I Miss My Son!!!




Please, if anyone knows the adoptive parents, DON’T TELL THEM to watch this video, DON’T TELL THEM that it would only be right to let Donnelly see us and us see him, DON’T TELL THEM that we love him and that this is so not fair, DON’T TELL THEM anything we say because we could be arrested and I don’t want to go back to jail. OK?

8 thoughts on “I Miss My Son!!!

    • Thank you. Spread the word about these horrors. When you see a social worker make them feel guilty for their crimes. Tell people who have kids not to answer the door for CPS, tell them if they are being “investigated” not to say anything and that they should MOVE before they open a case!


  1. I also feel your pain, my parental rights were terminated in 2006 and was only allowed visits with my son through the doctor visits. I’m not a criminal but this is the way that they make you feel. Keep on keepin’ on!! HUGS!!


  2. Beautiful video!! (bawled my eyes out) My heart also goes out to your family. I also have dealt with CPS/family court corruption recently.I was falsely accused, kidjacked, adjudicated, then i learned MY rights and CPS’s responsibilities and wrote a four page document behind my attorney’s back. The response was like “oops” case dismissed, closed,custody returned. After 92days, Returned(-: yet broken )-: We still live in fear daily and desperately want to relocate. Seems like this crap is happening everywhere….. How can we make the system STOP destroying families?? I’m new to this page, i found it researching lawsuits/CPS. I have a very long, twisted, detailed story to share.


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