If I Said I Was Sorry Would I Be Forgiven?

If I dedicated my life to Christ and converted to an acceptable religion, would anyone’s views and opinions of me change? Would I then be “accepted”? I doubt it. You know why? Because I don’t need to do those things to be a good or better person. I am a good decent person who made some poor decisions because I MADE THOSE DECISIONS WITH MY HEART. I am trying to change that but it is hard. To become cold and heartless is not in my nature. To look out for only myself is very difficult. But if I promise to try, will I be given a reprieve? Can I pass go and collect the love from people who now despise me based on lies they were told about me? 951-295-6854 If anyone has anything to say to me please call, ask me anything you want. I am an open book. Oops, that is not a good way to “cover my butt” is it? I am thinking with my heart again.

3 thoughts on “If I Said I Was Sorry Would I Be Forgiven?

  1. Sharon is the MOST caring, loving, and selfless person I have ever met. I don’t have a mother anymore. Thankfully I do have Sharon though. Although she is my sister, she is also my surrogate mother and my BEST friend. It makes me so sad knowing she has so much love in her heart for her son and she can’t even see him. If there was a god she would not be grieving the loss of a child who is very much alive. SHAME on everyone involved. At least she is honest about her mistakes. She is not a hypocrite like people who hide behind their religion to justify the things THEY want. They’d better hope the bible ISN’T true, because their god will not be kind to them for what they’ve done.

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  2. I wrote a few comments twoard your facebook im a victim of cps they kidnapped two of my besutiful children! Im currently battling in court i can use any outside help please cps is evol corrupt gov that needs to be stoped!! I like to join a capain or chant outside of the juvinile court house!! Please call me if u have any helpfull information thankyou 602-425-0988


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