Harassment by Cops and CPS Simply for Speaking Out and Posting Abuse of Power

8 thoughts on “Harassment by Cops and CPS Simply for Speaking Out and Posting Abuse of Power

  1. Please help this family fight this large government monster holding their 3 young children ‘hostage’ to stop the witting, deliberate alienation, and just return the children to their safe and loving home-of-origin. Stop this canadian government ‘terrorism’ of canadian family’s.


  2. i wish i had dont like her and recorded the visit when the children were taken away. i did not know they needed a court order. now they r gone for good only cause they got money and this county needed it badly. the children were very well mannered and behaved so it was ideal situation for them to get money to adopt them out. i only pray as they grow they do not forget the loving family they had. tthe last day we saw then the youngest child came to me and crawled on my lap and he said r u my mamaw and i said yes. he then said to me well u r not a mean person. so that tells me they were told i was mean and the other child who is 6 said they told her they were put in a garbage dumpster and they had to get them out. none of this happened at all but the things they r being told now we cant dispute. i only pray for their sake and all the childrens sakes they find out and do not loose the love that the real families had for them. amen


  3. I had called cps April 2014 my sons father , and son are drug addicts father on meth son and daughter on heroine. I had to try and do things on my own because I was extremely broke do to underpaid child support Basically trapped. Father is extremely abusive in every way possible.
    This was his way of making my parenting look bad.he had harassed me almost on a daily basis as well as beat on me I call police, and then I get hate crime from them letting him go after throwing me across the drive way. By letting him go it only gave him a free ticket to beat on me more.
    so it continue as well as his drugs and alcohol plus his 2 adult children leaving needles dope bongs pipes alcohol.
    If I mention anything about it I was the worst person ever.
    father was tired of our son not staying with him so he called cps and told them iam a drunk past out ext.
    Cps stepped in after I called them took my son, and made serious false statements .
    Detoured me from doing the court orders.
    Dismissed the abuse that led us to this mess, and father family.
    Cps basically gave him a pat on the back for his job well done If I mention abuse or anything about the father iam screamed at. How in the hell could cps put children right in the drug and abuse ? I need help this is criminal these issues have not been addressed and my son is in danger of his life.


    • I’m sorry to hear that. How soon after you took the test did it take for child services to contact u? What did they say to you? If you don’t mind thx


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