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To EVERY HEARTBROKEN MOTHER, FATHER, AUNT, UNCLE, COUSIN, BROTHER, SISTER, AND STEP-RELATIVES: I GRIEVE WITH YOU. I feel the pain and sorrow, I feel the loss, I feel the frustration, I feel the outrage, I feel the unfairness, I feel your need for help. What they are doing to you is a CRIME, in fact, many crimes over and over and over. They do not abide by their OWN laws and regulations, they do not adhere to their policies, procedures, and manuals. They do not do what they are supposed to do, they have no hearts, they have no souls, they work for a paycheck and your child is their meal ticket. That is the cold hard truth of it all. They don’t care about you or your child(ren) they claim to have “core values” that sound nice and helpful but those are just words they use to get away with what they do. Here is a clip from the Montana Child and Family Services Division regarding “core values”: mont mont2 mont3

Do they realize that we can see right through these kinds of words? When INTEGRITY is a core value of social work, then STEALING children isn’t a moral issue for social workers. They remove, discriminately, choosing well-behaved, good-looking children, from decent parents for federal funds. Some of my readers have commented claiming CPS only removes children who are abused and neglected but most, not all, of those children do not have attractive adoptive qualities and many are treated even worse by social services, foster homes, and even after adoption. This most likely is due to behavioral issues. Foster parents should undergo a higher level of scrutiny and extensive training including psychology courses to understand these children better but it is very easy to become a foster parent hell, many foster parent’s backgrounds are overlooked and obtain exceptions due to the number of foster homes needed due to the volume of children who are removed from their homes. I will say this once again, children would rather be abused at home than by strangers. It is a difficult thing to swallow, I know but if you were a child and the option was presented to you, which would you choose?

Removing funding for foster homes, or at least greatly reducing the amount of money and making foster homing be a voluntary, for the good of the community action. If one cannot afford to take on the expense of another child then they should not be a foster parent. According to this literature, child welfare is supposed to be a community effort to better society. But the system protocols are insane, as Molly McGrath, former DPSS Director, would put it. They keep doing something that isn’t working.

This is not a site to come to if you are guilty of child abuse and looking for information on how to beat CPS. Most likely, you have custody of your children anyway, or better yet, CPS removed the children from the other, non-offending, parent and placed them with you, a monster in disguise.

I wish CPS lived up to it’s stated core values and actually cared about children, but they do not. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that 55% of the children CPS rightfully removed (that is giving them one hell of a benefit of the doubt) there are still 45% that are wrongfully removed. THAT IS TOO MANY! I guarantee you that of that 55%, only 20% of those children are placed back at home, and of the 45% only 5% get placed back at home.

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