Ex-Social Worker SPEAKS OUT Confirms What We’ve Been Crying Out About!

This is a great video. Thank goodness for this man who is brave enough to tell the truth. MORE of you should speak up. But then again, you actually ENJOY HURTING CHILDREN, DON’T YOU?

2 thoughts on “Ex-Social Worker SPEAKS OUT Confirms What We’ve Been Crying Out About!

  1. Butte County DCS has destroyed our family …the case is in appeal at this time however I will share our story soon as the appeal is decided. Your blogs help me know we are not alone. Thank you I love my daughter and my only grandchild. I am a mom and a grandmother who will keep fighting this corruption I will not stop I will not be silent My 2 year old grandson will come home with his mom and family I pray that it will be soon


  2. My daughter has been fighting the state of Missouri almost 3 years and now they have terminated her rights the children ages 10,7,5,4,
    She is trying to get an appellate attorney to help her appeal it.
    They have been sexually and physically abused while in C.P.S. care my grandsons are still in the foster home that abused them.
    I have wrote over 500 letters to lawyers to senators, congressmen, mayors, Nancy Grace Oprah Winfrey and even Barack Obama our president and to whoever else will listen I will never stop nor will my daughter
    They say they wont return the kids because they don’t believe she can raise 4 children by herself and now they say they are all special needs and take medicine this was not a problem before they got there dirty hands on my grandchildren they were never abused at home but they were abused in C.P.S. care
    I will do whatever I have to in my power to get my grandchildren back home to there mom
    I will never ever give up


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