Weekly News by Baby LK

This page is for the links to the weekly videos that are produced by http://www.legallykidnapped.com available on YouTube. See their site for more stories about CPS and similar stories. Thank You Baby LK for your continued advocacy efforts and providing all of these news reports!

We are proud to stand together to fight the injustices, corruption, and opposing the destruction of our families.




5 thoughts on “Weekly News by Baby LK

  1. They have done everything they could to try and destroy my spirit. But that only makes me stand stronger. I want the world to know, these people slowly push you through their system over and over all the while waiting to finally create enough fabricated evidence to allow them to steal your children for good and put them up for adoption.


  2. Now if you only put the same effort in getting your son back as you did in creating your site he might be home with you. It sounds like you have issues that you two are hiding. Hopefully this has served as a lesson. JUST say NO to drugs because it will cost you everything that you care about. Meth addicts all to often can’t face themselves in the mirror and accept responsibility for their actions. You chose your drugs over your children. Now you want to be angry and rant telling lies and leaving out all of the details so that you can be the victim. Your such a sad little person. I’m certain that you got what you asked for. So congratulations on trading your son for a crack pipe. You can sell your lies all you want but the cold truth is that you had a choice and you chose wrong.


    • I CAN PROVE BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT NEITHER I NOR MY HUSBAND EVER DID CRACK. You are either Leslie, one of our many social workers and/or supervisor, or maybe one of the lawyers. I can tell because you say the same BS as them. CRACK PIPE? REALLY? Do you have any REAL PROOF OF THAT? NO so why don’t you stop stealing children for a paycheck. Thank you for commenting on our site, now the whole world gets to see how we’ve been treated this whole time and still to this day. WE LOST OUR SON TO THEIVES EARNING A PAYCHECK AND YOU ARE GOING TO DARE RUB IT IN MY FACE? Just figures. See you in court.


    • Frightened by the truth or what kid first. I’m a former foster child, I witnessed children being molested in foster care. I’ve been to court for other parents, help a parent get rid of a shaddy lawyer who wanted her to help him brain storm and make up a safety threat
      And if that’s not enough, take your but to YouTube and watch Tim Donnelly. Cps is corrupt, they are abusing their power, stealing children for the money and claiming poor mouth.

      Any questions


    • Who the hell do you think you are any parent who continues to fight for their child against all odds in this corrupt f**ked up court system who just for money destroys families and the damage the children go through because CPS does not respect any law to the placement of any child. Children suffer from detachment issues that result in many children killing themselves. These are our future and any parent makes mistakes. But CPS makes tragedies. More children die in CPS care than if left in even an abusive home FACT. You ignorant ass.


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