How We Lost our Son, Donnelly Keaton Burns

I have tried to make these videos simple yet, explanatory. I hope they are easy to understand. Donnelly is 13 now and may be wondering about his first family and where did we all go? We are all still here, waiting for him to grow up and ask about us and maybe try to contact us. He has always deserved to know that we did not abandon him, that we still love him with every breath we take.

That is not the end of the story, I am still working on the rest. But you can read the entire story, I will provide the link tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “How We Lost our Son, Donnelly Keaton Burns

  1. So sorry you lost your son. I lost my two daughters due to CPS and a sketchy psych evaluation with a lady retiring in a few months. amd They now live with one parent the adopted father and no mother due to she passed away from cancer that she had for Many years and my father with cancer couldn’t have temporary custody of them till I can get my kids back



  2. Hi Sharon,

    Are you ever in Arizona? I would like to get together and go over our paperwork and stories because they are identical. I have a paralegal degree and I think if we put our minds together we can figure out something to create change. Now is a crucial time, with all the roots and protests, this is a key time to lead change. I’m just a normal person and I have a ton of proof and paperwork just like yours.

    520 528 2971

    Leigh Mortensen

    Leigh Mortensen


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