This site is dedicated for getting your information out on the web for the return of our children from the criminal CPS and their adoption services

    This is your site as well; do not be shy.   We are all in this together and we have to make a stand against these criminals at CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES in every state, in every county.

Our children can not fight for themselves; we have to be their voice. So stand tall and tell your story, there is no better cause, I did it and I have over 30000 viewers. I am proud to stand up to this but with your help to get word out and make a change for our children. Just click on the (leave a comment) write your story as long or short as you like or you can email it to 

  WE WILL NOT EDIT YOUR STORY AND YOU CAN TAKE IT DOWN ANY TIME YOU LIKE. I only want to help bring us together after all the harm that has been done to our children and us the parents. We have to step up the pressure, I will post your story on our other web sites as well. Our kids need us, post it, get the word out. We are making a difference people are waking up.

Very Respectfully

Bill for  and


     The things I am going to tell you in this report will empower you and give you a fighting chance to beat these bastards.  I will get harassed for this by DPSS but I couldn’t think of a more proud reason to get harassed or anything else they want to do to me. This will be taking money away from these child trafficking criminals. I have already lost my child because I did not have the knowledge of how fake and one sided these courts truly are. I believed in the American life as sacred and that you have to be proven guilty before found guilty.  Please learn from my failure and the things we have learned since.

     The people that win these courts cases are not any different than you or I, they just have more knowledge and are not so easily  manipulated by government paid lyres who have no soul or God. I have been reading everything I can since my child was kidnapped by DPSS -CPS, trying to understand why this is happening.

     Well the facts are in and this is what I have found in every state in this country and there is a long road ahead to kill this beast. The first thing we have to do is stop being easy targets for DPSS a.k.a. CPS and they will move on to easier targets or hopefully no more funding.

      They have already found an easier target with APS (Adult Protective Services) that targets families taking care of elderly parents in their home by saying many of these parents are abused. Stealing all their belongings and ownership of their property.  Trust me government has always, through out history, done their job for money and always been more abusive than the people in every single country on earth.  That is another battle for later on, right now let’s get them one at a time.

     Let me get into what is so close to my heart and become the reason for most of my drive these days, to form a collective of knowledge, to do my part in saving children and families from this absolute devastation of everyone involved in these courts.

     Our site has done well this year to get the word out but we have not made even a slight dent in the problem of CPS Child Protective Services, DPSS Department of Public Social Services making huge profits by the theft and sale of our children out to adoption receiving Federal Funding such as Social Security Title IV-E,  CAPTA, ASFA, and other private  contributions which are granted to help families in crisis. But these funds are not used for the intended purpose to save and keep families together, instead the money is used for other broke government county and state departments making the State’s  and the counties ability of ignoring this problem easy. If the US citizens knew the money paid by their taxes is truly being used to KIDNAP CHILDREN for profit the people would be so outraged. But first:

STEP 1. WE HAVE TO GET THE WORD OUT TO THE PUBLIC and people have to wake up and look at the absolute facts of this problem and how large it has become.   I, as well as many many other people, have found out that this is the fact in every state in the United States.

Step 2.  PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS.  Tell people they do not have to let CPS in their home. They have absolutely no authority over you or your children until YOU GIVE IT TO THEM. If CPS has any real evidence that you are a child abuser they would not be knocking on your door asking to come in. Instead a bunch of cops would bust down your door or at least show up with a warrant. Do not misinterpret a police officer’s presence with the social worker they are only there to intimidate you and to protect the worker against you.  The reason CPS wants to interview you is to find a reason, create a reason, exaggerate and twist the truth to use as evidence to steal your child. REMEMBER REFUSE ENTRY WITHOUT A WARRANT< YOUR CHILD IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR, STAND YOUR GROUND> CPS should be considered a predator because YOUR CHILD WILL BE HARMED AS WELL AS THE FAMILY when they take your child.

     No children or family members come out of CPS unharmed and you have to think about this, YOUR CHILD MAY NEVER COME HOME AGAIN. MANY CHILDREN DIE IN FOSTER/CPS CARE. In 2009- 2011 the average number of children who where removed from their parents and adopted (either by family or strangers) was 2,712,000. So just for the last three years, 8,136,000 children were not returned to their parents. CPS will not return your children for months or years if they so desire. Approximately, only 45% are “reunified” with their parents and are adopted by family or strangers and CPS gets large bonuses from the federal and state for adopting out your child. This is human trafficking.

     You may not think this problem is real but even if only 2 people tell you that there is a predator lurking around your neighborhood would you take the chance and leave your child and family vulnerable? Consider HISTORY which shows that government will, over time, get out of control because of MONEY and POWER. The States are kidnapping children just the same as any other predator.   CPS was collecting about 120,000.00 per child per year> Do you really think they would turn down that kind of money and do not forget all the money that also comes from the adoption market.

Step 3. DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACT WITH CPS, this contract is called many things, a case plan, family maintenance agreement or any other tricky pseudonyms. This contract gives DPSS complete control and custody over your children until they are adults even if you are released from their services.  So stand your ground. DO NOT LET THEM BULLY YOU, DO NOT PANIC. Stand your ground, once you sign that contract you are now in civil JV court it is not family court do not be fooled these court appointed CPS attorney’s will not tell you this they want you to be blind sided and these attorneys should be disbarred for not telling you what your rights are and that they are going to waive advisement from the Judge. The Judge is guilty for failing to ensure your rights, as well for laundering this corrupt money. He says by signing the contract, you are not admitting to guilt and this is a perversion of the truth because you are giving up your child to government custody and control and this says you are guilty by going along.  Remember do not sign anything you can still take services and not sign anything the funds are still there to help even if you do not sign.

Step 4. SPEAK UP IN COURT  AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD ON THE RECORD. I am telling you this from experience. If you do not speak up in court your lawyer will not do it for you, his job with this court depends on it.  There is no way you will get your side on record if you do not speak up. They will ignore anything you turn into the court clerk.   They will tell you all kinds of manipulative reasons why you should stay quiet, I am telling you this is the one time in your life to get a back bone and stand up for your children if you want them in your life.  This civil fake family court is bent on earning money off of taking your child and has so much experience doing so, if you follow the norm you will be their money ride. If you stand up for what is right they will not be as experienced at pushing you through as just another number.  This entire court is built around making money for the county and state.  I could go into all the evidence I have but it would take months. We have about 1800 pages of evidence which my wife has been sorting through for months to prove everything I am saying here and about 28 years of watching these criminals get away with this terrorism on the American people.

 In closing most of you know, I am not a lawyer or any kind of legal representative, I am just a parent going through what is the single most life changing event that I did not believe could ever happen to a parent who has always loved  and treated his children with care and acceptance, to make sure they always know they have a father who believes in them and they  always have a place to go that truly has their best interest at heart as long as I am alive. I do this job with pride and their is nothing government could ever say or do to take that from me. Unlike government  I don’t have to get paid to do this job, so who really has his child’s best interest at heart.   I have other children who no longer believe in our government and know the CPS investigation was fake  and  without reason or  evidence or they would not have taken their brother my littlest child. Donnelly I love you so much and I will never stop fighting for you.

SO, how do we stop this from happening?  We all have to do our part. Thomas Jefferson said it best, what would happen if good people do nothing. What we have to do is POST, POST,POST this on every single web blog or any other place you can until people know, I mean truly know what is happening to our children. Even if you do not have any children, this is not good for any ones child. 

God Bless, and please do the right thing.  Educate everyone.

You have my permission to post or copy this Blog any place that you have the right to do so as long as it is posted in it’s entirety and not edited.


W. Burns


21 thoughts on “This site is dedicated for getting your information out on the web for the return of our children from the criminal CPS and their adoption services

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    What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol


  2. My name is Chanda K. Kolb, and my son and I are victims of Oklahoma County DHS Child Protective Services. On October 5th 2011 a woman I had a dispute with reported I was a danger to myself and my child. Two days later a case worker by the name of Jacob Green came to my home to interview me. He had already been to my son’s private school, Villa Teresa, without my permission and conducted an interview with him. After telling him we had recently lost my husband and the father of my child, and conceding to the need for grief counseling for us both, he asked me to sign a “Voluntary Service Agreement”. He stated this would cover the cost of grief counseling. The Service Agreement also included a drug and alcohol assessment that I was told was routine and standard procedure. The Drug assessment was scheduled two weeks later and was conducted by an employee at The Referral Center in Oklahoma City. The woman that conducted the assessment confided in me that this would be her very first interview and assessment at TRC. It was her first day. Her name was Wendy Normandine. She spent two and a half hours asking me questions in regards to my family, my family history, my work history, my drug use history, and my current state of mind. She then asked me to supply a urine sample. An observed urine sample. The invasion of my privacy aside; I complied. Afterward there was a meeting with her direct supervisor to summarize the assessment. He informed me that the urine sample tested positive for meth and amphetamines. I requested the sample be sent to a lab for further analysis since I knew it was impossible and the dip stick test was false. At this time I was told the sample had been poured out and no further testing could be done. I was told not to worry because it was common to have false positive results and the supervisor assured me he would make note of it in his report to DHS. One week later I received a call from Jacob Green telling me there was a pick up order for my son. Stating it was a result of the positive drug screen. I told Mr. Green the results were not correct and explained the results how they were explained to me. He stated “there is no such thing as a false positive” and wanted to know my current location. I informed Mr. Green that I was currently out of town helping care for a sick relative, and that it would have to wait until the following Friday when I returned. Then he wanted me to agree to have a complete stranger from the nearest DHS office come and pick up my son. I adamantly refused. I did not and do not think that this kind of dramatic display was necessary. I immediately contacted an attorney. On November 1, 2011 I was forced to release my son to DHS custody. I chose to take him myself to the temporary shelter to avoid any further trauma for my son. Since then, I have passed every drug test I have been asked to give including additional tests I chose to have done myself. I have gone to every assessment from mental health to domestic violence. I have attended all classes that were recommended I attend. My son has been shuffled between two kinship placements, five different schools, and four different shelters and alienated from the only parent he has left. In two of the four shelters my son was sexually molested by older boys the shelter thought appropriate to room with him. I have been permitted only supervised visits for one hour twice each month and completely alienated from his school work, his location, and his day to day living. I have been told I was not allowed to know where he attended school, therefore being unable to participate actively in his daily homework and extracurricular activities. I became aware that my son had been told not to tell me where he attended school or where he lived. In other words, my son was encouraged to lie to his own mother, and my son relayed his fear of punishment if he was caught telling me the truth. It has been over a year and during this time they have tried to force me to allow my son to be prescribed psychotropic drugs, force me to allow the administration of stimulants, and deny the contradicting diagnosis and opinion of a private physician that also examined my son at length. I have also been denied all the medical reports from each of the two different physicians that conducted examinations on my son. In all of this they have yet to address my son’s emotional needs related to the trauma of his father’s death and now the trauma of separation from his only surviving parent. I have had case workers submit false statements to the court and later tell me they were “cut and paste errors”. I have had a mental health worker, or employee, attempt to submit an exaggerated if not completely fictional report of my drug use and level of risk to reuse, which included reporting a history of drug use that never happened. I have had a Judge scream and yell at me while pounding his fist before having ever even spoken a word in the courtroom. I have been told if I exercise my Freedom of Speech I would be held in contempt and jailed. My son has been alienated from his mother, encouraged to lie to his mother and family, shuffled about to several schools and shelters and finally away to Missouri with a relative. He has been molested and forced to take medication for a diagnosis that has been deemed incorrect. He has been ignored when reporting both instances of molestation to shelter staff. His sense of security and wellbeing has been completely shattered. All while in “protective” DHS custody.
    Families are being torn apart everywhere, and the people assigned to protect our children have been given large amounts of money as an incentive to remove children from homes. They see our children as bonuses, promotions, and generally as a means to receive additional funding for their state departments from the federal government. Has anyone considered the broken society this is creating with all of these children and families? When I reported the molestation of my child to DHS their response was one of the most frightening I’ve ever heard. I was told that since my son was no longer in immediate danger there was simply nothing to do. It isn’t my son in a shelter tonight, but I assure you that every bed is full and every one of those beds has someone’s son or daughter in it. I pray that my voice is heard and the voices of so many others. I pray that someone will step up for our families and children to do what is right by them and by America. If this continues on its current course, what kind of society will we have to carry on in our place? These are the children that will someday become the adults in charge of caring for us, and is this the example we want to give them?

    Chanda K Kolb


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  4. I love what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and
    exposure! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll.


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  6. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much.
    I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.


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  8. I almost never write comments, but after reading through a few of the responses here Web site DonnellyJustice.
    me 2012 in review. This site is dedicated for getting your information out on the web for the return of our children from the
    criminal CPS and their adoption services donnellyjustice.
    I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind.
    Could it be just me or do a few of these comments look as if they are written
    by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting on other online sites, I’d like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Could you make a list of every one of your social community pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?


    • Only a social worker could have absolutely no care for the children and parents going through the most pain a human being could ever go through. Could anyone other than a social worker for Child Protective Services put down a parent who just lost their child and is reaching out for help.

      Child kidnapping is a capital crime and human beings who uses the government to hide behind while they falsify reports to kidnap a child for a money will get your ass handed to you count on it. That’s right we all know what you do for CPS. We don’t trust the media any more to protect our rights or get the word out about who CPS really is we had to do that on our own. The media has already proven children’s lives are not important enough to tell the truth about CPS and over 1000 children are killed in the hands of CPS every year. In the last few years it has risen to over 4000 deaths a year do to the child grab by CPS to increase budgeting.

      Don’t worry the media has already caused it’s own demise. Won’t be long now. When you don’t stand up for kids. You will end up in the same boat with CPS.


  9. Yes please do, we do this research to help the families and their children get out of this destructive system of using children for federal funding, you would think these people would move on to some other form of income they could feel good about instead of using an entire family to it’s destruction for funding. Shows you how evil these people really are. WE PARENTS HAVE TO GET THE WORD OUT SOME HOW, THE PRESS AND THE TV NEWS DON’T CARE IN THE LEAST ABOUT CHILDREN THAT IS CLEAR, THEY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH CPS, they get hundreds of calls from desperate parents, the only time it ever seems to make the news is when a family member gets targeted of theirs. I wish they would figure out, by then it is too late. GET EVERYONE YOU CAN TO POST THIS INFORMATION EVERY PLACE ON EVERY SITE THEY CAN. This is happening all over the US. CPS is doing the same thing the NAZI’s did, kidnapping our children. I know we all have this information but the one’s who need it most have not had CPS try to save their family by destroying it. Please tell the families who don’t know about CPS. Over 1000 children are killed every year in CPS care and that is considered acceptable by the directors statements on the news last week when 2 children were killed in foster care, 1st was backed over by the foster parent the other was beaten to death by a foster parent. The inhuman statement by these F d up control freaks and out of control terror tactics by these people are incredibly awful, they act like mindless robots with out compassion. Do I seem angry to you, I am beside my self with anger. Every child deserves to be happy in their own home and with government intrusion. 14th amendment. No involuntary servitude.


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  13. I just had to comment on these drug tests. They are a complete manipulation and a lie.
    I to had the observed drug ua test and for the firdt time in 40 years ( mind you i have hyper adhd, so have been drug tested quit a bit in my lifetime) i actual had a positive ua for meth and amphetamines ( cant spell today) .
    I was shocked. When asked why it was positive i said because it was bull shit ( they said i was in denial)
    Ive had 12 more ua’s. Since all negative.
    When later asked to guess why it was positive before i told them im not a rocket scientist all i could give was an uneducated guess


  14. Hey Everyone I’m Working on my Child Psychology Project about the “REAL” Child Protective Services. Reading on how a lot of the workers really DON’T care about the well being of a child makes me so angry and I wish I didn’t have 10mins tomorrow to talk about it, but I do hope in that 10mins more people will become AWARE and not turn a blind eye.


  15. Hi….Im part of the group regarding cps corruption…I wanted to know if you could please answer me or give me a quick glance on how I should handle my jurisdiction hearing tomorrow.
    I just won my appeal and they reversed it back to trial court, so tomorrow is the jurisdiction hearing for original petition filed 9/27/12. All of a sudden on Friday the social worker filed an amended petition with new allegations of child sex abuse against my husband by my daughters. They performed forensic interviews and they even wrote it on paper that he sex abused them but I know for a fact those are false, its just perfect timing for an amended petition since tomorrow is the jurisdiction hearing.
    To my understanding the court has to decide if it had subject matter jurisdiction at the time of the removal because were were living in Tijuana at the time.
    Being, that I don’t have $ for a private attorney, chances of winning tomorrow are super slim.
    Basically what I wanted to know could my mom file to intervene to have the girls placed in her care. The attorneys have told us the court wouldn’t approve it because according to them my mom isnt protective either since they she does not believe the allegations of sex abuse towards my father.
    My father moved out of the house so that my mom could try to have the girls placed in her care. Is that possible to do right now considering where we are at in this case.
    If you could let me know what u think id really very very much appreciate it again thank u.

    ANY ADVICE would be much appreciated thank u


  16. Hi, Please help me find my daughter, Milagros Aguiar was ripped out of my arms 36 years ago while we both lived in a foster home in Florida. I was 16 years old at the time and was repeatedly raped by the foster mother’s oldest son. When a foster sister brought it to the attention of the foster mother she called the social worker and said I was seducing her 33 year old son. The next day two social workers appeared at the foster home and threaten me to hand over the baby or I would face criminal charges for not co-operating. Months later my daughter disappeared. I have lived my life in fear of speaking out and recently due to and illness I decided to have the courage to find my daughter. Please help me find my daughter. I have created a facebook for her and a blog as well as a twitter account in search of her.
    NBC6 NEWS in Miami, Florida aired my story on 9/29/13

    Thank you so much for exposing these people of their crimes.


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