I wish I could sit down and talk with you Donnelly.

I know when you were younger you actually remembered that you were adopted but for some reason you don’t remember now. I am praying that you have visited this site and watched some of the home videos and at least maybe kind of remember. I wish your adopted father would let us at least chat over messenger or text. You have a right to know the truth about what happened and why we lost you.

I AM NOT A CRAZY CRIMINAL like people have portrayed me. I have a criminal record, yes, and on paper it looks bad but I can explain everything. I have a kind heart and a restless soul ever since we lost you and it is very hard to cope sometimes but I am a very reasonable person and I am not dangerous. People who spoke bad of me had an agenda of their own for various reasons which I can explain. I wish my life wasn’t so complicated but like I said, sometimes I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out because it is extremely hard to overcome my record and what has been said about me. It seems like a lost cause to even try to help your family understand who I really am. I was a very attentive, loving, caring, nurturing mother and we didn’t deserve this separation. Not one bit. Please, Jon, please talk to me. I know you are a God-fearing, Jesus believing man, do you think that Jesus would keep a mother from her son if she was begging and pleading regardless of what others have said about her? I believe he would have an open heart yet take some precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Measures can be taken to assure that no harm comes to Donnelly. We could have a Zoom meeting or something. You and I first, so you can get your own impression of who I am. I am begging you. Donnelly and I both need this desperately. I would have given my life to save Kristin and I told Arron to tell you that. If I could trade my life for hers I would do it in a heartbeat. I am so sorry for your loss.

Please email me and I will give you my phone number. donnellyjustice@hotmail.com.

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