4 thoughts on “CPS worker confesses to feeling guilty over kidnapping children for the state.

  1. I confronted this man and other CPS workers, he’s feeling guilty now, really? I will still plan to keep my promise to him and others who WILL be named in the federal lawsuit, that is why he feels guilty he sure didn’t have any feelings when he did his misdeeds to the children and innocent families.


  2. My daughter was kidnapped by Laura Banuelos of Riverside County California CPS. I empathize and share your pain. First they brought in counselors and doctors while they had her in fostercare to brain wash her and tell her I lied to her about her own health. My daughter, at the time 7 and now 8, refused to see me she was so angry. It was not until they were filing to place her up for adoption when she began accepting my visits. She also realized “mommy is mommy” not who these people are trying to paint out. I am a single parent and she has always wanted “a daddy”. It takes a lot to be a real “daddy”. My dauther is with him now. She has been there a little over a moth and.she is already realizing why he has not been a part of our lives. The only positive was the adoption orders were vacated. Now is the battle to bring her home given his mother has money and this is what it has come down to. My daughter likes nice things but the value of a caring, loving and active parent in her life is of more value. Now I have a new challenge to help my child once again being a handicapped single mother. People make you out to be some monster yet my daughter is top scholasticly and well liked by her peers not to mention well mannered with the ability to carry an intelligent conversation with anyone, however most importantly loves all the things any 8 year old loves to engage in. Its not been an easy road at the same time I am happy to say I feel good in my heart what has been instilled in her by me. Which like you as a parent are too thus all the more reason have a restlessness inside of you needing and wanting you child home with you where they properly belong. We as parents naturally gravitate to our children when they are a part of us, our lives and loved by the core of our being. I have you in my prayers.


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