Oh My FREAKING GOD!!!!! Evil SOCIAL WORKERS!!! This is total B.S.


8 thoughts on “Oh My FREAKING GOD!!!!! Evil SOCIAL WORKERS!!! This is total B.S.

  1. i am in utah and i had all i can take from dcfs and cps who do they think they are we all need to stand up and put a stop to what they are doing to our familys we love our childen back were we can keep them safe from the state


    • You would think that more people would get involved and care about what is happening to parents and children by these vicious criminals! But they sit back in their big comfy chair and talk about how we “must have done something” to have our children removed, like they trust the government.?? So Obama is lying about all kinds of things and people believe that he is a schmuck, no one trusts Hilary (who would?), people know that the VA has not been treating the veterans with the care that they should, the IRS targets certain groups of people, etc. but when it comes to taking care of children they are perfect and right? Makes NO sense to me. We all do need to stand up for our rights because no one is going to do it for us. But why don’t they? Because when you have an open case, you don’t want to rock the boat (most people don’t because they are holding your children hostage) and when your case is closed (children returned) you just want to forget the whole horrible experience and when they close it with the termination of your parental rights, you just don’t have the will power to go on let alone fight for other people’s rights. I understand these people but I am not one of them.


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