WALLACE PATE WANTS CONTACT WITH YOU ALL (no one who has filed a lawsuit can come to this movement!) want you to know there is the commission for children and families in Los Angeles. Wallace Pate as well as several others are going there you get 2 minutes and the complaints get investigated YOU MUST have your paper work and Attorney Wallace Pate wants to meet with you to make sure its tidy and what important issues should be brought up its every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month! Lets do this immediately! We need as many at LOS ANGELES COUNTY COMMISSION FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES KENNETH HAHN HALL OF ADMINISTRATION 500 WEST TEMPLE STREET, ROOM 739 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90012 MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016, 10:00 A.M.


  1. ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
    Please read and share with everyone.
    I am the baby’s Grandma. This is the link to the text message and his Facebook Page.
    Ryker was born 14 weeks early. He was in the hospital for almost four months after he was born. He was born October 17, 2015.
    CPS came to the house with allegations that were proven to be false when she got here. The person that reported it had never even been to our home. DHS found the house to be emaculent. Two of the other accusations were that my daughter had sleep apnea and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but wasn’t on medication. These are true, but she was waiting till we got the baby home to schedule a sleep study. As far as the bipolar disorder goes, she has been asymptotic for two and a half years.
    This was all when she was at the house in December. She gave us a gas card when we went to the office one day and we exchanged a text message.
    Ryker was still in the hospital.
    He was discharged and had an apnea event after home 18 hours.nWe immediately called 911. She had no further contact with either of us until February 11, 2016 when she showed up with a deputy and we we’re served a petition for removal. The reason stated is “medical neglect”. We still can’t understand how calling 911 is neglect. Ryker had previously had an event like this in the hospital on February 1st and he was coming home on the 2nd. He didn’t come home due to the event and they discharged him 5 days later.
    My grandson has been in foster care since February.
    Is there any media coverage you can give this issue. It may help us to get a decent attorney.



  3. Mrs. Donnelly,

    Is this an error or the powers that be, attacking as usual. I admire your stand for change, and hope we can ALL be united as One for the same cause across the USA!


    *Please check out our website: * *Donate at: *

    *Removing the silence, as WE Speak and Act loudly to assure our voices are heard, one SCREAM at a time! *

    *S.C.R.E.A.M (Social Crimes Reaching & Effecting All Masses, Inc.)* *We are an organization providing education, support and resources for parents, children, elderly and our communities affected by social welfare crimes. Our goal is to eventually work in cohesion with entities of varying levels within our local, state, and federal governments by playing a key role in social welfare reform.*

    On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 11:48 PM, donnellyjustice wrote:

    > sdj4djustice posted: “LISTEN UP ALL LOS ANGELES CASES PLEASE CONTACT ME > (Rosie) WALLACE PATE WANTS CONTACT WITH YOU ALL (no one who has filed a > lawsuit can come to this movement!) want you to know there is the > commission for children and families in Los Angeles. Wallace Pate ” >


    • Thank you for the formal greeting of Mrs. Donnelly but Donnelly is our son’s name, he was stolen by CPS and adopted out so we have dedicated this site to him. Like, “Donnelly’s Justice”.


  4. please give me more information. Who is is Rosie? Which paperwork must we have?
    Please respond quickly. This event is tomorrow morning.
    Thank you.


  5. I need help in kent county grand rapids MI. 6162995723 asap before they terminate my rights for no reason because they had been in care for 15 months. Nothing bad or negative with the case


  6. I am unable to locate or verify this attorney’s office. I am a 2hour drive from the Hall. I have all our court documents and appellate court reversal that states, “juvinelle court abused its discretion in taking jurisdiction of the children… (and) DCFS in no way assisted or aided the children that were in good physical and psychological health at the time the social worker interviewed them”.
    Yet DCFS pursued my children for an entire year and we were forced into professional services and to pay court costs; just to have the appellate court overturn the ruling. That judge Timothy Saito still sits on the bench!
    Please, if there is a movement I want to be involved. I need contact information to verify this attorney. The numbers online are dead ends.


  7. Have you guys ever heard of Gang Stalking????? This is what happens when you try to fight for your children….you, your home, car, business, family all become police targets. Also please let me know the dates for July, I just found this post and missed June 6th. Thank you and make sure to Google Gang Stalking. I am a ” targeted individual” all for being ProActive and fighting for my son’s safe return Home.


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