Harassment by Cops and CPS Simply for Speaking Out and Posting Abuse of Power

Arizona Operation: Let my people GO! Exposing the Truth: Help!

donnellyjustice.me is passing the word along for our fellow advocates and friends in Arizona:

“Arizona Operation:  Let my people go!”
Citizens supportive of US federal “protective” laws for children and youths are invited to participate in “Arizona Operation:  Let my people go!”

The Hitting Stops Here! a children’s rights nonprofit national organization will be leading the kick-off of this event, Mon, May 6, 2013, during the 40th Annual Arizona Peace Officers Memorial Service, 7:30 pm, Wesley Bolin Memorial Park (between 16th & 17th Ave and Washington and Jefferson Streets); arrival time for supporters, 5: 00 pm.

Paula Flowe, Exec. Dir., The Hitting Stops Here!*, a nonprofit national organization, is lead-coordinator of this operation and can be reached at: 800.515.9216,SafeChildEnvironmentS@gmail.comwww.TheHittingStopsHere.com; (More details:  Click on Facebook and Message Board in left column.)


EXPOSE ARIZONA – THE NATION’S CAPITAL OF CORRUPT GOVERNMENT by funding and “overlooking” abuse and deaths of OUR stolen children and forever destroying families.

EXPOSE sanctioned Arizona “school corporal punishment” supported by ARS 13-403 “Justification; use of physical force.” – “….a teacher may use physical force upon the minor to maintain discipline.”

EXPOSE Arizona Legislators unconstitutional statute – ARS 21 which blocks a citizen’s right to petition a Grand Jury for redress against felonies by a corrupt government employee in violation of the Magna Carta, US Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

EXPOSE the BIG business under Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s regime of state-sanctioned kidnappings supported by Arizona legislators through federal incentives and grants.

EXPOSE the EPIDEMIC of criminal activity by Arizona Child Protective Services (CPS) destroying families through violation of the 4th amendment “unreasonable search and seizures” law, for the development of their “kidnap-for-profit” scheme.

EXPOSE the conspiracy, collusion and control of Arizona Government including:
1. Police officers unlawfully breaking into homes to seize children and youths in violation of the 4th amendment.
2. Attorney General Tom Horne’s office malicious prosecution of innocent parents.
3. Arizona judges who commit TREASON and violate both their Oath of Office and to the US Constitution when they fail to provide “due process” for innocent parents under the 5th and 14th amendments.
4. Court-appointed attorneys who violate their Oath of Office and to the US Constitution for the purpose of suppressing evidence that would otherwise prove the parent’s innocence.

*American SAFEPASS, Olelo TV Producer, Oahu, Hawaii; “America Speaks” Blog Talk Radio Show Hostess; tune in to “Arizona Operation:  Let my people go!” and “Arizona  Operation:  Let my people go! Pt 2”; show guests, Ms. Teketa Williams and Ms. Karla Johnson):  www.blogtalkradio.com/paula-flowe/2013/05/03/arizona-operation-let-my-people-go-pt-2