6 thoughts on “Legal Advice, From Attorney Vincent W. Davis

  1. Dear Mr Davis;
    For the past several month’s
    My daughter and I have been writing about the cps case brought against her at the whim of her enraged vengeful ex. The father of her six yr old daughter.
    My daughter’s name is Caroll Ann Coleman. She has two children. Her son Joshua who is now 15, and a daughter now six.
    Caroll was widowed in 2004 after seventeen yrs of marriage. Her husband Frank was killed in a car accident near Creston Ca. where they built their home.
    Joshua was four yrs old at the time.
    Frank Coleman was an iron worker and he and Caroll were a well known couple in that community as well as here in Fresno. When Frank passed there came a man who sought to rob and steal from Caroll. Herbert Paul Bethel, who lived in Clovis Ca. He got word of Frank’s death and waisted no time attempting to go after what he wanted.
    He is no stranger to this type of crime and has a long history of bilking helpless victim’s out of everything they own. Most of his victims are women but I have known of some men as well. His victim’s are women who are recently widowed or divorced and in a temporary emotional state. He at first gains their confidence and quickly begins to use all kinds of forceful tactics to persuade his victim to turn over their property and posessions. When they refuse, he does whatever it takes to make them submit, until they are left destitute!
    I personally have met two of these women and I know he has an ex wife from 30 some yrs ago who also left a statement on Donnelly’s blog.
    Mr Bethel is violent and very dangerous. My daughter suffered severe beatings and emotional battering at the hands of this man. Caroll found a way to escape when quite unexpectantly, she became pregnant. I use the word escape because that’s litterally what she had to do. She was drugged daily and at times she was locked in a dark room with no way out. She was frequently beaten in front of his eemployee’s who were too afraid to report him. They were all meth addicts ( as is Paul Bethel himself), most of them on parole.Paul was also abusive to Joshua, Joshua was made to pick up trash from Paul’s property, a brush covered field, while wearing a motorcycle chain around his little neck. He was little then.
    When Caroll realized this she began to hide the lithium Paul was forcing her to take. She was able to get away after he had paid another woman to put penicillin in Carroll’s drink and almost killed her. There are hospital record’s. Caroll is severely allergic to penicillin.
    Caroll rented a nice apartment and supported herself very wellduring her entire pregnancy and paid all expences.
    When the baby, Anna Stasha was born, Caroll had ccomplications and hired a nanny. Paul broke in and beat Caroll so severely that the nanny thought he had killed her and called police. He was arrested and convicted.
    The story goes on to the point that Caroll was evicted from three different homes because of Paul’s violence. Finally she picked up her children and moved back to Creston.
    There Paul sent a relative who is a San Luis Obispo social worker to take the baby. She came twice but did nothing finding no extrigent circumstances.
    Day’s later while Caroll and the children were in Fresno to collect the rest of her belongings, this same social worker came to the home where Caroll was visiting, with the swat team. Men and women who pointed lasers at Caroll and the children in the back yard while they played with the dog’s. The woman Alicia Dozier came from two counties away and stated there was a warrant for Carroll’s arrest. When the swat leader asked for the warrant, there wasn’t one. The woman said she was there to take her child. Caroll asked which child and her answer was only Anna Stasha.
    Caroll knowing this was a mistake thought the situation could easily be cleared up quickly but was concerned because Stasha was hysterical and told Joshua to go with her to calm her.
    There was no real order and Bethel wrote in his own words how he paid Alicia Dozier to go and get his daughter.
    Caroll was victimized first by Bethel then again by the system who withheld her evidence from the court, who discarded favorable reports from the visiting supervisor, lied and changed record’s. There is so much information and I have kept all notes on dates and police report numbers.
    This has gone on for three yrs now. Paul Bethel has relatives on the native american council who influenced the cps worker here in Fresno, Alicia Dozier, she’s the one who kept saying that important documents were not in Caroll’s file after we personally delivered them to her office and her supervisor’s office three times. Document’s that were never submitted in court. Funny thing just day’s after the last hearing she no longer works for Fresno. Likewise, the worker from San Luis, The one that Paul paid, Alicia Dozier,dissapeared right after the kids were taken.
    To summarize the court let a career criminal have custody of my granddaughter. She had never lived with Paul and he never showed much interest in Stasha. Caroll tried to let Stasha have her father in her life but his visits were brief and infrequent. When he did come to Carroll’s home he was more interested in knocking Caroll around in front of the kids.
    Now the cps says Caroll can file for custody and made a visitation order. Paul refuses tolet Caroll see the baby, he is violating the court order and no one will enforce the order. Paul has many connections across the states and overseas, as well as Mexico. He had warned Caroll not to file for custody. No legitimate court would give him custody.
    The whole case is based on bogus allegations from Paul that were never proven. Caroll was never allowed to prove her innocence. All the lawyer’s with the exception of the public defender that Caroll fired, conflicted. One woman cried when she told Caroll she knew she was innocent and was so sorry for what had been done to her but the orders were coming from higher up. She said she was not big enough tofight the case without loosing hher job., then she told the judge some off the wall reason for conflicting out. There were 13 of them. Cps tried to say Caroll fired them all that’s just absolutely not true. I was there at every hearing.
    My granddaughter is not safe in Bethel’s home. Drug addicts and violence are the norm there. Is she witnessing Paul terrorizing his current drug addicted girlfriend who lost all of her children. Paul’s ex wife is still hiding from his violence and warned in her blog that Stasha is not safe there.
    Please pass this along if you cannot assist. This is a very serious situation!
    Thank you for your patience,
    Sharon Valenzuela


  2. Our son molested 2 of his 3 younger siblings. We got him treatment… eventually therapy was not enough, so we had him admitted into an inpatient treatment program. Didn’t help. They released him without successfully helping him. We failed to collect him from the facility for fear that our other three children would not be safe with him in our home. DCFS took him into custody & WE had a psychological evaluation administered. It proved that he was STILL fantasizing about the abuse that he had inflicted on his siblings, proved that he was still a danger to them & proved that he should NOT be released into our home due to the nature of HIS problems.
    He was not sexual abused. He was not abused in ANY way.
    DCFS, through this entire process, had threatened to take our other three children into custody. After thier investigation, they could find NO reason to remove our other three children from our home.
    Recently, our Case Worker–after a few months of complying with the State & us being cooperative– has decided to turn the tables on us. She is now claiming that the psychologist’s report is incomplete & biased. Our son has been scheduled for another evaluation with another psychologist. Now, keep in mind, the psychologist WE brought him to is well-known, well-respected AND used all the time by the very same agency that’s saying her report is biased & incomplete!
    Our Case Worker is now trying to paint us as uncaring & ‘disconnected.’ She even accused me of being ‘not motherly enough’ the last time she visited our home (To which everyone who knows me says is utterly false!!!). I tried speaking to her supervisor (and, yes, I did record the phonecall) & had some pretty serious AND unfounded accusations thrown my way! Yes, we have an attorney. .. but we can’t afford to fight the State. We don’t have that kind of money!
    Now, in retaliation to my complaints about the Case Worker, our visitation schedule has been changed so that it’s impossible for us to ever get there on time with our other three children’s schedule, the location has changed from one we are accustomed to & convenient to us to a new venue that is inconvenient.
    They have also increased the visit times per month, without our knowledge & consent (we signed a case plan) which puts a hardship on our family & strains our already busy schedule.
    They are doing anything they possibly can to skip steps, outlined by the psychologist, for our son’s treatment. On the psychologist’s report, she even states that skipping ANY of these steps will be to the detriment of our son AND our family!!
    We want our son to get the necessary treatment to help him get better AND we want our other three children to be safe.
    DCFS’ interests, apparently, do NOT mirror our own. How can we fight this? There has to be a way to stop these DCFS employees from abusing their power!


  3. My wife and I suspect this to be a child trafficing situation,and my wife and I suspect that there has false evidence has been created by the investigator and her suppervisor.My wife and I know that the ivestgator has talked about our case to numerous indevigales at noumerous times during the invesigation.The invstigator was parking two blocks away from our house stalking us,even at the grocery store.the ivestigator created false information and sladered my wife and my names,not only did the investigator make up false acusatsioms about my wife and I she also did not tell my wife and I why she was there she also ignored,and refused to investigate the acusations about my brother in law,and sister in law whick invoved drug use and neglect on my brother in law and his wife.


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