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  2. The same objections were made in response to everything I filed before I was untimely and ineffectively (prior to getting rid of) court-appointed sinecure cps/fraudulent family court attorney who was best friends with the same court-appointed GAL/AAL for my then five year-old son after allegations of sexual abuse were made about the father (conspiracy pre-arranged, on knowledge and belief with Kim A. Abernethy of Houston, Texas, a private “play therapist,” licensed by CPS) in a custody-switching RICO court con anticipating step-mommy adoption or tpr. I was penalized and make to appear “difficult” for these actions, after, by the way, I was denied timely requested court-appointed attorney pre-adversary hearing–the “point-of-no-return” in tpr cases–in contravention of the Texas Family Code statutory scheme.

    They ignore and fail to read or intentionally act obtuse and deny their ability to read such pleadings even though they regularly hold ex-parte emergency hearings and render ex-parte, secret, or “discrete” orders switching custody without notice or hearing and with zero findings of fact or conclusions of law when timely requested, yet, in open court, chastise that they (elected judge and Governor Rick Perry appointed associate judges with executive “immunity” under coast guard “powers,” by statute (See S.B. 1440) are required to rubber-stamp all protective and emergency orders ex parte, will testify on record that it is highly improper and that they are forbidden to read any and all “ex parte” communication (sui juris, de jure, “pro se”) legal filings that one has so obnoxiously and recklessly and incompetently filed with and without any “representation.”

    That would be Judge Lisa Millard of the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas in Houston and Associate Judge Conrad Moren, guardian ad litem Donna Everson, and CPS special prosecutor William Sumpter Frazier for Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan.


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