Donnelly is 9 Years Old Today



We are not REALLY OLD nor are we DEAD. This is what you believe. I wonder how you will feel when you find out that your adoptive parents have KNOWN FOR YEARS EXACTLY WHERE YOUR REAL MOMMY AND DADDY ARE but they simply lie to you either directly or by omission of the truth. They will tell you that they are “protecting” you but from WHAT EXACTLY?


They will try to tell you that we were drug addicts and criminals, this iS NOT true!!! We are for the most part RESPONSIBLE people. I say this because losing you has taken its toll on us emotionally and that also affects us physically. There is a lack of motivation sometimes when this loss overwhelms us, we do fight with each other a great deal, but not about you, you are the one thing we agree about. Donnelly, you unite your father and I because you were made with all the love in the world that two people could have for each other. We want you to know this on this special day, the day you were born.


I wish people weren’t so jealous and insecure with themselves so that they go out of their way to hurt other people. This is the main reason our family was ripped apart and why it continues to be ripped apart. People do not understand, they do not sympathize, they harshly judge, and hypocritically I might add! I want the BEST for you and I believe, as well as NORMAL person would, that the BEST thing you could have in your life are your REAL parents, even if only occasionally. I know my brothers went out of their way to ensure that we don’t get to see you any time soon and that they only strengthened the hatred your adoptive mother has for us but I have this hope, still, in my heart and soul that your adoptive parents will come around sooner than later but REALITY is that they are closed-minded and refuse to make their OWN ASSESSMENT. This is very sad for me to think about.



I hope you are having a birthday party, or already had one, like I would do for your birthday. I hope you went somewhere fun, like we would take you for your birthday. I hope you got presents and the one thing you wanted more than anything. Maybe someday that wish will be to meet your real parents.



We love you and miss you with all our hearts and souls. Happy Birthday baby boy! (I’m sobbing now.) xxooxoxoxoxoxoxox Love, Mommy and Daddy



Perverted Family Law Judge Gets Lienient Suspension

The perverts lurk where there are children. Like the creep in his car along the route children walk to and from school, this “Judge” looked at porn between hearing cases! Talk about creepy! A 60 day suspension is far too easy and does not match the offense, at least that is MY opinion. People who look at porn in the privacy of their home or other areas of their private life is no one’s business as long as it is confined to that arena but in chambers, dealing with FAMILIES AND THE CUSTODY OF CHILDREN? Come on now! You know he’s not the only one either!

Child Welfare Information Gateway-Endless Information

Here is a link to a site for so much information that it is almost overwhelming. If the information you are looking for isn’t here, they provide a link to it. Keep in mind a lot of this information is based on some non-sense, meaning the information that they want you to think and believe however, if you understand how they think, you can use their thinking against them. Hopefully that makes sense. I will post my findings sometime soon hopefully, as I am trying to decipher what is real and what is not. Click “Like” if you understand.

The Child Protective Service Racket

         Child Protective Services act like they have a free reign to rip your child, literally, from your arms. Most parents believe that if they are not guilty of abusing their children then they have nothing to worry about. They are dead wrong. Most people also believe that if CPS is in your life then there “must be a good reason”. Again, they are wrong.

          CPS literally lies, exaggerates, generates false documents and force you into submission. When you get to court, your “attorney”, who also gets paid from the same funding that CPS does, does not object to any of the lies despite any evidence you may have. They give you only ONE option and that is to “buy in” to the case plan to get your child back. This process is supported by the Judge and rules your child a Dependent until completion of the case plan.



They lose their children.

             The stated goal for the Juvenile Dependency Court is for your child to have “Permanency” regardless of where and how the CHILD feels about it. When you do not cooperate with this unfair process (or if there is a hidden agenda to destroy your family initiated by the Director of CPS herself) then the permanency of your child will not be with you. Every case is successful at achieving this goal of “permanency”. Because yes, a parent “permanently” loses all contact with their child. The child is “permanently” scarred. The siblings, the grandparents, the aunts, uncles and cousins are “permanently” scarred. The adoptive parents “permanently” receive adoption assistance including benefits and cash. The parents and siblings are “permanently” in CACI Index.

          Through the collaborative efforts of Child Protective Service workers, County Counsel, Minors Counsel, the Defense Panel, the Judge, the clerk and even the courtroom officer, parents are forced to “buy in” to this finely tuned cash generator. It doesn’t matter whether the parents are innocent or guilty of abuse, they can easily use broad generic terms and rule any child to have suffered “neglect” as long as the hearing Minutes contain the correct verbage the system is guaranteed funding.

     But I believe Senators, Congressmen and Legislators already know this. Nancy Schaeffer made it very loud and clear just a couple of years ago that CPS agencies across the country are corrupt beyond repair. I am certain that local representatives and those in Washington D.C. receive plenty of phone calls and letters from desperate parents and family members complaining of injustices upon them. Just type in “legal kidnapping” on YouTube and you’ll get over a thousand hits all about the abuses of CPS, or “Child Protective Services abuse” and 2,390 videos come up. There are all types of variations you could use and the horror stories are there. There’s also thousands of websites dedicated to the children taken by the system and parents and family members distraught telling their story. is very popular as well as The families and children are screaming out for attention to this problem and it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Horrifically, there have been some very loud people permanently “silenced”.

      If this problem got half as much attention as Tiger Woods’ extramarital affairs or Justin Beeber throwing up on stage well maybe people would become more aware but the big, controlled, media completely ignores the subject. So what can I  possibly say to you today that would motivate those with ability to help American families by changing the way CPS is rewarded for their intentional malicious acts upon children and their families? Is there anything that could possibly promote activism and advocacy throughout Congress and the Senate? If I knew, I would have already said it.

       Do I have any suggestions to help correct this enormous problem? I certainly do. Want to hear it?

            The most effective thing would be to cut off all the funding. If “saving” children from abuse is such a valuable and noble cause then people will volunteer and donate to the cause. Oh, but that would put so many people out of jobs? That just goes to show you, its all about the money.