CPS an investigation into the business of legal kidnapping

This article if you care about the future of this country and our children than PLEASE PLEASE tell everyone you know to watch this video, this investigation into CPS and the cover up  the number of children missing and kidnapped has grown 10 times in the last five years. People if we continue to let this problem continue like this than we have no future. Watch and Listen PLEASE, I WANT THIS TO END AND UNLESS EVERYONE KNOWS what is truly going on then WE HAVE NO CHANCE OF EVER SAVING OUR CHILDREN. The number of children that disappeared from California and Florida alone could fill a school of over 5000 just from last year alone and this is being covered up. Please wake up !

It is up to us to do something about this problem because the problem of Rogue Social Workers is allowed to grow unabated because of the money it provides for state agencies. It is now up to us and now it is up to you. If you have a child today then you risk losing that child to this government kidnapping.

10 thoughts on “CPS an investigation into the business of legal kidnapping

    • Great, I will check it out and read the petition. I will be fighting for this cause even after I am dead. It has taken me so long to except that there are people of such low caliber in this world as to ruin a child’s life before they even gets started living on their own. I have watched social workers destroy children’s lives and have such denial to the true damage they are causing the entire family even after they are caught falsifying documents they still blame all the trouble on the parents. There isn’t a place these people will be able to hide. They will go to jail, my son is worth so much more than a CPS pay check, and one thing is absolute and certain, I may not have picked what has happened to my family put I am the person to see it through. William R. Burns for DonnellyJustice.me


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  2. Kidnapper above the law.mwv , it’s what CPS and others are looking for. Documents that prove legal kidnapping to collect benefits. Raise the child like a dog or cat then do it again for 50 years. My name is Victor Baker and no one has ever listen to me or really looked at documents of proof. Your welcome people with no voice.


  3. My case is out of Arkansas but no lawyers will take the case pro Bono and I’m running out of options the next step it to go to the media I don’t have a choice. Every attorney I have talked to has said the same thing ma’am you do have a case but it’s to big for me or my case load is full. Can somebody help me. Like I said my case is out of arkansas but I now live in Mississippi


  4. Our daughter was court kidnapped in Canton, Georgia in 1993. Gets worse, the same mastermind kidnapper tried to get custody of our granddaughter which costed our kidnapped daughter custody of her daughter. This custody predator got custody of other family members, altered custody paperwork and birth certificate to collect benefits. Kidnapped a child from Florida, transported to Alabama. Blackmail on three people to collect money as payment or be falsely convicted. We have not been able to report any of this in Georgia. That’s how corrupt things are. Nancy Schaefer was murdered shortly after receiving my documents that prove our system has gone mad.


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