Senator Ed Ableser CAN Find ANY Reason in ANY Home to Remove EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN! Watch!

2 thoughts on “Senator Ed Ableser CAN Find ANY Reason in ANY Home to Remove EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN! Watch!

  1. even those of you without children are at risk, i had to fight like hell to get my name cleared from a false allegation, that i was a father, and was not, it took a while, and tons of stress, these dcs cps agencies are real ass holes.


  2. Our son has now been gone for almost two years. He lives with my sister in law whom we are trying to get him back from. Cps destroyed our family and stole our son without a shred of evidence or a single witness. We took and passed every drug test they gave us and I’ve been a child care teacher/director for almost 25 years. They told my sister in law that they would come after her and put her in jail and destroy her nursing career if she returned him even tho the final court papers state he can be returned anytime we want him. So we are now having to go back thru the court system to get him and that has alerted Cps that we are trying to get him returned. Our attorney is trying to get it moved to Palestine where my son has lived for over a year now and once that’s done,the judge will give him back to us but Austin is refusing to send the file,ect…to the Palestine courts. Cps told my attorney at one point while going thru the case investigation that they didn’t like me because I was fighting back and talking to people about our case and they were going to make sure we never got our child back. The night they kicked in our dpor and stole my son they had no warrant and no court order. The case worker had lied to the cops that night by telling them i has called her and threatened to disappear with my child. That what she yold the judge to get the vourt order afyerwards. It was a lie of course. We have absolute proof that they padded our file, tampered with evidence,lied about evidence they didn’t have, altered and falsified documents,threatened witnesses and never once checked any of our references or spoke to our witnesses in the beginning. The mouth swab the case worker said I failed that I didn’t, never turned up. It was never presented in court or anywhere else. In fact, no one but the case worker ever saw it. She was caught lying numerous times on the stand at our hearing and had no evidence to support her claims but the judge not only refused to return him,she treated my husband and I like scum of the earth. Our son told them over and over as did my oldest child who was 20 at the time that I’ve never done drugs and I’m a great mother. My son is so unhappy and terrified he’s never coming home. He has nightmares and cries when it’s time for us to leave after our weekend visits. I’m sick most of the time now because of the stress and heartache. This has caused lifelong damage and until he’s home it will just go on and on. The second girl that took over as case worker (when they removed the first one because they knew we could prove she had lied and because she was so hated by badly by my son that he refused to be in the same room with her) quit our case and Cps after only being a case worker for a couple of months as did the next case worker because they knew that we had been destroyed by lies and that there wasn’t any proof to back it up. We went thru three supervisors to. WARNING: the casa worker was a bigger lying snaked then Cps if that’s possible. They are not there for the families or to help the children. They are Cps workers in desquise. She was a horrible woman that lied to the judges face every single time we went to court and we have the proof. We did every single service but Cps tried to say we hadn’t. We realized after our mediation and after we agreed to the deal that we didn’t want to begin with that our attornies had basically made their own deal with Cps by lying to us that we had to take the agreement “because no one ever wins their jury court cases”. That was a lie. REMEMBER: THEY DID EVERYTHING HATEFUL THING THEY COULD TO US BASED ON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. NO EVIDENCE AND NO WITMESSES. AND ITS STILL DESTROYING OUR LIVES AND OUR FAMILY AND OYR SONS FUTURE AND HEART.


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