LA DCFS Newsletter

Read the newsletter I have linked above. Note the first page where it states that LA County files over 100,000 Petitions each YEAR! Then, move on to the third page where it describes what the court provides for the children while they are at court. Sounds like a CIRCUS to me! Popcorn, games, representatives from the Wild Animal Zoo bringing animals to the court for the children’s “entertainment” because they usually leave court “in tears”. Well, if they were removing children from really abusive homes, they probably wouldn’t necessarily be in tears! They are in tears because THEY HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM A DECENT HOME AND HAVE BEEN SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS AND SIBLINGS AND THE COUNTY JUST DENIED THEM TO BE ABLE TO GO HOME!

This crap really pisses me off, they are fake scoundrels who earn a living off the stealing of our children!


  1. On Nov. 6th I went to court juvenile Justice in Springfield Mo. For going on two yrs they have delayed ,postponed ,making a decision on permant placement of my grandson ,I knew from everything I’d read and the way things had been going it would be impossible but I still went on and it still didn’ t prepare me for the humiliation of their lies and then still judge had to have more time so Nov. 30th we went back ,I was horrified at the way they portrayed me and the betrayal of the so called dfs that was on my side, Allysa Ellsworth who claimed she felt Jordan belonged in my home said she that was only her oppion because that was what her job required, her Supervisor could not even give the definition of a child’s best interest, I got the paperwork in the mail denying me placement and seeing it sickens me..The next team meeting they were all there laughing and joking about how they got to file motions they had never had to use before and as if I weren’t present or had any sort of human feelings talking about the tpr coming up in which they denied my son to be present but this would be the first tpr done via some sort TV I managed to get thru the meeting then Dec 8 th went to see me son on camera as they tore him apart as they did me ,he was begging them to not take his son or his rights and I knew it didn’t matter what he said they had made their mind up the minute they got his son who’s mother had sold him supposed ly for 3,000.00 $ and my son found out threw her other children’s father who kids had been taken that he thought my son could be the father ,he called me and asked me to have DNA test done and it turned out he was they had already placed him with a foster family who used to work for them as child abuse investigator who quit that job and went into fostering for the admitted purpose of adopting as she could not have her own bio children the had petioned the court to take away her rights and any unknown possible fathers but guess I needed their plan up and theyyput me threw hoopes he was 15 months old before I was allowed to be alone with him I finally got overnights and then she complained that it was not right and they had to make a decision on placement which threw it into a legal risk adoption which I was not chose so it went to this zoo of a so called court ,me and my grandson have bonded even at their attempts to keep us apart he loves his 6 yr old cousin whom I am legal guardian of they are like brothers, now it’s gone I’ll be at their mercy to even keep my vistits I am devastated and sick of hearing people say its for the best don’t cry be thankful for what you have.

    debra buckner


  2. we all need to get together and go to washington or where ever we need to go to take this power of abuse out of their hands i have tried to fight this alone with no luck and ive heard hundreds of stories so what i want to know is when do we all get together and put a stop to this believe me i dont have money but im willing to walk to washington if thats what it takes . PLEASE LETS PUT A STOP TO THEM ABUSING AND NEGLECTING OUR KIDS AAND SAYING WE DO THIS . IM READY ANY DAY ANY TIME BUT I CANT DO IT ALONE YOU CANT DO IT ALONE BUT TOGETHER MAYBE WE CAN.


  3. Agreed I spent my whole day so distraught this is so unjust I’m ready to go to the news and she thinks she’s just gonna breeze thru adoption I’m going to try put in for new judge and I’m also going to petition to adopt he has a right to know who he is and meet his real dad I want to scream


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