Important Health Issues For Parents

Throughout the last  7 years of research regarding our horrific experience with Child Protective Services, my husband and I have stumbled upon many other issues and concerns regarding human beings and this planet, Earth. Although we had already been aware and concerned about Mercury in immunizations, we were very much asleep about many the levels of other heavy metals and radiation we are exposed to. Since then we are true believers in many non-conventional remedies and potential cures for nearly every disease, infection, viruses and parasites. We believe in holistic medicine until that approach proves to be ineffective. I am a whole-hearted believer in colloidal silver. You can learn about that here:


So, I will try to post iinrormation as I stumble upon it regarding human health.

Here is the first article I want to share about heavy metals and potential remedies:


OR just buy a reverse osmosis system for your kitchen sink and hook it up to the fridge water, its the best, most purest water you can get.

More about heavy metals, especially in dental fillings and root canals:

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