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  • Donnelly, This is how to contact us:

    You might be scared because of all the bad things that are said about us but there is nothing to be scared of unless you are scared of the truth. Your adoptive Dad is a good man and we appreciate the love and fantastic care that he, Kristin, and Suzy have provided to you. I…

  • Another Year Without My Son

    2019 – Another birthday has passed. You are now 12 13 years old (oh my how the years fly by) and oh my goodness, you must not even remember us now. In fact, I am pretty sure you don’t. I think learning of what happened to our family may be a bit overwhelming and I…

  • Director of Child Protective Services Tells it Like it IS!

      WELCOME TO DONNELLYJUSTICE! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! WELCOME TO DONNELLYJUSTICE!      First of all, we wish this site was not needed, if we could trade it for our son, we would. I am sure most of you would do the same. However, here we are, here you are, and you might need help…

  • I am having a difficult time…

    With the design of this website so I direct you to the new one: You can also learn about CPS at my other sites: and

  • This information is haunting me

    I really hate to post this but if we are going down the rabbit hole this is something that is extremely important to know. It has upset me to no end. It makes me hate humans actually. Now I know there are plenty of people whose insticts have evolved and despite the way they may…


    CPS steals children, please watch this documentary. Produced by Patrick Howley and directed by Ben DeLaurentis, this film shows and proves everything I have been saying plus things I didn’t even know! CPS targeted children and families during COVID-19 shutdowns. I figured it was happening, I just wasn’t doing the research at the time.

Families Destroyed – Tell Your Story


Whether you are currently being railroaded by Child Protective Services or have already been run over we would like to hear your story.  We encourage you to speak out, to create a blog of your own, dedicate it to your child or children who have been affected by these criminals who pretend they are “protecting” them.  We must create awareness so that it becomes common knowledge that CPS does not look out for anyone’s best interests but their own.  Maybe children will grow up and either not become social workers or create a generation of people who have the courage to change the way they operate.  The same goes for attorneys who get sucked into working as an independent contractor for a firm who has a contract with Social Services to provide representation for the parents and children, most of them do not realize what they are getting themselves into.  What is funny about them is that by the time they realize what they are doing, it is too late to get a job in any other firm simply because other attorneys know what is going on and they have no respect for the Juvenile Defense Panel.  Then they have no other option than to convince themselves they are doing the right thing. {Right Ms. Mahoney?  You know exactly what I am talking about, you told me you would have wanted to do the same thing as me, (take your son from the CPS office if you believed that they were not going to give him back and seeing a bruise on his face) but probably wouldn’t have the guts to do it!}  Unfortunately, changing the general views of the public will take some time but there are other benefits to speaking out.

     For example, some attorneys may see that there are enough victims to warrant a class action suit which  could be extremely lucrative.  Legislators may see that the problem is simply too transparent and see a need to change the laws and regulations that give CPS their God-like power. Speaking out on the internet so long as the internet doesn’t become extremely censored, puts you out on the internet permanently so when your child becomes old enough to Google their name or when they seek you out, and adopted children almost always look for their biological parents regardless of what they have been told, they will find you and be able to see that you didn’t give up, that you loved them with all your heart and that they were literally stolen from you.

      In our case, our son will find out someday, that we risked our lives for him, we were the parents that crossed enemy lines, facing tactical forces and against all odds, went back to get him because we couldn’t live without him, he was ours, we made him, we cared for him, and he depended on us to always be there for him. We planned our mission, mapped out our route, analyzed possible complications and alternate plans, coordinated with our allies, made a practice run of our mission and the operation went without a hitch.  Like Mission Impossible.  Our mistake was not planning out what to do after that! Now our tactic is to wait until he is old enough to seek us out because they have arranged it so that we can either spend our time waiting for him to grow up IN PRISON or out of prison and the opportunity to help other people fight their case.

     If you are currently on the railroad tracks of Child Protective Services or if you have already been run over once or twice, please tell your story here.  We know that social workers are lying, we know that what they are doing to you is so messed up that you feel like you are on another planet.  We know the frustration of case plans, of people with a vendetta against you may still be calling the hotline and creating problems with your case.  We know that social workers twist what you say, we know that social workers make up sick stories about sexual abuse that you wonder what goes on in their homes.  We understand that your attorney is not doing anything for you except waiving your rights and submitting to the reports without objections.  We know that you believe the Judge is impartial but please realize that he works for the county, he is paid by the county, he will always adopt their recommendations.  The only time he doesn’t is when they recommend that the case be closed but then Minor’s counsel steps in and objects so the case stays open.  That is a game to make it appear to you that social services wants to do the right thing but actually, that is a plan of theirs, Suzy Socialworker recommends in the report that they terminate dependency but then calls Courtney Countycounsel and says, “We are recommending that the case be closed but there may be other allegations coming in so Minor’s counsel may have to protect the child.” or something to that effect. We know its all bullshit.  So, tell us exactly what they are doing to you, we won’t doubt you and we will not judge you.  If you say you are innocent, then you are.

    We are especially interested your case if your newborn baby was taken away at the hospital due to an alleged positive drug test.  In that case, tell your story here but also email me at :

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