5 thoughts on “The US Governments war on taking children away from families.

  1. We the people,,have allowed this to happen over decades by not doing anything to protest and flood City Hall all over the nations till they stop this.
    These are the people we elect as judges! The government is suppose to help & not conspire, kill, steal and destroy families.

    This very sad and my prayers go out to families and victimize children!




  2. Yes we do need to stand together although talking about the situations and not acting upon them will not help, Me must start to protest and expose these people who thing they are a better than God oh that’s right half of them don’t believe there is a God. So they should not have any sickness, financial problems and be happy and can give themselves the breath of life


  3. This is crazy! I am going through the same thing right now with CPS. Right now I have actually seen and heard of a lot of children being in danger in Colville Wa and around the world! Instead of people being afraid of the worst they need to come together as one to save these children! I know one thing there can be a protest and we can stand against them as one! Like these people are evil! I mean cps…hello they dont care about anybody but themselves! They are collecting children to keep their pockets fat while we are struggling! God see this and I pray that this will come to an end really quick!


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