Confidential Report About Fatalities In LA County

Click on the picture to read the report. NOTE** ON THE FIRST PAGE, SECOND PARAGRAPH OF THIS DOCUMENT IT STATES, “This fact-based analysis presents a unique opportunity to examine the need and possibly for wholesale changes in the way DCFS and the County of Los Angeles carry out the charge of providing services for families and children in crisis. Accordingly, in addition to identifying the RSI (Reoccurring Systemic Issues), this report suggests opportunities for improvement that, if capitalized upon effectively, can lead to positive changes and outcomes for the children and families DCFS serves.” ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

6 thoughts on “Confidential Report About Fatalities In LA County

  1. I have been going through a nasty divorce for 18 months well in February of 2014 I was involved in a car accident which was not my fault and recorded on the police report but since my sister used my name in many illegal activities the officer ran my name and seen I had a alias. well the officer asked am I on any medications I said yes by a doctor I am prescribed adhd medication and he asked my about my background I explained but he thought I was lying to him and insisted I was to brought to the police station ans arrested me while my 2 kids was in the car I had to call my family to come get them well he already arrested me and he couldn’t pulled back the charges so he arrested me on suspicion of DUI of narcotics. And if that wasn’t enough he called Child protective services so the next week my child was taken away and given to my soon to be Ex-Mother in Law who by the way was already mad at me because I prosecuted her son for domestic violence and I was divorcing him. The Ex-Mother In law got a lawyer and a really expensive one to be a intervenor. After 8 long months I finally went to trial;l because she filed a dependency on me and I won that day and got to walk out with my kid the Judge ordered the case to be closed but I get a call from Child protective services saying that they know the case is suppose to be closed but they want to keep it open for another 2 months due more drug screens and home evals in which I have already gave them 8 months worth of all clean drug screen and they already visited my home. they are fishing for something and I can’t stop them


  2. The corruption within child protection services is throughout every agency in this county & others. The FBI should of been involved long long ago. This agency falsifies every detail to creat cases that dont exist & continue to lie because of the financial funding they get from federal tax dollars for the lies. No oversite of this corrupt agency taking kids from families that are not guilty of the crap the social working misfits claim they have the evidence of. Perjury and falsifying evidence has gone unchecked within this agency of monsters who know they can get away with it. Funny how so many claim concern for children, but ignore complaints about the corruption taking place by an agency who could care less about any child, nor their family who want nothing more than true investigation into the freud making bank in protecting an agency’s employees, not children who truely need protection. If your concern is about children, stop ignoring the on going corruption in child welfare services: their employees, managers, etc. They wrongfully have over half the kids in foster care there illegally. They give them lots of drugs & needless fake counciling for more federal funding. This is a business, not child protection here folks. Try proving that fact wrong.

    On Sep 10, 2014 11:05 PM, “donnellyjustice” wrote: > > sdj4djustice posted: “Click on the picture to read the report. ” >


    • We desperately tried to get several FBI field offices involved in our case and another case we know of. They refused to get involved. We called them numerous times before my husband and I rescued our son from CPS custody. We took action because they wouldn’t. Most likely this is due to the heavy influence and false assurances that “a court of competent jurisdiction” is making Orders on behalf of CPS.

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