To The Cop I Called A “Pig” Last Night:

I was at a local bar, ET’s Lounge in Temecula, California, and doing my rap Karaoke and this young guy was with his buddies and they tried to play like they were okies from Oklahoma and acting like they were clueless on technology and Eminem and “smoking the pot”. However, I got to talk to him and somehow got involved in talking about CPS and you know, their B.S. I ended up getting a little irritated with this guy after he said he knew something as a fact and I said, “What are you a cop or something?” and hes said yes. He said a few more things and I said, “You’re a fucking cop, I don’t talk to pigs.” Then I pointed him out to the rest of the bar just so they know he’s a cop. For this, Sir, I apologize. Sincerely. I should never have referred to you as a farm animal. I have friends and relatives that are police officers and it feels like when I called you a pig, I was calling them a pig and for that I am truly ashamed and embarrassed. It was completely out of line dramatic. I will never use that word when addressing an officer of the law ever again. I promise. I should have been more patient with you as you know not what you do. I understand you see the worst in people on a daily basis and it is hard to not form an attitude towards people in general. I am sure you really didn’t mean to say, “Fuck the families, fuck the parents, it SHOULD BE HARDER TO GET YOUR KIDS BACK.” i am quite sure you didn’t mean to say, “Fuck the family, I’m not going to burden aunts and uncles with a kid because his parents got in a fight so I take them directly to the group home.” I’m sure you don’t really do this. If you do, please do some research to see the  outcome of these children and families and don’t be so bias. Imagine its your family, please. I really want you to fully comprehend the way the system is. Why don’t you start with the video below of Molly McGrath on Ted Talks regarding foster care. Then Google “Nancy Schaefer” and “Ted Gunnerson” on Youtube and watch them all the way through. Then, if you still don’t have a clue, there is nothing else I can say, but maybe this will intrigue you and you will research further. But I doubt it, you and your friends are probably trying to decide where you will be from the next time you go out. Have a wonderful day, Sir.

4 thoughts on “To The Cop I Called A “Pig” Last Night:

  1. It is the way they keep the system going so the grouphomes, jails, big pharma. & government profit & we the people suffer & pay with our lives & families being destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I totally relate to the issues. The police are as equally corrupt as the CPS system, In my small town, More than” some” CPS case worker’s are married or dating a cop. I have no criminal record, except some measly driving infractions. The police here are vile and very unhelpful. In fact it’s almost obvious how much they get off hurting some of us. The behavior is that of a pedophile because they groom the entire community to fit their own desires. They also teamed up with CPS and took my children from me two different times and did not send them to family first. I wish you the best in this difficult struggle for freedom. I also urge you to be careful with e-mails that you receive because the system hacked my service and destroyed or damaged or has a ” been corrupted” notice attached to very critical and useful evidence about the lies and false instruments they robo- sign in court. I am broken still, but I’ll be damned if I give up trying to prove my points. Make 3 copies of any substantial evidence before archiving anything and stash the copies in different locations for safe keeping. Our kids will still have to right to sue them later. There is no statue attached to them thank GOD


  3. Yes we need to fight but I’ve found they just cover for each other have no morals but I’m with you all I want my grandson in my home where he belongs his name is Jordan not kellan idots!


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