3 thoughts on “Attorney for CPS Advises You To Not Let CPS In Your Home

    • How did they get in? Breaking and entering is a criminal offense and if they took your kids it is literally kidnapping. If a child let them in, well that is simply unfortunate. They will claim the child was not being properly supervised or abandoned even if the child is 16 years old. They are shameless. It is hard to prove your case on that, you just have to try to get them somewhere else like at the hearings. Get copies of your minute orders and transcripts then go over your state’s Benchguide and see if the Judge did and said everything he was supposed to. If not, make copies and write a letter to the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) and if the court has not met the mandatory requirements, the OIG may disqualify your case for funding and make them re-pay the money they already received. In some cases it may prompt a county-wide investigation for Title IV-E funding fraud. Hit them where it hurts.


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