All I Want For Christmas is You [Donnelly]

  I think that a Christian should not be so judgmental as to NOT even SPEAK to Donnelly’s parents because of the lies CPS social workers told them. Would Jesus completely

SmCb4Bblock out the parents of a child whom they obviously cherished from the bottom of their souls? I do not believe he would. Would Jesus file a restraining order against people who clearly miss their son more than anything in the whole world? I do not think so. Would Jesus hold such resentment and contempt for people he has never even tried to get to know? I do not believe so. Being a Christian is more than just going to church. Being a Christian is more than going to bible study. Christ would not judge so harshly. Christ would not purposely and carelessly allow two parents to bear the pain and loss of their child if that child was still alive. Jesus would heal that pain, not make it worse. Are you really CHRISTIANS?









I want to wish my son a Merry Christmas and I hope you learn to be a REAL Christian despite the examples you are being influenced by.

All I want for Christmas is to see and hold my son so he knows that we did not abandon him, that we love him and that he will always be in our hearts and minds as he is every single millisecond or ever single second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week in every month of every year. We love and miss you so much Donnelly. All I want for Christmas is YOU! 1501661254807






I like this picture



2 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas is You [Donnelly]

  1. Please call me for any advice or assistance. My beautiful 4 year old is suffering as I write this ask because of DCF in Norwich CT. Office. All was done illegally, she was taken unlawfully, rooted away from her mother and all I get is broken promises from a worker that is young, new with no experience and holding a grudge. My daughter was removed by them threatening if I didn’t let then come in my home, even though I was stopped picking up my daughter from school, all over my ex boyfriend making false allegations and lies that were proven wrong. But they still are keeping my daughter who wants to come home. I’ve done everything from therapy, to stuff screens, even a mother child program and won’t budge. Please help me someone 8609840387 Amanda call anytime, serious help and inquires only for this is a seriously delicate matter. Good bless and thank you


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