Will “The Rock” Wake People Up?

I love Facebook, especially the News Feed. You get to see and learn so much, not to mention SHARE! Some people like to post recipes, some like to post family pictures, some like to post funny sayings, some like to post inspirational clips, some share completely FAKE posts because they are fakers pretending to be someone they are not, but that is NOT the case with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He has a new show on TNT called “Wake Up Call” where he helps, inspires, informs and I am sure, makes some money (that he honorably deserves for what he is doing). 

As I was reviewing my Friend Requests and visiting their page to see who they were and if they were REAL, I stumbled upon this post:


So then I clicked on the link to: Dwayne The Rock Johnson which brought me to his Wake Up Call page. As I scrolled down reading, I learned about his show. I found a post that I ended up commenting on. Here is that post and my comment. Enough said.










I know, I spelled CRISIS wrong. There is always ONE.lol

2 thoughts on “Will “The Rock” Wake People Up?

  1. even with 5 doctors saying this is medical the state of texas keeps my grandson from his family and charges his parents felony charges and no news or government or anyone to help step up and stop this. they allow it after doctors say different wow. they act all scared do anything about it the ones that falsly stated things are the ones that should face charges for destroying famlies like they do . were is our justice for this.. cant find a sole to step up. they just keep allowing these kidnappers to continue.shame on hopkins county texas .. how do you sleep at night.


  2. Government needs to help us the people that are just trying to raise our families.the kids that belong to us not this terrorist cps liars . doctors and nurse are not the same anymore all out to make that almighty dollar and destroy innocent families. Very sick that people dont stand up for us and help. They run the other way. Cps isnt god bor r they perfect they are far from it . they are the devil themself. With doctors lawyers teachers da nurses all with them. Time to stop going to gospitals and start trying to do things without the evil. For naybe enough of us stop maybe these nurses docrors wont have jobs anymore and then people with true credentials can work and not kidnap kids.like it used to be.


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