry everyone…

I am so sorry that we have not approved your comments for a while now. I am going through them and reading, trying to reply to some but I just can’t do it all in one night. I will be working on these a little each day. Again, so sorry for your family going through the horrific experience of “legal kidnapping” by your state and those nasty CPS baby-stealers. Thank you everyone, for visiting our site, learning our story and sharing yours.

To the lawyers who visit our site: THANK YOU!!! If you want to be listed and have a link to your website or if you have any other links that would help our viewers that I could put on our side column, please email me at: billandsharon9@msn.com

6 thoughts on “I am so sorry everyone…

  1. You’ve heard about the Federal Lawsuit that’s going to be submitted to the Federal court in Washington D.C. in March 2016, right? It’s a class-action civil lawsuot challenging the unconstitutional Family Court System as being contrary to the United States Constitution; therefore, illegally operating. Plus, for illegally kidnapping people’s children and a host of other challenges. They seek to close down the current Family Court System as it is currently operated and have Congress set up one that is operated pursuant to the United States Constitution and thus lawfully and not violating parents nor their children’s Constitutional rights. They’re seeking those who have been victimized by CPS workers and the Family Court System. I believe the name of the organization is something like Association of Constitutional Parental Advocates for Families. I would have to look at my notes for the correct name. If you’re interested in this I will look it up for you just let me know and I’ll look it up for you.

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  2. Hi..I live in virginia..There is hardly no resources here for help in my situation..I’m praying that a lawyer will see a post from me and reach out to me ..I’ve been fighting for my son for 5 years..His father has custody and he’s the abuser and dss is protecting him cause his family knows the judge on a personal level..along with other curruption..could you please reach out to me,the only way I can get my son back at this point is to sue..I’ve tried to avoid it but others are telling me this is the only way to go at this point..me and my daughter who’s 4 haven’t seen my son ,her brother since August 2015, we are being alienated from my son. AND my daughter cries for her brother..please reach out to me..I have a strong case ,I just need a damn good lawyer who will help bring my son home..He’s 8 yrs and he’s Autistic and his father beats n mentally abused him..Also the father has a extremely old house 120 yrs old covered in mold and falling apart..dss ingores the abuse and dangerous living inviroment.. please contact me if you can help or know a lawyer who will help me get my son away from his violent father and help me take CPS down here in charlottesville ,albemarle va,and bring justice to this town of parents who’s families are being ripped apart..
    Thank you
    Karla H.


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