5 thoughts on “cHiLd pROTeCtivE sERviSES, you don’t want to know the pain of their help!

  1. Well, my wife is now gone. Arrested. For taking matters of abuse and neglect reported by our 3 children imprisoned by the cps into her own mommy vigilante hands. No one would listen. No cared. There abuse coverup. All for no electrify and daring to protest against the beast that is the family courts. Just got word the AG Pam bondi wants to move for a TPR. Apparently we suffer from mental illness…a common accusation among every tyranical government. I guess I am crazy. I’ve not met one person this whole time who didn’t think standing up against the machine was sane. Imagine that. Fighting for your babies. Being criminalized for no lights. Its only a matter of time before old daddy Pete has a fraudulent narrative brought against me. Then, no one left, to here my lil Abby, Brandon and Alex’s screams. The state and its meal all ready for the plate.
    How can people let this go on? My family is only one of many. Their preying upon our children in darkness of the pasted “best interest of the child”. Creating ” leper” and “pedastol” cases to discredit parents reports of CPS abuse. What the heck. I’m a daddy, my lights are now back on but I sit alone still, in darkness.


    • Well, if you consider this a “meeting” then you have met TWO people who do not think that what your wife did was insane. Anyone who is telling you that standing up to the bullshit is crazy is also one of the people that say, “CPS will take MY kids over my dead body!” but when push comes to shove, they are all talk. My husband and I were having to drive from AZ to CA every week to visit our son. They wouldn’t transfer the case to AZ (despite kidnapping him from there) and they were about to falsify another hair follicle test. We said, “Enough is enough” and we KNEW they had no intentions on returning him to us or our family so we borrowed an RV, recruited some friends, made a plan, did a dry run of our getaway plan the day before, and right after our visit that ended late and after hours at the CPS office in Moreno Valley, CA, my husband talked the foster mom into putting him into a rented vehicle (not with our names of course) with an older woman friend of ours who played “Grandma”. So the foster mom PUT OUR SON INTO THE CAR MY HUSBAND WAS DRIVING so he got into the car and drove away. She knew she would probably lose her license so she told the cops that my husband “grabbed” Donnelly from her but she was just covering her ass. Anyway, my husband drove a few blocks away to where I was waiting with another friend and my daughter in the RV. I had the door open and he handed our 3 year old son to me, I closed the door, he ran back to the rented car and we drove in different directions. He and “Grandma” returned the rental and we met up in another town. Of course, there was an Amber Alert for us (the biological PARENTS!) AND we were on every local news station and some people say they saw it on MSNBC for one time. And WE are NOT crazy! I’m so sorry you and your family has to go through this. So very sorry.


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  3. cps needs to be trafficked—– Because, living w out our families isn’t living at all— after cps get a hold of your family to “protect” children and “help” ” family” with their “services” , destroys it…and they will if they can .Then its called -“DYING IN AMERICA.”-..I would rather be beheaded than to willfully watch or tolerate”- the torture and pain a child must endure: I cant even want to “imagine : thinking ,feeling breathing . I wouldnt wish it for an enemy . How could We allow that for our families ???? TERRORISM -That , Ache with out End. Pain that never goes away…. never gets better , never gets easier .There is no healing….no medicine to make it stop.Legal TERRORISM – This plague/ DISEASE -aka-(“CPS”) those pains surpass any incurable cancer, known to mankind and if we as parents and grandparents don’t WAKE UP ..GET UP.. NOW…..no, not now but,…. RIGHT NOW !!! Take Charge. Demand our rights and Fight for our children -who arent allowed to defend themselves -according to laws>>> We need the power of Love the power of FAMILY put back into our hearts and hands holding ourselves accountable for it, adding a ZERO tolerance level for any thing less- putting an an end to the very existence of Legal TERRORISM !!-that GOVERNMENT FUNDED state paid family killing -child stealing n selling … and STOP ALL (Legal or not ) Child Trafficking — TERRORISM – .then it will be our own medicine when (or) IF- our babies grow up to kill Them and (or) US; for allowing this TERRORISM to exist….YES- that’s right — TERRORISM ——- Right here in AMERICA DO YOU HEAR ????? Can you SEE ????? Can you speak and read English ?? You don’t have to ; to understand this . I am screaming to ALL OF YOU EVERYONE EVERYWHERE !!!! CAN YOU HEAR YOUR BABIES ????? Wherever they may be at this moment in time —they need US !!! The U.S. is supposed to built on values and justice…Without FAMILY—we have neither one. Obviously The Quack Politicians are too freakin busy buggin n huggin over each other w their Campaign Crap, nor; care enough to even mention what they seem to quietly ,be trying under the rug . Have you heard ANY of them even one?? mention the word FAMILY and CPS in the same sentence?? Oh Heck no tekno !!! And not one time has the word CPS come from ANY of their mouths at all !!!!!!!Hmmmmmmm …Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out people ….come on now …even the most smoked out crack head could figure it out without the lights on !! NO disrespect intended to any drug addict after all..most Americans are on one drug and (or) another . Well gee. how did that happen ?? .Again THE GOVERNMENT (ya know ;the ones running all over the country right now throwing up distractions and detours; while they put new laws into effect and switch power (example :as to offer, ” Obama care ” as A healthcare system for U.S;> but cant even stop cancer from killing off our Families or get real medical answers n solutions to medical Physical and Mental illnesses. another example -trying all the new poison on (U.S) the HUMAN LAB RATS (example: blaming a lot of violence , racism and conflicts caused supposedly by the “out of control ” cops and kids. When ????????? NOW fuck cps and fuck their systems


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