Sample Letter To Social Services

If your children have been removed from your care and it has been several months since then, and you are experiencing delays on the part of the social worker(s) in providing you with services and or having the children returned to you even though you are diligently completing your case plan, I suggest you write a letter to the worker with a cc: to the supervisor AND the Director or Assistant Director.  Here is a good example if CPS has recently changed workers and causing a delay in what they are supposed to do. You can copy this letter and change it to fit your situation.  I have witnessed the effectiveness of these types of letters.  Always be sure to send a copy to your attorney as well as file it with the Court, especially using it as an attachment to a Declaration in the event you file a Contempt of Court against CPS.

Dear Suzy Social Worker:

I understand the Department’s goal is to protect my children while providing me and my family with the tools and services we need to overcome our difficulties. [Name of husband, wife, partner] and I have been dedicated to strengthening our family by engaging in all of the services that the Department is providing us. We are working diligently in completing the case plan because we firmly believe that it is in the best interests of our children and family.  We are dedicated to complying with whatever the Department deems necessary for the safe and timely return of our child(ren) to our home. As we can sympathize with the Department’s caseloads, this is no excuse for failing to diligently perform your duties and responsibilities. The Standards of Practice as well as the State’s Policy Manual clearly regulates the Department regarding the children’s permanency. {name of husband, wife, partner] and I are meeting our responsibilities without delay and we expect nothing less from the Department.  This letter is to notify you that the Department is failing our family with excessive delays in their service functions which is not meeting regulatory policies in regards to providing our children with permanency.

Over a month ago, I was told that we would be provided with overnight visits. I had spoken with our previous worker, [name], four times prior to the change in workers however, I was repeatedly told that our case was being transferred to you and that as soon as you reviewed the file that the Department would be providing the court ordered overnight visits.  I spoke with you a week after you received the file and you told me that you had not reviewed it yet.  I called again three times last week and was unable to speak with you personally so I left several messages.  To date, I have not received a return call. I find this unacceptable and unprofessional not to mention not in the best interests of our children, who ask me everyday I speak with them while in foster care, when they can stay the night.  Our children cry and exhibit signs of severe emotional distress.  This can be verified by the foster family.

This letter serves as an official request and demand that the Department adhere to the Court’s Order and provide my children the benefit of familial association before the emotional damages become worse, immediately. If the Department fails to respond to this request and demand within 48 hours of receipt of this letter, we shall have no other remedy than to proceed with a Contempt filing.


[Your Name]

cc:  [List of names of other recipients, i.e., worker’s supervisor, the Director and/or Assistant Director of DPSS (or ACS/ACFS/DCFS, etc.), your attorney, other parent’s attorney, minor’s counsel





3 thoughts on “Sample Letter To Social Services

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  2. What to do or who to contact when CPS has already removed your children and terminated your rights without proof and you had no proper legal counsel only an attorney that did not represent you properly and did not represent your husband only to let him go through a trial without professional legal help and then court ordered another attorney who submitted a false appeal and there was never an appeal for the parents only to take the husband to court because he had no legal counsel and had a retired judge to hear the case and this retired judge terminated the grandfather’s rights as well. The appeals attorney did not use new evidence submitted about the child running away from the foster home and submitted a statement against these parents and Cps and the children attorney sent this child away from her siblings and he entire family to keep her from telling how they had her to lie on the grandparents and also how they gave her drugs and place her in a mental institute to make it look like she was crazy, but the they must remember according to the case workers Judy Hasselbrock, and Melissa Brode, the attorney for the children Susan Deski, she is a very bright little girl.


  3. how do we as parents, try to get a hold of our children that the human service has taken away, they did not have a reason but a landlord was discriminated against me. They did not give me 30 day notice to move when they vacate the building, and I payed the wrong landlord.The children are grown up.I have herd that the adopted parents do not want me to have nothing with them. That the children are their property.


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