Our Story

This is only half the story. I wish I could find time to complete the video series. You can read the written version at the end of this page.

















7 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. I have a open case with cps since may 5, 2015 and my two children were placed with foster care and have not been placed with a relative, two of them have been denied but still awaiting for my parents homestudy to be done. The report was done with my ex spouse that was a jealous controlling animal very abusive and wanted to take my 6 year old away from me because she was living with me since the day she was born…so he decides to call cps with false allegations towards me and my current boyfriend out of jealousy. But that being said iam doing the service plan they gave me and the social workers are giving me a hard time bye twisting things around and calling my caseworker ..kinda like donellyjustice story..please help iam tired of them ..


    • Dear Hillaryclinton2011, please change your name. If you like her, get help somewhere else, she is one of the people who keep this child welfare industry going so strong. You have a lot to learn about government. Look up Nancy Schaefer and Ted Gunnerson to start with. Hillary is in favor and fully supports Agenda 21 look that up too.


  2. My daughter has a case and the facts you stated and all they did is so on point with her case its very scary. I believe they are trying to take her parental rights. They said she was on drugs, she has passed every test but the hair follicle, which we have not seen. They are lieing i know they are. and they have presented no evidence. Now at the last hearing they changed her plan to a concurrent plan with adoption being the (B) plan. knowing we as family would adopt before a foster parent. the foster parent was there saying she wanted to adopt her and we have yet to see any proof or her lawyer defend her or object one single time. its insane.her attorney must be the same one you had, because he followed what you said to the letter. I want to send him that same letter, I want to file for a jury trial, and need help how to stop this. they had Mattie for 2 months. and put her in foster care immediately. they still haven’t let us be assessed to place in our home or contacted any relatives. its a long story . I live in Georgia. I need to do something before this next hearing, and I want them to pay for what they done. like the lady who got 4.4million. wow. they need to be shut down. its tramatic and evil what they are doing to these babies. Mattie was 4 months old…I don’t want to lose her. I need to know how to file to adopt her if my daughter loses her parental rights,. someone please help me. email me at shakeserfists@yahoo.com or call me @ 678 545 6748… Thanks Sandra Smith
    I will write you the whole story if it can help/me.


  3. We were at the Southwest Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, in Murrieta, CA yesterday for our 366.21 (F) Twelve Month Status Review. The information that our worker, who had been playing all along that she and the department wanted us to have our kids back, put on her report that was submitted to the Court was TOTALLY FABRICATED. Complete sentences were absolutely never spoken from my lips that out right incriminated us and deemed us unfit to raise our children. They recommended we lose our Parental Rights, we did lose our Educational, (didn’t know I had them to lose), but now we have 2 more months for them to scoff at us and peer at us like seething monsters,….ALL THE WHILE MY HUSBANDS SISTER AMD AND HIS ELDEST NIECE SAT BEHIND US, IGNORING US THE ENTIRE DAY, WAITING TO SEE WHETHER YESTERDAY THEY GAINED THE OPPORTUNITY TO ADOPT MY BABIES IT NOT. THEY LEFT THE COURTROOM WITHOUT EVER LOOKING BACK! My heart is DO full of hate and anger…..ive NEVER been a hater EVER. This has got to be stopped is right!!!!!!!


  4. I just posted my story, I’m a grand parent also, and have been approved to have my granddaughters, but still nothing, if anyone can help me, PLEASE it has been 13 weeks and this is all over a “no contact” order being broke!!!!! My name is Suzanne 916-247-9604.


  5. On april 12, 2015 my 4 babies were stolen by cps. They lied and brainwashed my children. I miss them so bad. On may 4,2016 my rights were terminated. On feb 17,2017 3 pf my babies were adopted. I need help. I need my babies back. They were my life. They were the reason i woke, breathe and loved life. I miss all 4 of them so much it hurts and i dont know how to go on without them.


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