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Protest Rally be a part of or lose all. The only requirement is you and your chair.

Take back your rights.  In five or so years when you hear that we have lost all our rights and the only protest was 5 or 6 people who rallied in front of the court house or the state capital and you were not there because you did not care enough to stand up and say you can’t have my children or take anymore of my rights then you will know why they were taken..Do not pretend this is not happening to you and it will not affect you. If it hurts any single American then it hurts you.

There is so much insight in this report that I can’t tell you enough how important the information is in these next 2 reports. Learn everything you can here and I wish only good things for you and you r family. I have gone through this for a very long time and the information is yours free and gives you a feel foe what you are up against. There is any lawyer that says this information doesn’t help him is not telling the truth.  I truly hope this information helps people.  When you are done email me and become part of the biggest protest this country has ever seen. We have to do this our children are depending on us and no one else will save them. My second report will be on the F.B.I. investigation into C.P.S. and why nothing has been done to stop these criminals.

Email me at    You and I have to share this with everyone we know to stand up for the children, even if you can not convince you are right about CPS then they have to do it for the constitutional right to be free to raise children without government intrusion. The Government now owns your children, if we do not take back our rights. Email me.

                     CPS Now Parents can fight back

After a very immoral emergency worker for Child Protective Services took my child I started investigating Child Protective Services and was amazed to find an entire industry based solely on the theft of children, supported by the federal government through several funding sources including your Social Security fund through an act called Title IV-E funding and through CAPTA.

In order to qualify for these funds, the government set several requirements making their funding conditional: in order for states to be eligible for this money the courts must make certain findings and orders on the record yet more often than not, these conditions are violated and they get away with it. If parents were aware of this and did some research they would find out about the fraud and that about a half a million children are illegally kidnapped by this system each year.

The FBI did an investigation into this trafficking of children, this investigation lasted for about 8 years and Ted Gunderson’s findings are available on line and were very hard for me to find the entire report but I did and have it posted on my site, if you need a paper copy I will mail it to you. My site is > < the results would scare the hell out of every parent in this country and ended up in the White House,  Florida, Texas, Los Angeles  Mexico, and many states in between and many people died trying to cover this investigation up .

Over 80% of the children taken by CPS stem from false reports of abuse. When they have no evidence, they claim the children are “at risk” either way this is still fraud and government abuse. Child Protective Services flew a plane load of 210 children out of the country from Los Angeles and sold them. There is evidence and documentation to substantiate this and in FACT I have copies. All of these children were all on the missing persons list.  Protect your children from this agency. Never trust anyone from CPS, DPSS, DCFS, AFS or whatever it is called in your area. If you do after you read his report, then you took the risk.

.After Ted Gunderson’s report came out and the federal government did not do anything about the sale of children for federal money and after Clinton gave CPS a raise by way of adoption incentives, the faster they can adopt your child out the more money they get.  $2000-$4000 dollars just for the removal.

Ted Gunderson, FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge, Los Angles, resigned from his job , sent the report to the head of every Police and Government agency and went across the country. To try and do his part to fix things he started giving talks to police. conferences and different church communities alerting people of the criminal corruption in government selling children, running drugs and weapons leading all the way to boys town under the direction of Larry King laundering money Franklin Credit union. My facts are to many and this information is should be considered dangerous if CPS finds it. If you do use it against then make sure you know what you are dealing with, this is of highest value for the protection of your children. This is not a conspiracy it is fact and I will post the FBI report on my site. .


Ted Gunderson diapered in 2011 then after that the government stated he was crazy. I can tell you this for absolute certainty he was a very honest good man and I could I only hope to be as good of a man as he was. Ted Gunderson was the kind of a man that you only run across once maybe two times in a life time. The man who believes in his heart if he always does the right thing people will become better around him.

I just need to say some good words about Ted Gunderson God Bless the job he tried to accomplish for trying to make this world a better place.

The CPS story is very hard to believe for most people who do not have any experience with CPS. In fact, it is so hard to believe that most people won’t believe it and will instead believe that there is something wrong with you not CPS. Most people who have heard of CPS believe that they protect children and are doing good. You will find that when you try to tell your friends and family about CPS taking your children they will have a hard time believing you and will think it is your problem and what did you do wrong.

They may never realize that 95% of the children taken by CPS have suffered no abuse or injury of any kind and are in no danger in any way except from CPS. In fact, CPS is the greatest abuser of children in the entire world and children have 6 times more chance of dying in foster care than in their own home no matter how abusive it may be. CPS gets away with murder and stealing children for the money because Americans have been brained washed to not question authority and believe that whatever the government does it must be right. It is all just too incomprehensible for them to believe that our own government is that corrupt and would do such a terrible thing as kidnap children for money.

That just can’t be. That is something only criminals would do. They are right, that is something only criminal would do. What they fail to realize or won’t realize is that our government is now home to the criminals who are in control and corruption exists everywhere especially in CPS and the Juvenile court. Even when you are involved with CPS stealing your children it will take months for you to realize the extent of their corruption unless you get the facts now and save yourself major problems and heart ache by falling for their fraud and child stealing scam.

If you have the misfortune to be involved with CPS this is critical information that you need to know about CPS to have any chance of surviving. CPS and the juvenile court system are not what they appear or pretend to be. They are a criminal conspiracy to steal your children for the money and everything they do is to accomplish that. The following is what they really are and how they really steal your children for money and why it is so hard to see their scam until it is too late. It is all about the money and their smoke and mirrors tricks and frauds to steal your rights and your children!

1) The first thing you need to know is that CPS and the juvenile court is a criminal conspiracy to steal children for the money. Do not be fooled into believing that they actually care about you or your children or you. They do not! It is all about the money. It is all about the money. Did you get that? It is all about the money. One of CPS’s main deceptions is that they care. They con you into believing that they are here to help you and your children with your problems. Do not be fooled by this act. They are lying to get information from you to use against you. Do not say anything to them. Tell them to right down all their questions and you will respond. Any and everything you say to them will be used against you.

This is a fact and they will twist everything you say to make you look as bad as they can. For example. Your story= I take sleeping medication because I have a hard time sleeping. CPS story= you are a drug addict and are out of control and need sleeping medications so you can sleep after your drug binges. Your story= I see a counselor because sometimes the children are overwhelming. CPS story= you are mentally ill and cannot take care of your children and are seeing a counselor because you are guilty and are an unfit mother. This is not joke. This is exactly what CPS does and they will twist whatever you say into false allegations against you. The reason they do this is that they know they can get these lies into the juvenile court as facts and find you guilty of whatever they make up and you will not even know it until it is too late and you will unknowingly agree to it all.

2) One of the biggest CPS scams is to hold a carrot out in front of you to get you to go their way and do what they want you to do. Then when you think you have completed you your case plan they will change the plan and leave you hanging. Then they will come back with a new case plan and dangle the carrot in front of you again. This happens over and over again. The carrot being getting your child back. They are exploiting your hope that you will get your child back because you are a good parent and never abused your child and fairness will prevail. Right? Wrong!!! Fairness with CPS does not exist. In fact,

CPS used your sense of fairness and hope against you to keep you believing that you will get your child back when in fact their job is to trick you so they can take your child for the money. They will tell you that if you do what they tell you, you will get your child back. This is a lie to get you to agree with them and sign away your rights as you keep going down the path of destruction. They will keep doing this at every hearing until they completely take away all your rights without you even knowing it and they got you to consent to all of it.

3) What are they really doing? The entire juvenile court system is a series of traps to bury you deeper into the fraud each time until you have voluntarily given up all your rights and lose your children. It is all about private contracts that you consented to voluntarily. During this process CPS literally tortures you to the point of braking. By the way, this is their goal. They want you to break and time everything to create as much stress as possible. Very few people can last 18 months or 2 years with their children being stolen from them and constantly being accused of false lies without breaking. Of course, as soon as you break CPS is happy to declare that they were right and you are mentally ill and not a good parent and take your children permanently. Of course the court agrees because it is part of the conspiracy to steal your children for money.

You have to realize that for the people who work for CPS to become this cruel and evil they are trained psychopaths who can pretend to be your best friend while slowing stabbing you in the back to cause as much pain as possible. Then when they torture you to the breaking point they will then take your parental rights and blame it on you. How sick can it get! They are pure evil and despicable sub humans. This is Natzisim at its highest. CPS is a criminal organization do not forget this fact.

4) The courts part in this scam is to roll you over at each hearing. What does that mean? It means that CPS and the court have to haul you into court on a legal time line, usually 45 days plus a few days for filing to keep the case going. That is to get you to agree again with them. The CPS process is one case but a series of individual contract called the case plan and status report. At the end of one contract and the beginning of another there is a hearing where they roll you over into the next contract. When they do this all the false information and lies CPS has entered into court become facts and truth on the record by your own agreement. The judge will also make a few judgments and orders against you at that time. This is called a discontinuance of the evidence. That means that all the evidence you have is lost as you never got a chance to enter it into the record and all the false allegations that CPS fabricated are now facts in the court and are considered true and you are judged guilty accordingly but never even knew it. In other words, the hearing is really a one sided trial that you did not even know was a trail where CPS got all their lies into court as facts and the judge ruled in favor of them because you did not present any facts to rebut their lies. Is this a fair trial? No!! It is a scam!!! Did your attorney tell you about this? No!! Because he is part to the scam. How they trick you into this will be discussed next. To stop this you would have to not agree with their case plan and set every hearing for trial to allow the truth and your side to get into evidence. Even then, the judge is part of the criminal conspiracy and is making money himself off of the kidnapping and will probably rule in their favor anyway. Remember this whole thing is a trap that is almost impossible to get out of.

5) During the hearing (hidden trial) what CPS does to trick you into agreeing to not only their new case plan but to all their lies and false acquisitions entered into court (remember they are also rolling you over) is to again hold the carrot over your head. They say that if you agree with them and the new case plan you will get your child back. The case plan is also a diversion to keep you from seeing what fraud is really going on. CPS gives you all sorts of hoops to jump through in your case plan so you do not have time to think about the fraud they are perpetrating against you. Of course, you would do anything to get your child back and so you agree with them. By agreeing with them you voluntarily (unknowingly) agreed to all their lies and false accusations in their status report and essentially pleaded guilty to all charges without a trial. By the time you get to the end of this horror show you have pleaded guilty to every false charge they threw at you and you never got even one chance to get your truth into the court. The never ending case plan game is just the vehicle to dig up more evidence against you, torture you even more and burry you deeper into the CPS trap so they can steal your children for money! That is what it is all about and it is sick and evil and everyone involved is sick and evil.

6) Let’s not forget your attorney. If you have a court appointed attorney you are screwed. This is not even open for debate. They are working for CPS and they are there to make sure you do exactly what CPS wants you to. Their job is to guide you into each trap and make sure you do not get out. They are also psychopaths and are trained to appear to be helping you when in fact they are just leading the lamb to the slaughter. They make sure the lamb feels comfortable and does not suspect what is really going to happen to them at the end until it is too late and they are slaughtered.

7) Are private attorneys any better? In my experience no. There might be a good one out there but I have never seen one. The CPS criminal conspiracy has also shut the door on good attorneys. To practice juvenile law the attorney typically has to be approved by the juvenile court. Of course you can see the problem there. It is the fox guarding the hen house so only qualified attorneys can practice juvenile law meaning that only the psychopathic ones who have no moral values or ethics and are capable of lying and deceiving their clients to lead the lambs to the slaughter get through. To beat CPS you will have to know as much as you can and work with a good attorney. This allows you to get the truth into court and rebut their false allegations so their lies do not get entered into the court. I believe that 90% of the people caught in the CPS trap would get wiped out trying to fight this on their own (Pro Se).

If you want to try and fight CPS yourself go to and research as much as you can. During the 18 months to 2 years that CPS tortures you, you will be dragged into court many times. Each time CPS gets all their lies into court and you get not one shred of truth into court so at the end you have nothing and CPS has several judgments against you for all sorts of lies and deceptions and CPS takes your children. The real sick thing about this is that CPS and the court have tricked you into voluntarily giving up your children. Yes, you heard that right; voluntarily give up your children. How is this possible? That is crazy! No it is not, it is the truth because you do not know the law and your rights which are few. 

8) NOTE: one of the main frauds of the juvenile court is to allow CPS lies and false allegations to be entered into court and stand as facts on the record making you guilty on all counts. Almost all of the CPS allegations are only hearsay and cannot be entered into evidence in a legitimate court and they are not even signed by CPS under penalty of perjury. However, CPS gets all these lies into the court as facts by tricking you. CPS uses their status reports, where all there lies and false allegations are listed, at each hearing. Then they threaten you that if you do not agree with their new case plan you will lose your children. Of course you agree to get your children back. By agreeing to their new case plan you are also unknowingly agreeing that all the lies in the CPS status report are true. If you find that your own attorney will help you down the path to slaughter by demanding that you agree to the case plan as it is the only way you will get your child back or he will not rebut any of the CPS lies in court letting them stand as facts, fire him and find another one. And not objecting to lie’s will stand as fact in a court. They forgot to tell you that by consenting to their new case plan you were also agreeing that all their other false

allegations and lies in their status report (which you often do not see) were true. All of a sudden the CPS lies and false allegations becomes facts on the record by your agreeing to it all and you are guilty as charged. The truth and your story is gone in a puff of smoke. Another CPS smoke and mirrors deception and trick to slowly steal your rights and eventually your children. They do this slowly over an 18 months to 24 months period because if they tried to do it too fast parents would get wise to their scam and rebel which could make it very messy for them. CPS is in no hurry because they are still getting paid by the feds for everyday they have your children. Besides they want you to break down so they can say they were right and you were a bad parent and your children should be taken away. I guess blaming the parents makes these sickos sleep better at night for all the torture and horrendous destruction of families and children they cause.

9) NOTE: Not all CPS and public employees know what is happening. Many of them are not aware of what they are really doing and are just doing what they are told. In reality, there are probably only a few CPS and court employees and attorneys who really know what is going on. However, this is exactly what the problem is. If a CPS employee that does not know what is really going on can lie, cheat, make false accusation, and do anything they are told to adopt out a child, then that person is a soulless psychopath who has no moral values or human sense of decency and is as guilty as the ones who know what is going on. Ignorance is no excuse. In fact, the real criminals who are running this CPS and court scam actually want these types of people. They can tell them that they are doing the right thing and these people will believe them and can’t tell for themselves that what they are doing is not only wrong but is horrendous and despicable. These types of people are the worst as they are doing wrong and evil activities and think they are right! They are very dangerous and are the same types of people the Nazi’s looked for to be their stooges and informants to carry out their evil plans during WW-II.

10) This is the number one thing you need to know about the American legal and court systems to get your children back. However, you are not going to believe it but until you do you will lose your children. The American legal and court systems are courts of consent only. They are not judicial courts of law. Why? Because the judicial courts have been closed for several years meaning that they have no legal, judicial power or authority because the de facto government where our current courts come from have been bankrupt for years and have no authority or power. What does that mean to you? It means a great deal. First of all, it means that the courts have to get you to agree to do anything. If you do not agree with their charges they cannot proceed.

However, it is just not that simple. The judges, who in reality are just actors in black robes, are trained to do anything they can to deceive, lie, coheres, force you into to consenting. After all, they get a cut of the action. They will threaten you will jail, yell at you, lie to you, etc. They are really good at this because they have gotten away with it for many years. If you do not hold your ground, which might mean spending a few days in jail you will be forced to agree and suffer the consequences. But I have been taught to obey the law and the judge is fair. Wrong! Our system now has nothing to do with fairness. The court is the land of contract and fiction and the judge and the state will try and get you to agree with their contract any way they can. All the laws they throw at you only apply if you agree. They will try to make you think that they are compulsory but they only apply if you agree. Their power only comes from your consent.

11) The first trap to watch for is the plea. If they can get you in court to plea, even not guilty, you have entered their jurisdiction and they have trapped you in their contract. You never enter a plea. You always challenge their jurisdiction and argue that you are a “natural man or woman and they do not have jurisdiction and you do not consent to anything they do”. By doing this, they cannot legally proceed as they did not get your consent. Of course, the judge will threaten you and intimidate and trick you in anyway he can. Just keep repeating the same thing “I am natural man or woman and you do not have jurisdiction and I do not consent to anything you do”. If they pressure you to plea or say they will enter a plea for you just keep repeating “I am natural man or woman and you do not have jurisdiction and I do not consent to anything you do”. Do not sign anything

In a juvenile case at the first hearing do the same thing. Before the first hearing CPS will try and work out a deal (like a plea bargain but with no guarantee) with you where they tell you that the only way you will get your child back is if you agree with their plan. Remember that this is a trick and a lie to get you to agree with them and enter their jurisdiction so they contract with you so they can steal your children with your consent.

Most parents at this point are so upset they will do anything to get their children back. However, do not fall for it!!! Do not sign anything!!! Hold your ground. If you cave in you will lose your children permanently. The odds very low that you will get your child back doing what CPS Says. If they do not give you your child back soon, be prepared to file a Federal complaint against CPS and the county. Remember, the “laws” they are charging you with breaking are unconstitutional color of law frauds and only apply if you agree!!! This is not a joke, this is the truth.

The greatest hidden secret of our legal system is that it can only function by your consent only. That is what our constitution did for us and it is still there but the legal criminals (attorneys, judges, politicians) have done everything they can to hide this fact. Never consent to anything!!!! It will always be a trap. (jail, no parental rights all because they tricked you into voluntarily consenting)

12) If you are in a CPS case and have already fallen for the CPS scam and agreed to their case plan and consented to their contract it is harder to get out. Talk to an attorney at this point and see if he can do damage control. If you are pro se, it is possible to pull the plug on them at any hearing. Remember, the hearings are where they roll you over into a new case and contract. It is at this point, where you can stop agreeing with them. This is more complicated and you will have to know more about the law and what is happening. Essentially the termination of your agreement consists revoking your signature and consent, firing your attorney and filing a complaint into the Federal Court against CPS and the County for kidnapping, criminal conspiracy, mail fraud, extortion, fraud, etc. CPS will not be happy with this so be prepared to be attacked from all sides. Remember, do not consent to anything!!!


Now, here is the problem. The so called judicial system has become so corrupt that the scam, the lies, the falsehoods, their bogus system of plunder have now become the law because no one knows the difference. This means that even if you know the law and see the judicial scam it will do you no good as the [judges] actors just ignore the law and do what they want and their is nothing you can do about it. For example, if you do not sign any CPS agreements or if you signed their agreements and discover their fraud and withdraw your agreement with them by law their is no contract and they have no case. However that means nothing to these criminals as they will just ignore the law and proceed to steal your children anyway. If you do not sign the CPS agreements the judge will just make an order that you have signed and continue to railroad you. IN OTHER WORDS UNDER OUR CURRENT FRAUDULENT LEGAL SYSTEM THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO UPHOLD YOUR RIGHTS. WHY? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS AND ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A SLAVE TO THE GOVERNMENT AND YOU WILL DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU OR THEY WILL FORCE YOU TO DO IT!!

 The law is so corrupt that once you are entrapped in the CPS child stealing system there is no legal way out as the CPS criminals has placed itself above the law. If you are going to get out you will need a good attorney. If you are a minority use the racial and discrimination claims to pressure CPS and use a Minority group like the NAACP attorneys to fight your case. Make sure your attorney is actually building a case for you by going to trial and rebutting the CPS lies. If he does not do this then he is working for CPS.

Your last hope might be getting the judge on the hook. If you have built a case by going to trial and getting facts upon the record the judge knows that you can appeal. This means that he will be more careful about his judgment as if it gets reviewed by higher courts he is on the hook. The typical CPS trick is to keep you from having any record on the court at all. Then when they finally steal your children you cannot appeal as you have no case except the CPS case you signed which sais you are a scum bag parent that you signed even though it was a lie because they promised you, you would get your children back if you did. Guess what? They lie!!!

Believe everything I tell you here or not makes no difference it still exist. I have done the research and I know beyond any doubt everything I have told you here is true. After you finish the rest of this article remember it, print it and research everything, learn this for your self, Most of my family doesn’t believe me by this point either but my sister has been forced to listen to all this crap on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and my wife as well but she does her own research and gives it back to me. We have become a force to deal with and CPS is in for a real treat because we are ready to take this into a civil court and show them just how far down the rabbit hole we have gone.This is a fact that you need to know to understand why the CPS Criminal court exists. The government has tricked all Americans into becoming corporate citizens by the Social security contract forced upon us. This is the same fund that pays CPS through title IV E funding to steal your children It was originally voluntary but has been mandatory for many years.

As a corporate government employee you are no longer a real man or woman legally. Therefore, as a legal fiction entity you no longer have any constitutional rights and the government literally legally owns you and everything you have including your children. The fraud goes even farther. When you got your marriage license you actually formed a legal partnership with you and your spouse and the state. The state being part of the marriage contract has ownership of you children and can come in any time they want and take your children.

Of course you never saw this language on the license application because like Social Security they are adhesion contracts that are never seen but are enforced by the government when they want. Therefore, CPS believes that they own your children and can take them any time they want. They use bogus abuse charges as a cover for their child stealing. Since the fraudulent law is on their side there is nothing that can be done. To stop CPS child stealing would require the government to do it. They have no interest in stopping it as they make too much money off of child stealing. In a nut shell, our state and federal governments have been hijacked by a impostor commercial corporation posing as the U.S. government.

These private corporations are here to plunder the people any way they can. At the present time they are stealing our homes and children. This has to be the greatest fraud in the history of the world all being perpetrated right under the noses of the American people who have no idea it is even happening. It is the giant redistribution of wealth into the hands of a few elitists who will them rule the people as slaves which is now already set up by law. Remember the constitution does not apply to us as we are legally not humans any longer thanks the the government attorneys. Read the patriot act. Another example of the fraud involved with our current government is the Federal Reserve which is in control of the country money.

It is neither federal or a reserve. It is a private banking cartel who controls our money and who are now running this country into the ground so the elite bankers can pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar. Oh, lets no forget the IRS which is really a United Nations Trust trust that goes to unknown European bankers and none of the tax money goes to our government. All this can be researched on the internet. We have and are being ripped off big time!!! Unfortunately, you and your children are just fodder for the giant government corruption machine who are converting you, your children and your assets into to their money and leaving you as a dependent slave in their control. Good Luck!!!

If you challenge the court to jurisdiction will not work as the judge will just ignore it as his court is a scam anyway. Therefore, I now feel that if there is any hope to get out of the CPS trap you or a good attorney will need to fight your case and get as many facts on the record as possible by going to trial on every issue. This does 2 major things. 1.) It gets the truth on the record and rebuts the CPS lies thereby creating a strong case for you and a weak case for CPS

2.)it puts the judge on the hook as his decision you will be appealing to a higher court. Therefore, he will be more careful in his judgments based on the facts not CPS lies. The strongest point I have to drive home and this is so true that if there is just one thing you get from this report remember this. I have heard it over and over by my wife and every attorney under the sun.

If you do not object in court to any statement that is untrue, false, fabricated, untrue, misleading, out of context, exaggerated, planted by astronauts, and the Martians repeated it but it is untrue, it will be excepted as fact if you do not object. If your lawyer doesn’t object then you better do it or suffer the consequences. If there is one time in your life to grow a pair it is now, I am sorry for my attitude here but this is one of the most important lessons I have ever learned about court. Many people suffer for life because they didn’t know this one important fact.

I love children and everything about the family, I hold these courts in the highest contempt possible one of Gods rule. These judges are stealing a child away from the home God has placed them for greed. The family has always been the fondest memories of my life time and I have the hardest time thinking my child will no have these memories and I am all screwed up inside about this. I am having such a conflict inside myself it is unreal what to do. And I think you know what I mean.

There is still point here these courts have been getting away with this destroying families for money for so long that they just don’t care about anyone’s life anymore, if they don’t see there are consequences for this they will continue to destroy lives until the generations of tomorrow are even worse because no one today cared enough to do anything about it today. There is only way to truly end this screwed up court corrupt system and that is for every American to fucking wake up and say enough is enough and stop paying Taxes period because or country is feeding off the sale of our children and destroying the family.


If this doesn’t effect you on any level then just go about your life, but if you care, EMAIL ME. We must do this at a level this country has never seen before. Make this site and this letter go viral if we just continue just to let this happen than we are already over as a country. Email me please and do your part and your duty for these children, we need all your help to end this. Have everyone read this. PASS IT ON.



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    • I currently got sucked in to sighning a f.m case with c.p.s of Stanislaus county. I am a patient at a Methadone clinic and under the care of a Dr. And a councillor. I had gotten pregnant in 2013 and decided to quit taking Methadone I had miscarried my baby. I then got pregnant again in June of 2013 and with my O.B.G.Y.N medical knowledg Mr Dr. Said to check in to methadone matience ,because if i stopped using methadone i would misscarry this baby . When i had my son 4-1-2014 he had to be checked into the N.I.C.Uat sutter mmemoria. That is when a social worker from C.P.S wa waiting in my hospital room unanoticed when i got out of the shower. She told me if i did not sign the Family Maintence case plan ,that if anything where to happen to my two boys ,I also have a 17 yr old . Even if they were to break a nail I would lose custody of my two boys to C.P.S if i did not sign thier case plan. At that time she also knew i was living in a one bedroom trailer with my two. Boys and my step mother I was in need of housing asstinence she promised that C.P.S has rank over all county programs Including the section eight i had been on the waiting list for .Lets just say I did get my infant removed for boguss lies for 5 weeks and we are going on 18 months later ,i still do not have my own home for my two boys and I and c.p.s is still in our lives reving haveck . Please help my family


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  3. Can you give any advice. My 3 younger children where taken on the facade of medical neglect. Though it was my 17 year old who decided he was done with the doctors games and refused treatment( they think he has to Celia so he just got off wheat and said they weren’t poking him anymore.) the only treatment for Cecilia is to get off wheat. They said my house is a mess no I was in the middle of spring cleaning I have a beautiful brand new 4 bedroom 4 bathroom home there were some stains on the carpet and garbage that need to be taken out totally one small garbage can in the kitchen honestly somehow when they drug tested me they said I came back positive for the first time in my life for meth but I have since provided 7 clean UA I am taking it to trial do you have any advice


  4. This is such a travesty! I just had a six month review, eight months after my kids were taken. Within days of removal without a warrant, they requested funds from feds for overcrowding. hey were with my sister until friday evening when ms camargo yanked them and put them with none other than olivecrest foster agency. The COp that arrested me lied and said I was combatant, them I was yandcufted for about 4 hours listening to my babies cry. They neglected my two month old for an hour before letting me change him. He got a rash so bad it was almost bleeding. It was his first. My son peed himself at the station, yet cps gave my chocolate faced daughter a bath and not my son. What did they do to my daughter? To top it all, I had filed a pd report the night before my arrest, ten found out report wasn’t ever filed. The cop didn’t go ask anyone anything, just sat in front for five mins and left. So i attempted to file a grievance against the nonreporting officer. We fell asleep, and awoke about nine thirty to the police yelling. I thought we were being robbed. He found weed on top of an entertainment stand that i couldnt even get to, which Iam a medical care giver and was transporting it between two patients, had papers to prove it in my belongings. He wouldn’t let me get tuem but ye sure dug through my stuff and said we had 4 phones on us. He laughed when I said I had people to get the kids, and said nahhhh I think we will call cps and put your kids In the foster care system. We werent mirandized until one or two, after cps took the kids. I was released at seven thirty, my husband at about nine. Oh and Everytime I attempted to ask to use the phone she yelled at me to sit back down. They tyen said that if i didnt quit asking they would put me on suicide watch and hold me.


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  6. I love the information my 1 year old was literary taken from my arms Dec.4,2013 a day after her birthday and a day before mine. My ex and his girlfriend made false accusations that my husband was/had been sexualy abusing my 5 year old daughter. I have police reports and sheriffs reports that he was basically holding her from me on November 26,2013 Tucson Police put him down as Parental Interference.


    • I am sorry that I didn’t get to answer you. I wish there was something I could do. Whatever happened in court that was bad you MUST APPEAL IT. Call your “lawyer” and demand that they file one for you even if they say that there are no appealable issues. Do you have any other court hearings scheduled?


  7. My name is Dee and I’m a grandmother I live in washington state in grays harbor county where I’ve fought with cps for 11years and am filing a lawsuit against them I am doing this pro-se and I’ve had grandchildren taken fought 19 months and got my now 5yr. old grandson cps backs off when you start fighting them they don’t have power we the people are the power and we can shut them down I have paper work they’ve sent me full of lies but also what I can use in court I am native american and have had dealings with ICWA studied law but now I’ve learned alot I’m not doing this just for my issues with cps but for all that have suffered especially children.


  8. I jessica long have been ripped apart by stanislaus county courts cps i have been torn of mother hood without know reasonbi havent signed anything and they stilk have my babies


  9. yes i agree i miss my daughter so much shes three i had that feeling that acs lied about things and my lawyer barely uts up a good fight for me its very depressing to see this happen and im a first time farther please help i felt like they took advantage of my because i wasnt knowledgeable in what was going on at first i though i had to belive in what they was saying because i didnt know any better till i did my research and found out about this here i printed it out made copies and read it i support this site all the way for the mothers and farthers trying to get there kids back stay strong we could win this fight


  10. on top of that nyc housing is no good theres all these waiting list for it and i gotta have a 2br apartment cps is saying nyc is horrible here espcialy the cps system


  11. my lawyer just decided to remove himself from my case because the payment plan ” he tried to work with me on ” @ 600.00 a month , I couldn’t afford. 8 days before our 12 month review hearing in montery park ca..My parents are pushing to adopt my son, and the report from dcfs is requesting termination.

    what can i do with such sort notice?? Am i going to lose my son?

    please help, I am begging. Please?!?


  12. the only one making decisions in my grand childrens case is Deborah Wood,The Assistant to A.G in the state of Utah,The Rules are change and its a new game every month.. The Attorney my son has has charged 4500$ in 2 months of him being on the case,thats been going on for 5 months now all over going to a hospital with a 3 month old to get help getting him hoe 35 miles away.The media and F.B.I. needs to be involved


  13. My son is involved with the corrupt system where there was no allegations of abuse. Since CPS had removed two other children from the mother, they decided to take the third child directly from her. Not once was my son notified of the dept.’s intentions or what his rights were, but like you said what rights. Now my son is doing whatever it takes but nothing he does is good enough. The system is working against him trying to coerce him into relinquishing his rights. What is going on when they can steal your kids without you even getting a chance to be a parent.


  14. Yes ur right my kids were seized from my vehicle without a warrant and i did ask because I missed a couple uas that was part of the treatment plan due to allegations solely cuz I was admitted to the hospital for pnomonia and then put on bed test for three weeks I can’t believe it I even had a Dr note staying this I hate cps they aredestroyers and then they were suppose to take them to my mom or there dad and they threatened if they don’t get a restraining order on me so that I could have no contact 28th my girls without them around that they would take my children to foster care and they said why she has done nothing wrong to is so cps unlawfully took my kids to a foster home and me there dad and my mom none of us signed any papers about foster care it’s been a week and a half and i still have received absolutely nothing about why my kids were takin no papers or calls from cps


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