This information is haunting me

I really hate to post this but if we are going down the rabbit hole this is something that is extremely important to know. It has upset me to no end. It makes me hate humans actually. Now I know there are plenty of people whose insticts have evolved and despite the way they may have been raised, we rise above and don’t perpetrate the abuse on our children amd another generation. Very very slowly, everyone may eventually change but we really have no control over other people in other countries where children are still being abused, mutilated, disregarded, sexually abused, exploited and demonized.  This is probably why so many people flee to the U.S., to save their children from the etrocities they face in their home country. And we make them wait, and go through all kinds of red tape to get over here! If we fought wars over how they treat their children rather than to gain access to an oil pipeline maybe that would be worth fighting over. No wonder other countries continue war with each other, everyone had PTSD from their childhood and are taking it out on other people. They were taught at a very very young age that people are disposable, not worth any respect, their lives not worth anything. 

Here it is, this is what is influencing me to write this: [WARNING! THIS CONTENT MAY BE UPSETTING READ AT YOUR OWN RISK]

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