Sharon you have always been a good person and wonderful mother.

There are times in our lives we must stand for what is right. OUR child was taken for no other reason than my jealous ex-wife telling CPS lies because she is a narcissist, the rest was about funding and social workers who love  playing God and to satisfy their funding demands. The way I see it you have demonstrated tolerance beyond what parents were ever intended to put up with.

You have been asked to never contact your child that you would have given your life for,without question. I know you can show everyone exactly how they manipulated evidence, falsified documents, committed perjury and how everyone in the court is in on it. The judge in our case was well aware that they were using the criminal record of another William Burns and that we did not “kidnap” Donnelly in any way! They stole him from  us, we stole him BACK! They NEVER HAD ANY SIGNED COURT ORDERS, NO SIGNATURE, NO CUSTODY! THEIR “MINUTE ORDERS” WERE NOT VALID! But we took the deal so we could get out of jail as soon as possible. They knew setting our bail at a half a million dollars would make it nearly impossible to fight our case out of jail and it would have taken a year or more to get that case to trial. We took the deal to keep fighting for our son, our LOVE CHILD.  My lawyer offered us a deal if we agreed to say certain things which appeared to be admitting guilt in the court room, he promised that the judge would reinstate reunification. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN! None of this is your fault sweetie, you didn’t DO ANYTHING but stand up for what is right AND JUST which is a whole lot more than I can say for other people. You stood by me during that time and didn’t let me go down alone and I am so proud of you for that! You are my hero too.  To say that we are “kidnappers” is a bunch or horseshit, people should at least talk to us and look at our evidence before passing judgement.

We did everything the court asked. They knew we were not guilty and still took our child. No one has questioned the fact that they only terminated our rights to one child out of 6. Even though we both had other children under 18.  Common sense would tell you if we are not good enough parents for one child how can we be good enough parents for 5 more. I have never been arrested for drugs and yet the attorney for you stated I have a great big drug arrest history. No, never even one time did have drug charges against me.  Everyone that looks at our case cannot understand why this happened to us.

So it is very understandable why you can not give up. That is a very commendable thing you do. Even though all this has happened to us as a family you still continue to fight for as many families as you possibly can. I would not want to be married to anyone less.

Sweetheart you are an angel,

Love Bill

6 thoughts on “Sharon you have always been a good person and wonderful mother.

  1. Ous son was taken last July based on false allegations of drug dealing and drug addiction. I’m a veteran teacher and child care director and have never done drugs. They still have our son despite having no positive drug tests or witnesses to support their claims. We however, have numerous witnesses and proof that they have altered documents, lied repeatedly, withheld info and not done referrals for the rediculous services we are being forced into.

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  2. That was a beautiful, I fill ur pain stay strong. your child will come back to you one day and maybe when he’s 18 but I guarantee you will have a relationship with him again doesn’t make up for all this lost time but at least your hearts will be united once again

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  3. Please do not give up, because there is a true and living God not to impose my faith on anyone but I know all too well how these corrupted systems are and the judges and some of the court appointed lawyers are just devious. I will pray for you and just watch prayer work.

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  4. i love this letter i can highely relate to this crisis all to well an thats why ive started the restore family project and have a tremedous response that excited me il never give up hope for my babies cuz they are not some whr safe and i will even when i get them back still help others

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  5. My own story is very similar to yours. Every second of every minute of every hour I am in agony of what CPS/Family Courts have done to what I used to know/have my family. I so hope to wake up one day with knowing today is the day I make a difference for another family starting my nightmare. I tell myself make this be for a reason, let this be the day I snap out of my depression but instead sink deeper into it. Thank you Bill & Sharon for choosing this day to make a difference in my life. Reading Bills love,compassion & understanding with urgency to Sharon is so amazing. Sharon I swear what you wrote it was like I wrote it and Bill your response is all I ever wanted to hear but their is only silence. I wish I could scream “How is this happening to me”

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  6. I feel for you. CPS stole our son almost a year ago. They have accused us of being drug dealers and addicts. Neither one of us does drugs or has ever sold drugs. I’m a teacher and child care director and have been for almost 27 years. They have been caught lying numerous times and now have been caught falsifying evidence and yet we still don’t have our son. They have no proof or witnesses and we do have proof and witnesses that what they are saying is nothing but lies. They told our attornies that they didn’t like me and were going to make sure I never got my son back because I am fighting back. We have brought our case to Dawna Dukes office and hope they can help. We need help


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