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Donnellyjustice Consulting can help you with your current CPS case. We believe that children belong at home. We can help you overcome obstacles that are seemingly put in your way on purpose with the intention to make you fail. Obstacles such as:

  • The possibility that your child(ren) are being brainwashed to believe that you are not putting any effort into reunification
  • Delaying your referrals to programs despite the deadline to complete them
  • Not having visitation occur as ordered or other issues regarding visitation
  • Your attorney failing to adequately represent you in court
  • Problems with programs and court-ordered classes
  • Problems with the other parent
  • Issues concerning lies, hearsay and falsified evidence
    • These are serious problems and a clear sign that your case Plan B is actually Plan A. You see, you may not realize it but CPS always has a concurrent plan after removing your child. From day 1 they are actively trying to find a permanent home for your child. This is for several reasons, one being that they look good on paper. There is a major concern with the length of time children spend in foster care and their funding is effected by it. To them, it saves time. You must understand that the younger children are the likelier they will find an adoptive home. Most people do not want to adopt teenagers, they will end up aging out of the system.

CPS’s stated purpose is to “protect children from maltreatment” and to “help families by providing services to correct the issues that brought the child to their attention”. They have cart blanche to do whatever they want, however they want, always reporting that their actions are “in the best interests of the child”. However, the child’s FAMILY is in the their best interests. Any parent who cares enough to fight for their child deserves their child. It is a known fact, and people think I am a monster for saying it but, children would rather be abused at home by their family rather than be abused by strangers. Foster care is a very dangerous place! I do not believe that any child should be abused nor do I believe your child was abused. That is why you are here.

This quote is referencing one county in Iowa specifically:

“To see the extent to which DHS buries its head in the sand about abuse in foster and adoptive homes, consider the most recent case: There were 68 reports; an older sibling even posted video of the abuse on Facebook and gave it to authorities. But no one responded until the older sibling gave the videos to a newspaper.

Richard Wexler

Richard Wexler is executive director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform,

Currently, there are 600,000 CPS cases across the U.S. and more than half are in foster care or kinship care. That is a scary number.

If your child(ren) are with relatives you are a little better off than most because at least you know where they are. I can help you with issues with your family if there are any.

We can help guide you through this difficult time, we offer suggestions on how to appropriately fight for your child(ren) without offending social service workers. This is extremely helpful. We can and will advocate on your behalf and make formal complaints with the appropriate departments. We know how to gain leverage and we want to help you with that.

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