Donnellyjustice Research

I have created a Google Page to host research surveys regarding the way Child Protective Services operates, how the children are treated by CPS and foster care, how parents are treated and the outcomes of cases. Please help us by participating in our surveys. They are completely anonymous however, I would like to connect some of the cases and information as we go along so I am asking for parents to set up a family code for this purpose. Still, no manes are necessary. However, once you set up a code, I will have no way of knowing what your code is so you may want to keep it for future surveys. You could always use a first or last name (only if you want) that way remembering a code will not be difficult. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  2. Hello
    I live in South Florida and I’ve been looking for a lawyer that will help me with DCF. My daughter is 15months old and DCF took her when she was 20 days old. I am greatful that my daughter lives with my mother and that she didnt go to foster care. Every lawyer i call says that they can not help me with DCF.
    If you know of a lawyer that i can call that can help me Please Please send me their number so I can call them asap.
    Thank you


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