Why Doesn’t The FBI DO Anything?

As many of our regular viewers may know, I often check out the search terms in which people have used to stumble upon our blog. Some questions really upset me because it shows that CPS abuse is in full force and effect. Corruption is ramped. False allegations are on the riste. “Judges” continue to side with CPS regardless of available witnesses and evidence presented by the parents. A lot of people are asking about getting the FBI involved. Well, here is my experience about that.

I cannot give a difinitive answer to why the FBI does not investigate Child Protective Services. However, several years ago, now deceased I believe, former Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office, Ted Gunnerson did investigate. Most of the report contained his own testimony as to what he personally witnessed. There are many videos from Mr. Gunnerson on YouTube. You can learn about many operations and investigations involving not only children but many major events and their respective cover-ups. Here is a link to a series of 8 videos


There must be at least a few FBI agents who have surely seen Gunnerson’s videos and read his reports. However, Gunnerson is officially labeled “emotionally disturbed”. This gives you an idea that the FBI completely ignores the kidnapping of our children by CPS. They refuse to get involved in the outrageous injustices bestowed upon families being railroaded by Child Protective Services. They use the excuse that “a Court of competent jurisdiction provided parents due process but subsequently made findings of parental unfitness therefore, CPS and the courts followed the law.”. 

We tried to get the FBI involved in our case as well as one other case of a woman we know. In each case, the agents listened and seemed to be concerned. However, there was no follow-up despite several calls back to them.  

Here is what happened in our case:

After four years of dealing with CPS, my husband and I had enough. Enough of their manipulative, lying asses. It was blatantly obvious that their plan was to keep and adopt out our precious son. The Court thought they directed physical custody of the children to stay with my father and they did for a few days. After that, he let us take them home every night and for the weekends. We suggested that if anything were to happen that he could blame us so he would feel more comfortable about not getting into any trouble. After what happened to us during our first case, my father was well aware of the manipulative and shady practices of social workers yet this time, my Mom was not around to help him manage the chaos and frustration that having these people in our lives creates. At our first hearing of our second case, the Hearing Officer returned the children to my husband. At the second hearing they were “removed” again. My husband was asked about where the children were and he said that they were with their grandfather. That was true, my kids and I were with my Dad while my husband was at the hearing but we weren’t living there. The Hearing Officer simply stated that the kids were placed with my father but you know what? NO ONE EVER CALLED TO TELL MY FATHER THAT THE COURT “ORDERED” THE CHILDREN PLACED WITH HIM.  NO ONE CHECKED TO MAKE SURE THAT THE CHILDREN WERE SAFE. NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS! One social worker came by a few days before the third hearing but other than that, there was no way for him to even know he had placement of the children if we had not told him!

After several months of the same run-round of lies and manipulation we went through the first time, and after receiving threatening and blackmail-like voicemails from my husband’s ex-wife, we up and moved to Arizona. We already had the children with express permission from my father although we all did have a falling out right about then too. But we took off anyway, and were warmly welcomed by our friends. One whose grandchildren had been needlessly removed from her house a long time ago. The other turned out not to be our “friend” after all. Also, there was a lady they were letting live there for free because they felt sorry for her. Well, she ended up getting annoyed that we were all taking up so much room and Donnelly was making noise or something, so she ended up calling CPS to let them know we were there. She also claimed that the granddaughter had “inappropriate photos” on her phone.

When CPS came to the door, our “friend” was only interested in saving his own ass and traded us for it.  As soon as we were aware that CPS was at the door, we had grabbed the kids and went out the back door.  Luckily our “friend”s” car was parked in the backyard so we grabbed the keys and took off down the alley. We left without a carseat, shoes, money, our vehicle,  and my husband’s trade tools (for earning money to support us) so he went back to retrieve some of those things. He took too long so I began to worry and I went back into the neighborhood. I had no idea that the cops were lurking about waiting for us to come back. When I was spotted and realized it, I took off and tried to play like I was a neighborhood resident, pulling into an empty driveway and turning off the engine. I didn’t realize that there was a helicopter hovering above. Needless to say, the cops turned the corner and knew exactly where we were.. One cop ran up to the car and went to the passenger side where my 17 year old daughter was. He was asking who she was and if she was ok. He was also asking about my son. I toyed with the idea of turning on the car, shoving it into reverse and running from them. Then I started the engine and began to put the car in reverse. Before I knew it another officer had my door open and I was told to put the car in park with a gun pointed to my head. I obeyed his command and then I was dragged out of the car, the gun still to my head, his hands nearly choking me, my arms and hands were restrained and I was in the back of a cop car within seconds. They even removed my earrings, necklace and rings and had them bagged up. 



While I was in the back of the cop car, an officer put a phone to my ear and I was told that my husband was on the other end and that I needed to talk him into turning himself in or else he might get seriously hurt. He was inside our friend’s house and the phone he was using was our friend’s phone. He was apparently collaborating and cooperating with the police. I talked to my husband and while he was distracted talking to me on the phone, the cops rushed into that house and tackled him. They brought him down the street to where I was sitting in the cop car and my children sitting on the curb. Then the Arizona social worker, Monique Vazquez arrived. She saw us both in custody and LAUGHED! But an officer began talking to me while I was in the cop car and I tried explaining the situation to her. That is when she asked me if I was the biological mother of the children and I said, “Yes, of course I am, who did you think we were?” She excused herself and went and spoke to the officer in charge. I could hear the anger in his voice when he approached Vazquez and asked her if we were the biological parents. She admitted that we were. Then he demanded to see a court order and she couldn’t provide one. The lead officer then spoke with two other officers who quickly released my husband and I from the back of the cop car, apologizing, I don’t know how many times. We were told that we still had rights to our children but they didn’t say anything else. I wish we would have attempted to pick up our son and refuse to allow him to be taken. I wish I could go back in time and see what would happen if we did that. Instead, we felt intimidated. Extremely intimidated due to what we had just been put through. My daughter however, was refusing to go with them. She even asked the police if she had to go, she said, “What are you going to do? Pick me up and force me into that car? I don’t think so, you can’t t TOUCH me!” The police did not say anything. But Donnelly was already in the CPS car by then and we asked her to go so Donnelly wouldn’t be alone. The whole way to the CPS office, she was texting me, telling me every corner they turned, every street they drove. I think that may be the reason why they separated her from Donnelly. They stuck Kayla in a group home and Donnelly went to a foster home. I replied to her text which told me so and asked her to make sure that she be given a contact phone number for Donnelly. 

After the night with the cops and the taking of our children, my husband was on the phone, calling everyone who could possibly do anything to assist us. The FBI was the second call, the first was to CPS in California. My husband called the local Arizona field office, then Los Angeles. Both agents whom my husband spoke with seemed genuinely concerned but we didn’t receive any further response. My husband called back several times with no return phone call. He also went down the to local police station and complained about how we were treated the night before and demanded that they do something. They pretty much had to kick him out of the station because he refused to leave until they gave him some answers.

By the second day, Kayla had the phone number and had spoken with Donnelly. Within 2 hours I had 4 addresses of Donnelly’s possible location. I sent my husband and friend to go find him. Meanwhile, Kaya was begging for me to pick her up because the group home was full of rough and rowdy girls who threatened to “initiate” her by replacing her shampoo with Nair. That is a very traumatic threat for a teenage girl. I told Kayla to figure out a way to get out of the house, which was like escaping from a prison for her, and to wait at the CVS that was a few blocks away. I sent someone to pick her up. Kayla was with us the rest of the time, CPS wasn’t even looking for her. They never even called us to let us know that she was “missing” from the group home! 

Kayla told us that she was told that Calfiornia CPS was scheduled to pick her up in a few hours. I had to call off my husband from looking for Donnelly as Kayla believed that California already had him.  

 A few weeks later, after having visited Donnelly three weeks in a row, driving back to California every week, we couldn’t bear the pain that was evident on our son’s face and in his voice begging to leave with us. We made several more phone calls the the FBI, with no return call, after observing a bruise on Donnelly’s face. Donnelly explained to us that his “brother” (foster) hit him. We made a resolution to rescue Donnelly ourselves if authorities were not going to help us. 

We then planned and executed a rescue mission which was quite successful. However, our actions landed us on a Most Wanted list, the subjects of an Amber Alert and made several local and national news reports, TV, radio and print. Eventually we were apprehended in Flagstaff, Arizona after a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Charged with kidnapping and child stealing, we were extradited to California. My husband’s bail was set at $500,000, mine at $80,000. 






Our Rescue Mission

In the RV in Arizona just after crossing the border safely.

We wholeheartedly believed we were in the right to rescue our son. According to Welfare & Institutions Code Section 248.5, the Court must sign all Orders. In our case, and many other cases I know of, the Juvenile Dependency Court in Riverside, California, Southwest Courthouse, DID NOT SIGN ANY ORDERS GRANTING THE COUNTY CUSTODY OF THE CHILDREN.  Anyone who has ever been to Family Court and custody orders were granted denying one parent physical custody and restricting them to supervised visitation only, will be able to relate the situation as follows:

You go to court for custody. The other parent has acted inappropriately with your child and the Judge issues an Order restricting or removing physical custody of the child from that parent, giving them supervised visitation only. (SAME THING JUVENILE DEPENDENCY COURT WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE THEY ARE DOING). But one day, the other parent picks the child up from school and simply takes the child to their house. You go to pick your child up from school and learn that the other parent already picked up the child. You call the parent and they tell you they are at home with the child. You ask for the child back, they say no. So you call the police and they meet you at the home. Before they do anything, they want to see a SIGNED AND VALID COURT ORDER. But you do not have it with you. They say, well, go to the Court and get a copy. You say, “Okay.” and proceed to the courthouse. You wait in line, you pay the copy fee and take the copy to the police station. They take a look at it and say, “Well, let’s go get your child.” You arrive at the other parent’s home and the police assist you with the safe return of your child. The other parent does not even get arrested in most cases, unless the child has been hurt or if the police were threatened in any way during the confrontation. 

First of all, WE DID NOTHING TO OUR CHILD. HE WAS PROPERLY LOVED AND CARED FOR. HE WAS OUR LOVE CHILD, WE CHERISHED DONNELLY. WE STILL CHERISH DONNELLY AND WOULD NEVER EVER HURT OR NEGLECT HIM NO MATTER WHAT. Well, if no custody orders are ever signed by a Judge in a Juvenile Dependency issue, why the hell does the police assist them in removing children from parents? We could have and would have beat our criminal charges after rescuing Donnelly however, it would have taken some time, a year or more. Meanwhile, the Juvenile Dependency case would have proceeded with or without us. With us in custody, we had no chance and with the amount of the bail, we were stuck in jail. So, we had to make a choice and that was to take a plea bargain in order to be released prior to our parental rights being terminated. We plead guilty to “child stealing” and were sentenced to a year in county jail. We were given credit for time served and calculating good time credits, we were given a release date that would keep us in custody until November 22, 2011 which was before the next Dependency hearing was set. 

But good old CPS, always thinking of the child, placed Donnelly in a pre-adoptive home and a glowing report was prepared to make it appear that it was a far better home than my husband and I could possibly provide. They used Kayla’s “AWOL” event and continued absence from contacting CPS, our criminal record, along with many other exaggerated circumstances and plain old lies against us. We got into some more trouble right before the hearing and that completely ruined all of our chances to get Donnelly back. 


11 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t The FBI DO Anything?

  1. My name is Tabitha Shoars and my husband is Jeff Shoars we live in Avondale Arizona 85323. I’m contacting you because My husband and I have 8 small children, Cionhiah is 9 years old, Ian is 8 years old, Devin is 7 years old, Akira is 6 years old, makenize is 5 years old, Khloe is 3 almost 4 years old, xzaviar is 2 but almost 3 years old and Bentley is 1 but almost 2 years old. We lived in Duluth Minnesota until March of this year. We moved down to Avondale Arizona because we wanted to start over with our family because back in Duluth Minnesota I was sexually assaulted in 2010 by 2 guys and they were about to be released from prision. I didn’t feel safe there no more because even in 2010 I had people rubbing my stomach that I didn’t know and people causing harm to me and my family that I didn’t know.
    We moved down to Avondale Arizona and it wasn’t the best start until we moved into our address that we are at now. Things were great we had a lot of things going for us as a family until August 14th when everything changed for the worse, My husband and I left on august 14th at 330 pm to attend a meeting and to go to work and I went to a study group because I was going to school for massage therapy so we left all 8 kids home with a babysitter that we have known since March of this year he is a friend of Jeff and my self. We left our house all 8 kids were doing well no issues and our house was clean. At 12:21 am on August 15th we got a phone call from the Avondale Fire department that was left on my husband’s voice mail. When Jeff was listening to this voice mail that is when our babysitter called us telling him that Khloe collapsed there was no other voicemails or calls. Jeff came where I was doing my study group and knocked on the door saying that Khloe is in the hospital. I called our babysitter to ask what happened but a police took the phone from our babysitter to talk to me. The Police officer asked who I was and I said I’m Tabitha Shoars im Khloe’s mom. The officer said they been trying to get a hold of us for a long time but there was no voice mails accept 1 and a phone call from the babysitter I started to cry asking what happened?? Where is Khloe?? I need to be with Khloe!! Where is my other kids?? The police officer said I need you to calm down and breathe and get home soon as possible. I explained that we were over 45 minutes away because it is phoenix suburb that we were in. I kept asking where is Khloe I need to be with her! He said no come home now. We drove over 45 minutes all the way back to Avondale to see that our house and 2 houses on each side of us was blocked off as a crime scene. We ran to the tape that said DON”T CROSS. I tried to go over the tape but the officers wouldn’t let me and we both asked the police officers what happened and what’s going on because we seen our babysitter in hand cuffs. But they said they don’t know but it was after 1 am when we got home it was around 1; 30 am. They wouldn’t ask us nothing or talk to us. I had to tell them to write down all the information about the 7 other kids in the home and about Khloe who was in the hospital. I told them all her medical history, her birthday, her social number and more. Over 30 to 45 minutes passed before a police came over and said you need to get the hospital NOW! Jeff stayed at the house and I jumped into the truck the police told me it was on 101 and Thomas at the children’s phoenix hospital. I drove and I realized that that hospital wasn’t on there so I called the house 10 times no answer, I called my husband phone and it was dead. I had to call the phoenix 911 to get the directions to the hospital.

    When I got to the hospital I found out that Khloe wasn’t known as Khloe she was known as a Jane Doe. But even our babysitter told the police her name and age but I think it was because our babysitter is African American and so was Khloe that they didn’t care. I was escorted up to the 6th floor by police to talk to an investigator. I been nothing but honest and told them everything I knew. Then the doctor came in to give me the news about Khloe. She told me that Khloe isn’t responding, she is on life support everything is being done by the life support, the doctor told me she has bleeding and swelling of the brain and kidney damage. I asked her what HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!! She told me she don’t know. Nothing came back in her blood work, there was no bruises, scars or marks, or signs of anything! She wasn’t bitten, she was stung, she wasn’t shaken NOTHING. I told them I needed my husband up there now because the nurse told me that the police told her that they aren’t arresting our babysitter and that Jeff could come up to the hospital and the police told Jeff it was an emergency that I needed him up at the hospital so they could get CPS involved and CPS came while they tried to find transport for Jeff to get him to the hospital. When Jeff arrived to the hospital he threw the CPS papers at me saying they only took the kids for 72 hours and we would get them back because it was protocol for them to investigate and we were fine with that because we need to focus on Khloe. The doctors told us later that morning that Khloe has more of a chance of passing away then surviving. I had to fight tooth and nail to get my other kids up there to say good bye. I then told the Doctor please just wait until my mother in-law flies down from Duluth MN and until my kids get to say good bye and we will let her be at rest because she wasn’t there it was only the machines keeping her body alive and that was the doctors exact words. Khloe heart kept giving up and they have fought to keep her heart beating until we got there and when we were there the doctor told us her heart can’t hold on my more do you want us to kept doing CPR or do you want to place her on DNR and I looked at my husband and began to cry and I told the Doctor DNR as I started to cry laying by her side we never left Khloe accept to smoke because the doctor giving every mother and fathers worst nightmare. At 12pm they wanted to do one more test to see if they can save Khloe so we couldn’t be there so we decide to go home quick because we needed to change and I wanted to get her favorite blanket and dolly to place by her side. We came home to find all our lights on in our house and we have a pre pay electrical box and we almost losted 400 dollars’ worth of food, our dogs with no food and water and our olde English bulldogge laying outside life less because he had no water and it was 113 degrees out. We seen search warrants that we written up 3 different ways and none of them the same. They took Jeff phone and mine earlier that day for a time line on the phone calls because they had the warrant but still haven’t got them back. They been pulling pictures off our phone saying it was children abuse which wasn’t it was of our 2 years old ear because he had an allergic reaction and the other 2 pictures were of my face because I was beaten up by a girl in Duluth and the other one was of a bug bite on my thigh. I had pictures on my husband’s phone that is only meant for my husband and they see all the pictures and I feel like I’m being sexually assaulted all over again. I seen the clothes that Khloe was wearing the night she collapsed and they weren’t cut or nothing! We seen on the paper work that that it had me as a possible suspect in child neglect as well as our babysitter but the first warrant only had my babysitter’s name. when we got back to the hospital we found out they already had the 5 older kids up there and already visited her and I requested to talk to the CPS worker and a lady by the name of KAREN SILL came into our room and she pretty much said we were the cause of our daughter being here because we left her with a babysitter saying we didn’t do checks and so on.
    The police said that our kids said our babysitter beat Khloe with a beer bottle, raped and killed Khloe. But all our kids were asleep the whole time until the police opened the doors for our 3 girls and our 2 younger boys to see what is happening to their sister Khloe. They didn’t realize that Ian and Devin were in the other bedroom sleeping until 45 minutes later. Our kids were asked questions without no legal aid to help them because I personally feel they mislead the kids to say whatever and just took it the way they wanted. The detective on our case wanted Jeff and myself to come in and give another statement but we told him we would give him a written statement because everything we said to them they took out of content and switched it up on us. We had our whole house cleaned spotless the night before our CPS meeting on august 18th because we don’t like our house dirty and we thought about what the CPS want us to do. We then came to find out the first officer that arrived on the scene picked Khloe up and squeeze her until she puked. Never used neck brace or back support or nothing then removed her clothes without cutting them.


    • OMG! Horrible, dispicable “professionals” (i.e., police, CPS, hospital staff). You need to subpoena the doctors, nurses, and the medical records, all of the children’s medical records from check ups, your own medical records if any showing no abuse, statements from people who have known your family and can testify as to the bug bites, MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU MUST MAKE OBJECTIONS ON THE RECORD BY FILING A RESPONSE AND DECLARATION TO THE REMOVAL, THE PETITION, THE DETENTION REPORT AND THE CONTINUED DETENTION OF YOUR CHILDREN. OBJECT ON THE GROUNDS THAT THE INVESTIGATION WAS INADEQUATE THEREFORE EVERY ALLEGATION LACKS FOUNDATION, NEARLY EVERYTHING IN THEIR REPORTS ARE HEARSAY AND LACK FOUNDATION, i WILL POST A SAMPLE TODAY.


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  9. Cps in phoenix Arizona are the same way I think all the family dealing with Cps should protest. Cps came and took my daughter two weeks after arriving in phoenix and placed her in care my daughter is saying that she has to call her mom. I am so scared for my daughter who seems like a total different child she was outgoing and independent now she is quiet and scared to even tell me anything. God will someone ever help the parents.


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