Donnelly, This is how to contact us:

  • 951-208-7585 call or text your Mommy
  • email your Mommy
  • email your Daddy
  • On TikTok: donnellysrealmom follow your Mommy
  • Youtube: Sharoon Joyce-Burns subscribe to Mommy’s channel and see our evidence that we were innocent

You might be scared because of all the bad things that are said about us but there is nothing to be scared of unless you are scared of the truth. Your adoptive Dad is a good man and we appreciate the love and fantastic care that he, Kristin, and Suzy have provided to you. I would never complain about that in fact, they have provided you with a higher quality of life than we could have afforded so for that I am very grateful. They only know what they have been told, over and over again. I believe my purpose in life was to give birth to you for them, there is no other reasonable explanation for all the evil things that were said and done to us. We are not so mentally unstable that we would do anything to hurt you. What happened to us took its toll on us for sure then other people played on my sensitivity to it and used it to their advantage which was so unfair to you, Jon, Kristin, and Suzy I can’t put it into words. An alleged “Christian” purposely went out of his way to talk to Kristin at work one day just to hurt me. He did not think about anyone but himself for something I didn’t even do that had absolutely nothing to do with you. Then someone else spoke very bad of me to Suzy out of spite and selfish reasons despite the fact that I was putting money on his books, answering his calls from jail, found him an attorney AND paid his bail! That was after YEARS of helping him with money, rides, and places to live (including four separate times I let him live with me, one time he made such a bad impression that my father started believing lies my brother was spewing from his mouth again, for selfish reasons). You see Donnelly, there are people in this world with severe mental disorders, such as narcissism, and drug addictions so severe that alters their thinking and behavior and these people are unavoidable to unsuspecting empaths (people who have a great amount of empathy for others). I am one of those unsuspecting people and it is really easy for people to manipulate me to get what they want and when I finally catch on, I still help them! So, maybe I am no good because I let those things happen to me.

I used to always think of ways I could possibly see you because t kept me going rather than sit in a corner and cry. But, I gave up trying. Now, all I do is sit in a corner and cry. My only hope is that one day you will get the courage to call or text. I will love you until the day I die and even after that. But I guess I just wasn’t meant to be your Mommy.


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