Happy Birthday Donnelly!!!

Your birthday is November 14th and I am a few days late posting this but we were thinking about you ALL DAY. We wish we could see you for your birthday, we miss you sooooo much! If you were home with us, I would have a birthday party every year and do other special things with you like take you to Disneyland or Legoland. We hope you look for us someday and find this site so you know that we were always with you in spirit, not just on your birthday but every single day of the years! You are such a special and sweet little man and our hearts are forever broken being denied the right to see you and knowing that you are being denied the truth. Happy Birthday baby boy!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Donnelly!!!

  1. my heart goes out to your family and i believe in God but i do wish he will come and clean up really fast, my grandkids have been growing up in another home and all i needed was a babysitter.


  2. I had the idea that you now have your children, but your birthday wish for Donnelly does not sound as if you are with him. Do you now have your children with you?
    I am so sorry for the hell CPS has put you in. I was a single mom and had dealings with them in my state. My children are all grown now, and we have relationships, but years that are lost can never be recovered. And I am a firm believer that almost anything that CPS “believes” is going on in the home is far less destructive than the trauma of being uprooted from the chid’s family.


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