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Do you really need to talk to someone about your CPS case? Has the State and County violated your rights and your children’s rights and you don’t know what to do about it? Is the behavior of the county workers so vile that you simply can’t believe it? Do you wonder why they are doing this to you? Do you feel like you are on another planet? I have experienced this and know all too well what you are going through. I may be able to help you. I know a great deal about the child welfare industry and how the system works. I know how to find the applicable laws in your state/county and can help point you in the right direction or I can do the legwork for you. I can explain very important things you must do to protect you and your family from being permanently separated. I can help you help yourself and maybe make it difficult for the county to terminate your parental rights. I may be able to assist you and your family with pushing for placement with you or your family members. Foster care is a dangerous place and I can give you samples and ideas on communicating with your children. I do not make any guarantees however, the knowledge I have to share with you is critical to your full comprehension of what is happening to you and your family.

My name is Sharon Joyce and I am the mother of Donnelly Keaton Burns, who this site is


named after. I am the administrator of this site and have been the one who has provided 95% of the information on this site. I have been legal secretary for several family law and criminal law attorneys. I can write letters on your behalf, prepare Objections, Declarations, Responses, and file Contempt of Court documents against the county when they don’t do what the “Judge” orders. I can and will explain the importance of appealable issues to you, I can mediate disputes between you and your family members and possibly the social worker saying those vile things about you that are not true. I can give you a complete analysis of your case and assess your options.

I must charge for these services so that I can dedicate my time to this cause rather than trying to find time while working full time doing something completely unrelated.

If you are interested in a consultation, please email me at Your information and our conversation will be kept ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE.



  1. I have a rather long ,bloody in the trenches,but be Sherlock Holmes since 1994 I have learned enough. Now need help with filling out forms and to pick your brain lol my name is Darcei. 940-577-8774


  2. I live in CA and currently have a cps case where my children are in foster care due to myself and my husband being wrongfully accused. I would like to talk to someone about my issue please.


  3. I need a bunch of help with paperwork , my wife is pretty good at legal writing briefs etc but she’s as I am so emotionally involved it’s become almost impossible for us to function and do the work on our case, I am exhausted in funds and have
    26 hearing coming up . Appealed the
    21 and lost even though they found due process violations etc my kids want to come home , will you take a trade for some help I have a beautiful nationa furniturel of Mt airy south carolina executive desk appraisal is close to $7000 the wow factor is amazing everyone who sees it has something to say about it , were in San Diego. Even for 8 hrs of Coaching us and answering questions and help getting in the right direction 619 844 9990


  4. my kids were taken while i was working from babysitter he walked across the street for less than 5 minutes as he returned the cops were there cps removed my children what can i do can they place them in my mothers care now before the hearing


  5. Please help me I have a review hearing on the 12 th cps kidnapped my kids and my attorney did not represent right from beginning please my children been gone for a year i had to go on social media to get them out of the Foster Home they were I My daughter was being subjected to child porn and God I don’t know my 2 yr old was being beaten have proof discovered it up 2,days before they were to come Home Cps alleges i abused My son they hurt my baby my poor babies my other son was separated the whole time and he is 4 and my daughter is 8 they all have anxiety behavioral and mental disorders from what cps has done to them I had an attorney paid14,000 and they just dropped me after one year of run around i find out I signed a 190 something about shivering my rights i didn’t even know that I thought I was fighting against my attorney has not complained about nothing filed hardly nothing of called witnesses or medical records of sheriff nothing and on the 12 th i could lose my parental rights 951-722-7968


    • Wholly cow! I can’t believe they’ve done this to you! I’m really sorry for all the pain and anguish you’ve endured. My heart hurts for you. Did you ever get your babies back?




    • What kind of test are they giving you? Please see my articles under the side section “Falsified Evidence” where I explain in detail about drug testing methods. A false positive is only valid in the INITIAL TEST called a screening where they weed out the negatives. The sample should then be sent to a certified laboratory. If your tests are coming up positive then they ARE FALSIFYING THEM! i WOULD REALLY LOVE COPIES OF YOUR TEST AND I MAY BE ABLE TO PROVE IT BY LOOKING AT THE DOCUMENT. Otherwise you need to go to a DIFFERENT FACILITY the same day that you go for CPS and PAY FOR YOUR OWN TEST and have it sent directly to the court. Tell them to fax it with your case number on it. It will seem like you have them by the balls but you won’t really, they won’t get in any trouble but then you can go to any attorney and they will be more than happy to take your civil case against cps.


    • Kevina trust me when I tell these next crucial steps n follow them exactly if u want to pass negative on ur tests. Follow to them exactly.
      Oral testing:
      Buy toothpaste that has BOTH sodium flouride AND hydrogen peroxide. At least one hour before u test, brush every nook m cranny of ur mouth,teeth,tongue,inner cheeks,gums,and especially any broken or damaged teeth and especially under the tongue rigorously for 15 minutes straight.
      Then get your regular yellow LISTERINE or the cool mint LISTERINE. Do not use anything else other than those two types. I don’t care how much better whatever newer LISTERINE may seem. Do not use any other mouthwash than what I just listed.
      After brushing the crap outta ur grill, take a normal mouthful of LISTERINE, and swish it nonstop for 15 minutes, swishing thru every part of ur mouth that u can. It’s gonna burn like a motherfucker but trust me it’s for a reason. Usually once u can’t get it to burn anymore is when u can spit it out.
      Try not to smoke, if u do, from when u start this process until after ur test, ok? The less pollutants the better. And of course, if u are using anything or any drug, this will work to clear EVERYTHING except marijuana which u will have to abstain from for at least 24 hrs before testing. And stay away from drugs u snort. I’ll explain later.
      Repeat brushing ur teeth again in same manner. Repeat mouth wash in same manner.
      On ur way to test, be swishing LISTERINE all the way there. Spit it out before u walk thru their doors.
      And again before u walk thru their doors, get yourself those LISTERINE tabs that u dissolve under ur tongue. Again, only buy the regular or the cool mint. Place and keep 5-6 LISTERINE tabs under ur tongue at all times and much as possible without being noticed! Don’t give special attention to what they see as an attempt to falsify ur test. That’s all bad. If u lose ur window of putting anymore tabs under tongue, you’ll have approx 1 hour before ur saliva begins pushing out the markers that indicate what drug u use on their tests. Allow me to explain:
      People who are trying not to come up dirty when they know they will be always try to prevent from salivating on the sponge n try to keep it as dry as possible while still trying to provide enough spit to suffice for the test, hoping they’ll somehow come out clean due to minimal saliva. WRONG AND A COSTLY MISTAKE!
      U don’t want to under-salivate. U want to OVER-salivate onto the sponge at this point. The LISTERINE tabs is all u need. Cuz the more saliva, the more diluded the sample will be. And it will be temporarily sterilized of the markers they’re tests detect thanks to the a poisonous sodium flouride, hydrogen peroxide, and continued bombardment of the LISTERINE. Ur salivary glands are just beneath ur tongue, one glands in each side. I also use dry mouth lozenges of any time just for good measure once I’m at the LISTERINE tabs stage. I combine the tabs with the lozenges. But I also go without the lozenges much of the time as well.
      U should fill the sponge with spit in about 15 seconds flat. Once it’s drenched, remove from ur mouth. Tell em ur done. They might insist u keep it in a full to minutes. Don’t do that. Find it way to control the conversation n just show em that the doing is already full. Once u show them, they’ll agree that yeah u are done apparently.
      U wanna keep that sponge stick in ur mouth as little time as u possibly can. Low exposure equals low detection. There tests have to pick up certain amounts of substances. Like to a couple nano grams. As long as ur mouth is not drooling out anymore than that, ur golden!
      Follow what I say. Please. I’m a single father who has struggled with addiction and I somehow found my way around the bs system n have been using this method for over two years now without fail. My case has drawn on because my lil girl mom lacks any thinking process n just uses meth first n doesn’t think until later. We haven’t been there in years. And she’s an unfit mother whom after my child to go live with a pedophile. STEVEN MICHAEL ENGLISH. look him up on Megans law. You’ll see my truth.
      There are many parents who function n use and are still great parents. As long as they don’t expose their kids to the drugs n don’t glorify it or teach them to use them, they’re ok in my book. But many good parents are losing their custody cuz of being dragged into the middle of CPS cases whom they’re not even there offending parent in. Yet the system makes them go thru the same case plans if not more than there offending parent whose actually endangered their child. So I’m trusting that ur not a dirtbag parent. If u are, u know ur truth and u know u won’t make it thru this with what u want.
      But if u are worth ur salt, whether ur really clean or not I don’t care it’s not my place to judge, but in the name of God almighty listen intently to the steps I just gave u and utilize this information without fail. Do not fuck this up. Do u understand me? I’m giving u information that no one else knows and it’s selfish for me to keep this knowledge afraid it might fall into the wrong parents hands. But I know me and even tho I use, the safety and security and happiness of my lil girl had always come before my cravings or come downs because that’s just how much I love my daughter I guess. She’s my rhyme and my reason. And no one’s gonna tell me wtf to do with my kids or give me their permission to be her father when I’m the only fucking parent in this whole goddam blended family that’s even don’t after n achieved the best interests of my child n esp since I’m not even an offending parent. If they got a problem with me being her dad, then take it up with God cuz he’s the one that’s entrusted me with her care. I was given custody of my child, sole physical n joint legal, in January 2018. And my daughter calls out for me, cries for me, wants to sleep on my chest, likes my food, my jokes, listens to and respects me, my discipline, my admonishments, she adores me over others cuz I’ve proven the only one that’s kept their promises n never left her brokenhearted by giving up on her. I’m all she’s got. And she’s all I love for.
      So clean or not, u have a job to do. Get ur overwhelmed butt down to walgreens or rite aide or CVS or Walmart, get everything I listed, and get to surprising those CPS bastards n tell em whatever bs you’d like. It doesn’t matter. They took ur kids from u! So fighting fair or honestly flies out the fucking window. Fighting fair is when fair results are inebidible. But fair results are non existent in the juvenile court system.
      Use my method. Get ur game face on. And never give up.
      You are very welcome and it was an honor for u to be the first one I revealed this too. So when I hear about my method bring suddenly used by everybody, I’ll be tickled cuz I’ll know it was me that helped good parents with a bad rep have a fighting chance.
      Good luck to you and may the good Lord angels keep charge over ur bebs at all I times, and may they guide ur bebs back home in ur missed arms asap.
      Be good. Take care.
      Respectfully, Just Another Parent that would die to protect their child

      P.s. if u need to pass urine tests, I have an equally successful method for that as well. Reply if ur interested. Good luck to u!


  7. To Whom This May Concern,

    My family has had an open dependency and neglect case (case # 16JV11) in Park County, CO under Judge Stephen A. Groome since 9/11/16. Essentially our case was opened due to concerns about my husband’s arrest record using preponderance of evidence after I was pulled over in Fairplay, CO and was not aware my license was suspended. I had my son who was 1 at the time with me, our daughter was in school and I was arrested. I was told at the time Colorado law stated officers had to arrest anyone driving with a suspended license. My husband was in jail at the time. We had just moved to Bailey, CO 4 days before and I did not know anyone in the area to call.
    I gave my parents information in Cheyenne, Wy (3 1/2 hours away) and they were called by DHS supervisor, Kim Castellano, within a half an hour. They immediately offered to drive down to get the kids. Ms. Castellano said she would call my parents back with the arrangements and instead my family never heard from her again and have provided the call logs from then as evidence of this. My children were placed in a foster home for a week before being returned home despite me being released on my own recognizance the next morning.
    The more than a year and a half that has followed have been an absolute horror. From completely made up concerns, catastrophized concerns, purgery (intentionally omitting professional’s recommendations and other evidence from court reports to gain judgement in the department’s favor), violation of HIPA, signing contracts under duress if we want to keep (or at this point even see our children), Judge Groome’s persistent and evident bias (consistent failure to perform judicial duties in violation of Canon 3 at least) and much more.

    Examples of this are as follows,

    * From the start there has never been a timeline of set goals to be completed by an end date. This has always been an open-ended series of outrageous stipulations and expectations placed on, not only us, but our family and friends. The Department has consistently refused to put in writing the promises they make if we complete their “plan”. The safety plan has been the same since 11/2016 and we have consistently been punished even if we follow It. Concerns about that were voiced early on by one of my therapy providers, Alex Miller. It is almost as if we have been involved in an experiment to see how far you can push a family before they break. Over the course of this case the emotional, financial, and relational deterioration of our family is evident to an extent that it has never been before.

    * Caseworker Julie Duncan and GAL Anne Parmely both calling my individual therapist and treatment provider (Lydia Simmons) at Arapahoe house to ask her to change her recommendations to reflect their narrative as well as the results of my drug and alcohol assessment. When she out right refused to do so they omitted her recommendations and my assessment from the court report. Lydia Simmons has provided a letter reflecting her thoughts and recommendations. As of 2/7/2018 I have had to begin with a new provider, Laura Shipman, before I even had an appointment set up Ms. Duncan had already called to discuss what she perceived to be the issues. This is an incessant pattern in which the department attempts to hinder the professional’s ability to make an unbiased decision and recommendations. These attempted forms of manipulation have also been prevalent in their dealing with our family, friends, and neighbors. Thankfully most everyone has seen this behavior for what it is although sadly it does not help

    *GAL Anne Parmely has never contacted my husband, Vincent Baxter, and has only visited with the children 6 times when they were in the home for the first year and 3 months (only 3 in the home). She has only attempted to contact the professionals involved once in the almost year and a half this case has been going on. That was when she attempted to manipulate the case through my provider, Lydia, as mentioned above. Other than that she is the least informed of anyone involved. Yet Judge Groome grants her anything she asks despite her lack of involvement.

    *Keeping My husband out of the home for 10 months. I feel this was an intentional attempt to isolate and victimize myself and my children as I am a homemaker and had no transportation in a new place where I knew no one. My children and I were isolated and, if I wished to keep my children and have my husband return, I had no choice but to agree to do everything I was told to do by the department even though I knew much of it was untrue. I feel as though we were nothing more than easy targets. My husband was essentially homeless during this trying to keep his family and new home afloat.

    *The department’s attorney, Angela Whitford, attending and being allowed to speak to and recommend the outcome of my husband’s domestic violence case despite a prior protection order being granted that does not allow the cases to cross in any way.

    * The department filing Felony Attempt to influence a Public servant (by means of financial threat) charges against my husband when he became angry with caseworker, Kody Buck, after she spoke in detail about our case with his Probation officer without a release to do so and he told her he was going to file a complaint and get her fired. Admittedly not the best choice of words on his part. This case was also heard and lost in front of Judge Groome.

    *Refusing to allow my husband’s therapy and recovery treatment provider, Terry Rogers, to speak in court (his recommendations were omitted from the court reports as well). Also threatening Terry’s career by means of legal action and slander for speaking up in support of our family and other families despite him being a long standing therapy and recovery provider as well as a local pastor and upstanding member of the community. Terry Rogers has called a meeting to include the Department Director, Julie Duncan, Kim Castellano, and himself to take place on 2/14/2018 as he believes the department requires intervention. We are not the only family experiencing these violations and unnecessary delays.

    *When My husband and myself pushed for an evidentiary hearing regarding the Soberlink alcohol monitoring device Judge Groome stated angrily, “Do you want a little thing like this to stop your kids from coming home?” Our home is in the mountains in an area with virtually no cellular network connection. The device sends breathalyzer test results through the Verizon network and can not be connected to WiFi. Over a period of 9 months the device failed to send several compliant tests which I documented with picture, video, and pictures of another monitoring device I purchased specifically to demonstrate compliance when Soberlink failed to send test results. This evidence was not a “little thing” as the Soberlink failure to function properly was being used to cast me in a negative light and keep our family separated. This behavior from Judge Groome is standard any time anyone says anything that does not parrot the wishes and opinions of the department and GAL. Especially when my Husband or Myself attempt to speak in defense of ourselves and our children. The Soberlink was suspended for over a week during February 2018 because the department had not made payment on it since September 2017. We have since connected a mini cell network amplifier to our Wi-Fi which has helped.
    *Giving Our daughter’s school and therapist the false impression that they had physical custody of the children when they resided at home with us to the extent that when there was an issue we were not notified at all, caseworker Julie Duncan was. Evidence of this is that according to the school records my husband and I were not allowed to pick our daughter up from the bus stop. Anita went to therapy with her counselor at school by my request not court order. She refused to see the therapist that DHS referred us to after Julie Duncan showed up during her first two visits which made our daughter feel it was not a safe place. I had to call a meeting with the school in which Anita’s therapist expressed she was no longer comfortable having discussions at all with Ms. Duncan.

    * We have only been allowed to be together for three months in the home during this entire process. Even then we were forced to agree to tell all of our friends in the neighborhood about the case and they were required to supervise us in our home, each with a different hourly schedule, with no more than two hours in between the presence of one of our community members except for when the family was sleeping or attending church. This was immensely intrusive and stressful for all involved. During two months when I was not in the home there were no visits to the children by caseworker or GAL which shows there is no concern with us on an individual basis but rather what ever is convenient at the time to prolong the case.

    * Our children were taken from the home 12/15/2017 and placed in foster care after my husband had a brief relapse in which he followed the safety plan, and ensured the children were safe with their sitter who has been approved by DHS. Contacted all necessary parties including myself, his treatment provider Terry Rogers, His domestic violence therapist, his probation officer, and his support network of friends. Except the department for obvious reasons. Because of exactly what they did which is swiftly removing the children without discussion or investigation and not placing them with family in such an event.

    * Kim Castellano, DHS supervisor, contacted my Mother and Father about placing the children with them 12/15/2017 at which time my Mother agreed to be available for anything required for the children. My Mother began to question Ms. Castellano about why the children were being removed, at this point Ms. Castellano became agitated and defensive. My Mother next spoke to caseworker Julie Duncan and expressed her shock and disappointment in Ms. Castellano’s unprofessional behavior. My mother asked Ms. Duncan about options for assistance with daycare and medical for the children. When my Mother asked this Ms. Duncan changed her tune and expressed that if they had to help with financial assistance they would just place the children in a foster home.

    * The morning of 12/15/2017 there was a hearing about removing the children. My husband was not allowed to speak in court and I was not notified there even was a hearing. I did not hear from caseworker, Julie Duncan, until 6:30 p.m. after the children had been removed.

    * On 12/21/2017 we had a hearing to request the children be placed with my family in Ft. Collins temporarily. The department had made up concerns about my family not allowing me to see the children etc. These concerns were addressed by all parties including my family, who was in attendance. Once addressed the department flat out stated they would not place our children with family simply because they wanted to ensure my husband and I were submitting to their demands first. The judge allowed this saying the same thing he says every single hearing, “I trust the department to do what needs to be done.”

    * We did not hear back from anyone at the department at all regarding anything from 12/21/2017 to 1/3/2018. Julie Duncan called on 1/3/2018 and said we should expect a call from a third-party facility who would arrange visits. My family was unable to visit Christmas Eve due to family arriving from out of town that evening and notified Ms. Duncan several days before hand. Ms. Duncan told them she would notify the Foster Family and failed to do so which resulted in our children and foster parents waiting for an hour for my parents to come. This devastated our Daughter age 10. My Parents completed a visit 12/31/2017 and have since stated it is evident that the children are not happy and our daughter especially seems afraid to express how she feels. This is to the extent where my Husband telling our daughter, who was in tears and wanted to go home, we love her and this is only temporary is being used as evidence that we are bad parents! Because that wasn’t protecting her. I feel that letting her know we love her and are trying is what any loving parent would do. I sounds more to me like it is only a problem because it won’t make it easy for the department to further alienate her from those who love her the most. We are terrified for our impressionable 2 year old! Our Daughter, Anita, informed us during our visit on 2/3/2018 That our son, Euan age 2, frequently wakes up in the night at the foster home and is found wandering the house calling out for us, his Mommy and Daddy.

    *From the start family, friends, professionals, and neighbors have written letters of testimony about us being good loving parents and that we have made the children our priority at all times. There have never been any concerns or allegations of physical or mental abuse.

    * No one in the department is qualified to diagnose or treat substance or mental disorders. To ignore the diagnosis and recommendations of professionals in place because they do not reflect the department’s narrative is unacceptable and perfectly frames the extent of the manipulation this office and it’s representatives have become accustom to exercising. We have spoken to two different attorneys out of Denver who refuse to work in Park county specifically because of Judge Groome and the department.

    * Update as of 1/25/2018 we have had visits at a third party facility in Colorado Springs (2 hours drive each way) for a 3 hour visit. These visits will take place every Saturday. Our third party Facilitator sees no issues with us but is concerned about the children’s physical reactions when the Foster Mom walks in to pick them up as well as Ms. Duncan emailing her supervisor because she is dissatisfied with the positive reports she has been receiving. Brittany Schroder, Department Supervisor, has completed her report and three home visits at my family’s home, who have no record, a large home, and are bonded with the children, and has still not placed the children with family or given any indication she will be doing so any time soon.

    * Our Family had a TDM meeting 1/31/2018, which I recorded, where a specific issue arose about caseworker Julie Duncan going through our daughter’s cell phone without permission or a warrant. We were originally told by Ms. Duncan Anita could have it. When she told us Anita could not have it at the foster home because the Foster parents were not ok with it (our daughter has since told me that Ms. Duncan told her she decided Anita could not have it because she did not want her to be able to contact us) we asked her to return it. It was returned 1/3/2018 and we were not told that she had gone through it until 1/17/20178. We are not sure how long she had it for. Prior to removal from the home Anita did not have her cell phone as she was grounded from it. I did. My husband and I had a text argument in which he texted her phone because I had it. Before he sent it to the Foster home with her I went through and took screen shots of the conversation, sent it to my phone, and erased the texts and pictures of it. I missed one screen shot in her outgoing texts. Regardless, Anita had never seen any of them and this does not change the fact that Ms. Duncan did not have permission, exigent circumstances, or a court order to turn on and go through our property which is in my name. When my husband attempted to confront her about this she flat out stated, “I don’t need a warrant.” The Facilitator then went after my husband in a very threatening display of gas lighting and told him that his behavior, in bringing this up and being upset, is why the department continues have concerns. During this neither Anne Parmely or the department’s attorney, Angela Whitford spoke a word which, to me, spoke volumes. Ms. Duncan also indicated that the children may come home when my husband completes his DV classes. Of course this is not in writing. As I said. It is all recorded.

    * I have still not heard from my court appointed attorney, Grant Lewis, since 10/2017 despite 7 emails and numerous attempts to contact by phone. This is not surprise since he has only called me twice since appointed, has only attended 2 TDMs, and has put zero effort in to any form of defense to the point where he also did not submit evidence and letters I provided him with and does not speak in court beyond one or two sentences that express utter indifference if not borderline prosecution.

    To conclude our desperate plea for help, I am in no way saying my husband and I are perfect. We are working on ourselves and our marriage and in the past there has been Domestic Violence and substance use. We are very good parents, we have always protected them and removed them from the situation when necessary and our children are perfect examples of it. We do not deserve this, our family has been devastated and outright abused. Issues we did have that we could have used some direction and assistance with were catastrophized and exacerbated. I do have evidence to back every word I have said. Our family has been separated in one way or another from the start while the department claims concerns without basis or direct threat of danger and meaninglessly repeats “Best interest of the children”. Everything done from day one has been in effort to separate not reunify. I can be a mother without a husband, he can be a father without a wife, or we can be married without our beloved children. We desperately love our children and this behavior has continued on to present day. We still do not have our children. Please help us!

    Brittany and Vincent Baxter


  8. ok, i am FredsMOther ForJustice on facebook and i am a victim of Indiana DCS, Judicial Jackass K Mark Loyd of the Johnson Circus court, who FRAUDULENTLY AND ILLEGALLY “Terminated” my rights in the ABSENCE OF ANY of the legally required findings/criteria. There was NO case against me in the first place, and DCS did NOT provide me with services to help me get Freddie back, despite the fact that i had a home and a job, and i was under the belief that that was all i needed to do, however, he was NOT returned to me, NO ONE ever gave me a plan for when he might be returned, and Judicial jackass never even mentioned when he might be returned. I have not even been able to see my son for over 10 years because of this despicable crap!!! i CAPABLY raised my son for the first 8 years of his life, and the Judicial jackass participated in a conspiracy against rights by issuing a NCO, and WOULD NOT set it for a hearing, after me filing NUMEROUS motions to set the matter for a hearing!!! i have sent Freddie numerous e mails, attempting to explain how i do love him and how i have never forgotten him and how i want to be part of his life, and stuff like that. More than anything, i want Judicial jackass DISBARRED, and i want to find a way to sue DCS, ALL Attorneys involved and i would be seeking MILLIONS in damages, because i was told that my son experienced SERIOUS emotional and mental health problems, as a direct result of being separated from me, THAT IS CHILD ABUSE,, and that is not ok!!!! Please let me know if there is anything i can do, or what my options are, if you know!!!!
    Sherri Dungan, Fred’s LEGAL mother


      • YES!!! DCS and judicial jackass loyd have caused SIGNIFICANTLY MORE HARM THAN GOOD!!! My son is 19 and DCS is still active in his life, AND I WANT THEM OUT!!! Every one always tries to tell me that my parental rights are terminated, when i know for a fact that they are NOT!!! I have taken numerous steps over the years to try to get something done about this miscarriage of justice, but my efforts have been intentionally blocked, by ALL persons involved in the case, The Judicial Jackass, CASA and ALL ATtorneys. when i filed a Petition To Transfer back in 2009, i only ever needed ONE more copy of the petition for it to be heard by the Indiana Supreme Court, and skanky Attorney Anne K McGuinness, who filed a FRIVOLOUS appeal INTENTIONALLY failed to inform me of that fact. They notified her because she was the attorney of record. So, i need to know just exactly what my options are at this point. i want the judge removed from the bench for violating his oath of office, violating all of my rights, participating in a conspiracy and a conspiracy against rights and the deprivation of rights under color of law, and also for engaging in acts of misconduct by intentionally ignoring ALL RELEVANT CHINS laws in a NON-Existent case………..


  9. 1. My family’s civil right to Due Process was violated by DCS:

    US Constitution 14th Amendment
    AZ Constitution Article 2 Section 4 – Due process of law

    US Constitution Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause guarantees parents the right to a process that is fundamentally fair before having their children removed from their custody.
    Santosky v. Kramer, 455 U.S. 745, 753-54

    I was not giving the opportunity to be heard in a meaningful manner and meaningful time to offer evidence to confront my case before DCS completed a “emergency removal” of my children on May 2nd.

    Between 4/24 (report #1017651 received) and 5/2 (date of emergency removal) DCS had already decided that they were going to remove my children as they were in communication with current placement Wendy Waller and had her home approved for placement. I attempted to contact DCS via email on 4/30 as I had not heard anything. I received a response on 5/2 and responded that I was agreeable to an in person meeting and gave dates/times available.

    DCS gives the court the impression that I was trying to “evade”, however evidence of email correspondence proves otherwise.

    See timeline:
    3/1/18 Initial Contact
    3/7/18 Received details of allegations.
    3/22/18 Mother requests update as she had not heard from DCS
    3/23/18 DCS/Lisa Livermore says she still needs to speak with Garrett and sons. Asks if Mother willing to answer questions via email.
    3/23/18 Mother responded that she will answer questions via email and provides DCS/Lisa Livermore with contact info for Garrett and sons.
    4/11 and 4/13/18 Mother requests update as she had not heard from DCS.
    4/13/18 – DCS/Lisa Livermore responds she went to Joey’s school and emailed Garrett on 4/13/18.

    21 days passed from the date she received contact info (3/23) to the day she initiated contact with Garrett and sons (4/13). My right to a speedy trial per the 14th and 6th Amendment and Arizona Statute 8-456 regarding a “prompt investigation” were violated by DCS.

    My children were not in imminent danger and I was violated my right to due process. DCS received the report on 4/24 and waited over a week to make contact with me regarding the allegations. If they truly believed my children were in imminent danger – why did 9 days pass by with no contact? I made contact with Lisa/DCS via email 4/30 and she took two days to respond. Per A.C.C. § R6-5-5505, when the child abuse hotline staff receive a call they will determine what risk level is associated with the report. The highest risk level should be responded to within two hours, 24 hours if there are mitigating circumstances. The lowest risk level should be responded to within seven days. DCS didn’t attempt to make contact with me for 9 days.

    “The facts in this case are noteworthy for the absence of emergency. The social worker and her department delayed entry into the home for fourteen days after the report, because they perceived no immediate danger of serious harm to the children.” Calabretta,198 F.3d at 813.

    Children may not be removed from their home by police officers or social workers without notice and a hearing unless the officials have a reasonable belief that the children are in imminent danger.
    Ram v. Rubin (9th Cir. 1997)

    Below are reasons DCS did not meet the burden of proof and show probable cause for an emergency removal of my children.

    Homicidal/Suicidal/Undiagnosed Mental Illness – This report is based on my Mother’s FALSE statements on a petition for involuntary commitment. Staff from, both DCS and UPC didn’t personally hear any suicidal or homicidal statements. Nor did I jump from a moving vehicle at any time as stated in UPC petition for involuntary hold. UPC closed the petition and released me from the evaluation with documentation stating that I was not a danger to self or others. I was not diagnosed with a “mental illness” by the behavioral health professionals at UPC nor was I sent home with any prescriptions. DCS provided “hearsay” evidence versus the true evidence which can be found in medical records from UPS. DCS has failed to provide the burden of proof and this allegation of undiagnosed mental illness/suicidal/homicidal is moot.

    Jaydens behavioral Issues were being neglected – I am providing DDD correspondence and my requests and results for Dysart District to complete a Functional Behavioral Assessment as evidence to the contrary. “The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care and mental health of their children is a fundamental right.” A.R.S. 1-601(A). The government may not interfere with parental rights unless it demonstrates a compelling interest of the highest order that is narrowly tailored to meet that interest and that is not otherwise served by a less restrictive means. I would like to further note that my son has received services since preschool for his social/emotional delays, speech and behavioral issues. My son is extremely gifted and falls under what they call “Twice Exceptional”. Behavioral issues are very common among Twice Exceptional children. The principal at Jayden’s elementary school, whom I have struggled with on several occasions regarding what’s best for my son, has even said (after DCS involvement and aware of substance use) that she “has never seen a Mother who loves and has advocated for her child more”.

    Arrest on 4/22 for disorderly conduct and 2 additional police reports (1st of which I wasn’t involved nor were my children present and the 2nd I was protecting my child and I initiated contact with Police regarding the incident). Police reports are not factual evidence and are only “hearsay”. I have not been convicted of Disorderly Conduct, nor have I ever been convicted of any other criminal charge in my life. My outburst on 4/22 was that of a “stressed-out, underappreciated Mom”…not a criminal. DCS cannot seriously suggest that a Misdemeanor charge (non violent – no physical altercation) with no other criminal background warrants “imminent danger” of my children.

    Substance use. On 5/2 DCS removed my children based on “hearsay”. They had no evidence of substance use. There was no positive UA provided to DCS or to UPC. Hearsay regarding a parents suspected drug use is not enough probable cause for DCS to violate a person’s civil right to due process.

    After removal of my children I submitted a hair follicle and UA to DCS which confirmed suspected use. However, my positive drug test, is neither a sufficient nor necessary indicator that I have have abused or neglected my children. DCS holds the burden of proof and to date DCS has provided ZERO evidence that my substance use put my children in any danger much less “imminent, life or limb” danger.

    The fact that a urine sample tests
    positive for drugs does not mean that the person who provided the sample was drug dependent, was a drug abuser, is drug impaired, or is unfit to raise a family or hold a job. Instead, a positive urinalysis, if accurate, simply announces the presence of a drug or its metabolite in the body. See Nancy Young and Sidney Gardner, Implementing Welfare Reform: Solutions to the Substance Abuse Problem 9(1997).

    As a publication of the Foster Care Project of the American Bar Association notes: “[M]any people in our society suffer from drug or alcohol dependence yet remain fit to care for a child” American Bar Association, Foster Care Project, National Legal Resource Center
    for Child Advocacy and Protection, Foster Children in the Courts, 206 (Mark
    Hardin ed. 1983). Notwithstanding popular misconceptions and misleading media accounts, it is simply not true that parents, particularly women, who suffer from substance abuse problems, are not effective caretakers. The research has shown that notwithstanding their addiction, “mothering is of central importance,” to women substance abusers, and that “their children [are] a stabilizing force in their lives.” Boyd, supra, at 14-15. See also Kearney et al.,supra, at 355, 359 (mothers who use cocaine are often able to care for their children); Paltrow et al., supra, at
    6-7. In fact, many parents who use illicit drugs go to great lengths to protect
    themselves and their families from addiction-related harms even as they may be unable to abstain completely from using alcohol or drugs. Boyd, supra, at 9-17; See also Sheigla Murphy and Marsha Rosenbaum, Pregnant Women on Drugs: Combating Stereotype and Stigma (1999)
    The following apply: Ariz. R.P. Juv. Ct. 66(A), C and OAC 5101:2-1-01.

    Again, DCS did not meet the probable cause standard proving imminent danger as required by State and Federal laws. The evidence must pass the test of reliability that our justice system calls probable cause. The Fourth Amendment itself spells out the evidence required for a warrant or entry order: No warrant shall issue but on probable cause. Anonymous tips alone are never probable cause. State v. Altieri, 191 Ariz. 1, 951 P.2d 866 (1997); United States v. Mendonsa, 989 F.2d 366, 368 (9th Cir. 1993).

    2. Parents right to specific allegation details upon initial contact per DCS website, AZ Legislation and CAPTA regulations:

    US Federal Legislation CAPTA (42 USC 5101 section 2)
    Arizona Rev Stats: 8-803, 8-471, 8-478, 8-803 and 8-808.

    For both the March and April 2018 complaints DCS workers denied me of this right. Upon receiving an envelope on my door from Lisa Livermore/DCS I immediately called/emailed asking for details of complaint and was told it couldn’t be provided to me. Her supervisor Davis Arthur/DCS said they were not allowed to inform via email/phone and MUST do it in person. I believe DCS workers lied and used this as a tactic to get inside my home as I informed them they would need a warrant to enter. It happened again when I requested specific allegations from my caseworker David Elgen about the April 2018 complaint.

    DCS also failed to provide AZ STAT 8-806 E and AZ STAT 8-803 A, 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. B, D upon initial contact.

    3. DCS needs to be held accountable for breaking laws and policies:

    AS STAT 8-807. DCS information; public record; use; confidentiality; violation; classification; definition.
    AS STAT 8-457:
    A. Provide programs to strengthen family and provide treatment.
    B. 2. Reasonable efforts must be made…least intrusive….consistent with needs of child.
    AZ STAT 8-471
    2.1 Children’s rights violated including;
    AZ STAT 8-529
    13. Rights to visitation – DCS failed to provide schedules visits and/or rescheduled them (7/6, 7/10, 7/13 and 7/17/2018)
    17. Childs records kept private – DCS discloses Jayden’s personal info in court paperwork, etc.
    AZ STAT 8-804.01
    2. Determine least restrictive setting.
    6. Meet State and Federal reporting requirements.
    AZ STAT 8-821
    Reasonable grounds do not exist
    Probable cause of imminent danger did not exist
    AZ STAT 8-822
    Failed at determining
    DCS tried to keep Mother unaware of removal
    B. Rule and policies are NOT uniform across state.
    Below laws, policies and case law apply to my case:
    18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law.
    Absent extraordinary circumstances, a parent has a liberty interest in familial association and privacy that cannot be violated without adequate pre-deprivation procedures. An ex-parte hearing based on misrepresentation and omission does not constitute notice and an opportunity to be heard. Procurement of an order to seize a child through distortion, misrepresentation and/or omission is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Parents may assert their children’s Fourth Amendment claim on behalf of their children as well as asserting their own Fourteenth Amendment claim Malik v. Arapahoe Cty. Department of Social Services (10th Cir. 1999)
    Supreme Court has recognized successful equal protection claims brought by a class-of-one, where a plaintiff alleges that she has been intentionally treated differently from others similarly situated and that there is no rational basis for that difference. Village of Willowbrook v. Olech, 528 U.S. 562, 564 (2000) (per curiam).
    Removal of children due to not getting along with social worker. Jasmine G (2000) 81 Cal App

    Fabricating evidence, making false statements, omitting exculpatory evidence, conducting unlawful seizures, encouraging such actions, and failing to conduct a proper investigation is “outrageous” conduct.
    Authority: Marc v. City of Orlando (M.D. Fla. 2013) 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXI5 149037, *21; Spring v. Brown, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 675

    Due process requires visits as often as possible unless the visits themselves are
    detrimental to the child. (Hoversten v. Superior Court (1999) 74 Cal.App.4th 636, 641;
    In re David. D. (1994) 28 Cal.App.4th 941, 953-954; In re Jennifer G. (1990) 221
    Cal.App.3d 752, 757.)
    The below statements are evidence of the above mentioned Federal and State policies and laws being broken:
    Discrimination: Due to my refusal to participate in initial investigation and use of my Civil Rights to protect my family’s privacy.
    Discrimination / Policies: I was not offered an in-home safety plan. I have met families thru TERROS who have similar circumstances and worse backgrounds that were offered in-home plans.
    Discrimination: My boyfriend allowed DCS in our home and complied with investigation. His children were not removed from home and he was not required to participate in classes, etc. even though he also failed a UA May 4th after TDM meeting as well.
    Discrimination / Policies / Law: Lisa Livermore/DCS originally intended to remove Garrett’s children from our home as well. Lisa/DCS asked Wendy Waller (current placement) if she would foster Garrett’s boys as well on the day of removal 5/2. Wendy declined. Please note that when I began complaining and asking questions Lisa suddenly disappeared and other DCS workers stated “they weren’t able to disclose what happened to her”. I believe Lisa was reprimanded/fired due to the way she handled my case.
    Policies / Laws: I would like it noted that when I declined to participate in the investigation. DCS tried to coerce me into a meeting by lying about policies. I continued to follow up from 3/1 to 5/2. Lisa was slow and unresponsive. Then as of 5/8/2018 she just disappeared from the investigation. Lisa Livermore and her coworker used coercion, threatening and intimidation on the day my children were removed without a warrant or just cause. Lisa/DCS called El Mirage PD, they banged on our doors and windows for hours (loud enough for the whole street to notice and be outside watching), they tried having our truck towed and then threatened to arrest both Garrett and myself
    Lisa/DCS also asked my boyfriend not to inform me of removal and then refused to tell me the reasoning for removal over the phone…at that point I closed my office and headed home to take care of the situation. I was fired by my employer for leaving that day.
    The second hotline call was made by UPC hospital staff (duty to warn) and is based off the UNTRUE allegation that I jumped from moving vehicle. It also includes untrue statements. DCS has a duty to report and prosecute all false reporters.
    Discrimination: Due to my refusal to participate in initial investigation and use of my Civil Rights to protect my family’s privacy.
    After filing a complaint via email to DCS and Ombudsman – DCS then began to retaliate. They revoked my use of placement and safety monitors for visits for over a week. DCS has told me to STOP responding to allegations via email and to watch my “tone”. I CC’d Ombudsman and Governors office in those same emails and was simply stating my beliefs and responding to allegations. They continued to retaliate by forbidding my boyfriend from see my children at visits; when he was previously approved to attend 2 visits at DCS office monthly and during safety monitor visits. They gave the reason being a failed UA on May 4th – that they already had been aware of for over a month. They have kept me from my court ordered 4 hours per week visits for almost 3 weeks now due to scheduling errors and my caseworker has not responded to my emails regarding why this happened and if the time will be made up.
    On 6/22 I requested inpatient treatment via TERROS and my caseworker nearly a month has passed and I am still waiting.

    In regards to the Petition for removal and the court disclosure for the Preliminary Hearing submitted by Lisa Livermore. The mentioned docunents are filled with false statements, blantant lies and fabrication, etc. I am requesting DCS amend the following as I have provided statement and evidence to prove otherwise.

    Report # 1008131 states Jayden is left home to babysit 2 year old brother Joshua. This is false and I am providing statements from others who were living in the home to attest to the false nature.

    Report # 1017651 is filled with untruths. I’m having a hard time believing this report came from hospital staff at UPC as I was told.
    Significant other was not arrested.
    Any weapons in home were in a locked safe.
    Mother was in jail over night for DC charge.
    Mother did not disclose suicidal ideation with children present. Mother didn’t see children after arrest – they were with Grandmother.
    Mother NEVER stated “she didn’t want to take care of children and didn’t know how”…if you compare these statements to statements made in medical reports from hospital they are very different. Hearsay – moot.
    Mother did not refuse treatment for substance abuse – mother said she would be interested in meetings and outpatient treatment. (Another thing different from what medical reports state).

    4/26/18 hotline call from Wendy Waller – please see attached statements from Wendy regarding call. Also, please note that Wendy states she specifically told DCS that she did not believe the children were in any danger. This can be proven by listening to hotline call.

    El Mirage PD report from 2/23 doesn’t involve Mother of children removed and children were not present during incident.

    El Mirage PD report from 3/28 in regards to mother defending child and calling PD to have roommate removed from property doesn’t provide the court with proof of neglect.

    El Mirage PD report from 4/22 includes false statements made by both parties while angry and should be considered hearsay. Mother can provide a video to courts with proof of Garrett and sons false statements.

    Phoenix PD incident report on 4/23/18 is hearsay. Wendy Waller fabricated and twist and made blatant lies to police and she intended to involuntary commit Ashley as she was scared after learning of her substance use. Police did not witness alleged behaviors.

    Document states a TCN was served 5/2/18 due to caregiver being unable to perform essential parental responsibilities due to substance use, mental illness, physical impairment and cognitive limitations.

    DCS has NOT provided one incident that shows my children were abused or neglected. DCS has not provided probable cause for the emergency removal of my children.

    The report 11/3/17 # 989998 was found unsubstantiated and should not be used in this case.


  10. m In Riverside county California my children were illegally removed no warrant from there father and my care as well. WIC 300 (b) petition claims mother (me) should have known Father was abusing drugs. We’ve been separated a year prior to police seizing our children after a wekfare check for his grandmother was called in after her insurance stopped paying for care giver. Which ended in police raiding His home he shared with his grandmother and Police finding foil with said marks on it. Nothing more no drugs etc. My children were subjected to cps and Police questioning inside father’s home without consent. As well as A MEDICAL DOCTOR CHECK TO LOOK FOR every type of ABUSE. Without consent. Father was arrested for felony child endangerment. This raid and seizure took place Friday night on a weekend visit with father. I HAD NO IDEA UNTIL SUNDAY WHEN A SOCIAL WORKER Called. I live just two cities away from there father. I still do not have my children. No imminent danger was found…ever.


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