4 thoughts on “Live Chat

  1. I need help. I just recently gave birth to twins, the hospital called DCS because my urine screen came back positive for amphetamines. I complied with the case worker , took a swab , and a few days later she told me the drug test was negative and that the case would be closed. Well a week later she showed up at my house and said she needed to give me another mouth swab to close the casr, i took it. A few days later a different lady comes to my home with the police stating that i failed for methamphetamine!!! Never in my life have I done meth. My husband was furious and refused his test because of what happened to me. They took our kids and we had court a few days after. Well the judge ordered us to take more mouth swabs, we both complied. We just had our family meeting today and our assesment worker tells us we both failed for methamphetamine!! My husband asked for documented proof. We didnt notice until after the meeting but the document given to him had a different donors name on it. Mine had my information but now were thinking she switched our tests with someone elses and placed my name on one and meant to put his on the other but forgot. Can i do anything about this? Im so petrified of taking another drug screen and failing even though i shouldnt be. I also take urine screens biweekly because i am voluntarily in treatment for a previous addiction to pain pills. And one of the tests that i supposedly failed for meth was taken directly after i took a urine screen that i tested negative for, but the case worker of course said their tests are more accurate than the ones i take at my treatment center.


  2. My name is Zhanette i have three beautiful children 3, 4 and 8 two boys and one girl blonde hair blue eyes Cps kidnapped my babies a year ago I need help. Just fired My attorney have court Tuesday they are trying to terminate my services and parental rights my children hAve been subjected for almost a year to child porn and been beaten and Cps trying to cover there trail indeed that’s exactly what they left if only I can get help i have factual evidence and reports and witnesses. Dumb me listened to My attorney even though I won why they took them 1149 pm right out of there home My home out of there beds asleep were you think you were safe and they were screaming for me cp s took them not even dressed I have to give them a car seat they were going to steal my daughter without a carseat my poor poor babies then separated them out then in 9 different Foster places my daughter and my youngest boy together leaving the other all by himself putting all of them in a Spanish speaking only My kids speak English and we are Christian they were Catholic were My daughter got subjected to child pork and God only knows they told her to keep her mouth shut and beat my 2 yr giving him now two fractures not reporting it to the police buying off doctors paying them directly to keep there mouth shut but I got the real medical report cp s underestimated me thinking I was a poor uneducated drug addict bipolar trash nope but my kids and I are up against a lot of people who are involved and I just started reading about the law my rights kids rights etc. And just fired my attorney two weeks ago next is review and I don’t know what to do they are trying to use my last my illness bipolar against me with misleading losing straight corruption Please I need someone help before I never see my kids again I don’t want them to be sold They should have never been taken please call me 951-722-7968 daviszhanette@,gmail.com help me save my children and children all over my children have the right to be safe not scared not being hurt not used as a tool not mental abused or physically abused our children around the world and especially my babies are not for sale. They think just because in am poor life in a trailer used to do drugs have a criminal background no family to turn to that I will sit around and watch them NO WAY


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