7 thoughts on “Help With Your CPS Case – The Best Advice We Can Give

  1. You can do all of the things they still railroad their way through and there is no justice in these evil systems. They want to be in charge over people lives especially African Americans and minority people, one thing for sure justification will come at the end of this world and there is a place for them called the Fiery Furnace and that is when we all will receive justice from the unjust, I have something to wait and look forward to. HELP IS ON THE WAY, Let me hear all who have been wrong say this. When you can not afford an attorney, they just court appoint anyone and they really don’t care, In my case my appellant attorney Josh Clover filed and appeal and there never was an appeal for me, and they say he did nothing wrong. Liars and cheaters recognize each others, so in the furnace they can scream together and hold hands and there is no cover up.


  2. I am trying to get custody of my daughters sibling in foster care thru riverside county, but CP’s is trying to adopt this Lil girl out and permanently separate these sisters… Can an one help?? Advice? Guide me in any , I’d really appreciate it!!


  3. my kids were taken by cps it all started when i had
    my baby when I brought him home he had a hard time keeping formula
    down I tried everything different formula bottles an I took him to
    doctor cps came said he needed go to Loma Linda I did that an they
    state I had a hard time waking for feedings I always woke up yes I was
    drained an tired I literally only got like 2 hours sleep a day trying
    my best be there for my baby their claiming I starved him an didn’t
    give him medical attention I did everything I could went out purchased special bottles differant formulas they said i tested positive on a drug test at my doctors office while pregnant so went an collected all my medical records an each one reads negitive two days after removal baby was admited in hospital an diagnosed with acid reflux that is the real cause of him not being able thrive not because i neglected or abused him or failed get up an feed him an because I had a
    child 10 years ago I didn’t reunite with they are trying to deny me
    reunification services truth is I was a child 10 years ago I felt back
    then at that time my child was better off I did what I thought was
    best for child then but I love my kids an are willing do anything for
    them now it has only been 2 months an they are trying adopt out my 9
    year old my appointed attorney don’t help please I can’t lose my
    babies please say you can help me I have a court date coming up I
    don’t know what to do their about to adopt out my son

    Deidra Parker I’m located in San Bernardino County


    • I am praying that you find the help you need because I am a 62 year old grandmother, and my rights to my grandchildren were taken by a complete racist group of people including my own court appointed attorney who became the county attorney right after the jury made a decision to terminate my husband and I rights. The supervisor of CPS and the foster parent had the nerve to show up at my father’s funeral, this was so disrespectful, the lawyer for the children was on the case when I adopted my grandchildren, then she turned around after I had them for three years and played double jeopardy with their lives. The foster parents had abused those children, they ran away from their home and the authorities placed them with my youngest daughter and CPS did not investigate this; they just returned those children back to that foster home, not the fourteen year old girl is pregnant and that woman tells the children that they were a mistake and she don’t want them in her house. The oldest child has lost her eye, placed in foster home to foster and raped, prostituted out and CPS is covering all of it up, The Government system is so fake and prejudiced , but not to worry because there is a Heaven and Hell and believe me all those dirty thing they have done will soon be in the fire uncovered by the Great One. l live in Texas and this was in Brenham, Texas. I written to almost everyone possible; and has never received an answer. These un-repented people can not understand why God give us our families to enjoy before we leave earth. Women are so disrespected by the system, because it a woman who had to give them their lives.


      • I have this worker an he was supposed to come out an look at my house so my kids can come home well he has rescheduled 3 times now an I can never reach him an his supervisor don’t do anything well yesterday I had cancel few appointments to be here an he never even showed up he didn’t even bother to call I put in grievances before an nothing my permanency hearing is in a few weeks what should I do about this I have worked so hard to make it to this point my kids were taken over a year ago an only thing they had to go on to keep them was my background that is over a decade old because the original reason for removal wasn’t good enough


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