The question over PARENTAL RIGHTS in the US, or do we have any ?

What is being done to establish parental rights ?  Parents having children today should understand the truth on how the state has removed parents rights anytime we question doctors or schools on what is best for our child.  A parents loses the rights permanently to the medical treatment, education or any decision about the child when we challenge what is best for our children. It is so easy for a judge with no real experience raising children to destroy a family in a matter of minutes.   That decision will harm everyone in that family the rest of their lives.

6 thoughts on “The question over PARENTAL RIGHTS in the US, or do we have any ?

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  2. I’ve seen that parental rights are just something we assume to have, witnessing what little rights parents have from all the stories in the media. Anna Nickolia had her indent removed for getting a second opinion. Justina Pelletier spent a almost two years of hell for her parents getting a second opinion. And Maryann Godboldo had to face off with tanks and a seat team trying to protect her daughter from being medicated with controversial psychotropic drugs.
    When parents are turned into criminals for try to make informed decisions about their children it really hits home that no one has rights. Not us parents and certainly not our children.


  3. Little Baby Jack taken from his Daddy shared a status.
    July 14
    Please help me, the government took me away from my Daddy.

    On Jan 1, 2014 my son’s mother Amanda was coming over to pick Little Jack up so I could leave out of town for work. I had placed Jack next to his car seat in my truck with the seatbelt on while I loaded my laundry. Amanda arrived in a rage, enhanced by drugs. As Amanda yelled at me and physically charged me I backed away and said just get out of here. As we had more words she said I am going to hurt Jack because that is the only thing you love. She then went to my truck climbed on the step rail and made several movements that combined with her threats I believed at that moment were Amanda striking Jack. I ran over and tackled Amanda and placed her in a restraining hold. I then pulled my phone out and dialed 911 while holding her on the ground. She asked for me to let her go. I asked if she was under control and she said she was. I let her up while I talked to the 911 operator. She got Jack who was 2 out of the truck and comforted him until the police arrived. I stayed on the phone. When they arrived I explained everything to them. Amanda was arrested for injury to a child. The police took photos of some red marks on Jack’s chest. The police officer suggested I take Jack to the doctor. Jack was his normal happy self when the cops left and the red marks were gone a few minutes later when I checked. I took Jack to my parents and went to work. Amanda bonded out of jail and I picked Jack up and took him to her. On Jan 9, 2014 Amanda called and said CPS was at her parent’s house and they were taking Jack. I said okay I will be there shortly to get him. Amanda told me that I wasn’t allowed to get Jack. I have raised Jack from birth so I could not believe that. Not one person had called me and asked about the incident or where I might want to place Jack if there was an investigation. Amanda placed Jack with my parents. I got in contact with the investigator and told him I would pick Jack up that weekend. He explained I couldn’t have my son or even leave my parent’s house with Jack.
    I finally did get a chance to speak with an investigator about that day. I told the investigator that after replaying the incident in my head a thousand times that I do not believe Amanda was hitting Jack. They asked me how the red marks got there and I told them maybe from when she was rocking Jack and patting him, just comforting him. They told me that wasn’t possible. I told them I wouldn’t know if that was possible because there were not any red marks when I looked twenty minutes after the incident. I was asked why I didn’t take Jack to the hospital? I asked for what? There were not any marks when I looked and Jack’s behavior was normal. If Jack was injured wouldn’t the police have called the ambulance? And my mother looked at Jack and didn’t see anything wrong with him.
    My parents kept Jack for around a week while CPS looked for other qualified temporary placement from a list supplied by Amanda. Not one time did any CPS staff ask where I would like Jack placed, which should have been a right of mine. Without letting Jack come home they put my son with complete strangers in foster care. Jack stayed in foster care for a few days and that is where I was allowed my first one hour visit of two per month, supervised. When they made me leave the room it broke Little Jack’s heart and the tears in his eyes and hurt in his face devastated me! I had never before left my son like that, and I should not have been forced to leave my baby then.
    Amanda’s sister gets approved to care for Jack so Jack gets moved in with her. On Jan 17, 2014, we have a hearing in court. At the hearing I told the judge as I am sharing here. The prosecutor put me on the stand and tried to make me look like a horrible person because of my past. As teenager I was arrested many times. In 1999 I was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a public servant. I was sentenced to 10 years in Texas prison. I served 9.5 years and got released April 4, 2009. Those crimes the prosecutor brought up were over 15 years old. I had not had one legal infraction in 5 years of being out of prison. The judge listened to my story and agreed on the version of events I told. It appeared Jack could come home to Daddy. But no the judge left Jack in custody with Amanda’s sister with Amanda and I only getting two one hour supervised visits per month with our son. I am crushed!
    My lawyer says it will take a year to get Jack back and I have to play the game. Do what cps says.
    I lose my job because I am so distraught I cannot perform as usual and I can’t get out of bed most mornings.
    We go back to court Feb 4, 2014. The Judge seems to be on my side again, yet I still don’t get Jack. Nothing changed.
    February 28, 2014 Family Group Conference. Cps has a plan for me to follow. They gang up on me and attack my character. Refuse to let my past go. When is that debt paid to society? I know now it is never paid until I am dead and gone. I am ordered to attend and participate in a psycho-social or psychological evaluation and follow any and all recommendations to provider’s satisfaction and show progress not limited to individual counseling, parenting classes and drug treatment.
    All this to protect Jack whom I was protecting when I called the police that day!
    The reality is clear that they have no real case against me. They simply do not like me because I refuse to cower down to their authority. When they have something to say that I disagree with I tell them my thoughts. They have told my lawyer and the judge they are intimidated by me. Why? Because I have an opinion! Because I am passionate about having my son back!
    Cps says they believe I am a great father and wonderful provider. That I have been cooperative with the department! Then why must I do as they say and play their games to have my son back? Why have they kidnapped Jack?
    We went back to court April 4, 2014. The judge gives Amanda and I two two hour supervised visits per month. The prosecutor tells my lawyer they are going to charge me with injury to a child if I pursue getting Jack back or any extra conditions, but don’t tell Richard. I don’t care, I make my request to the Judge. What they don’t know is the Chief of Police told me his department has nothing on me. I did the right thing. He believes I have been a good citizen since my release from prison.
    April 11, 2014 I was arrested on that charge four months after I turned Amanda in!!!! What have I done to deserve this? I have never hurt my son period. $3000 bond.

    A couple weeks later another warrant shows up. $25,000 bond. Two child abandonment cases and one child endangerment case. All from the day Amanda was arrested and the police said here is Jack, have a good day. My lawyer says this is like throwing a handful of mud against a wall. Hopefully something will stick. Then they are covered for breaking the law and violating my civil rights.
    I go for a bond reduction. At the hearing the cps prosecutor is called on the phone. Under oath she states I have threatened the cps judge and Jack’s care givers. If this is true why am I not in jail? But I cannot speak to the judge. And apparently he doesn’t have a brain to ask himself that. I get a bond increase to $50,000.
    A couple more points I would like to share:This is Amanda’s 9th cps case. She has two daughters from a previous marriage. I have never had any cps cases. Cps says they are more inclined to give Jack to Amanda because she is so eager to cooperate. I have begrudgingly cooperated though I don’t believe I should have to. Cps has a goal of family reunification in one years time if all the hurdles are jumped and I do as I am told. Yet cps has stated that if Amanda and I talk or have any communication they will seek termination of our parental rights! This is the only woman I have been with my adult life. We have been together four years.
    So as you can imagine life is not very good right now. I have written this in the hopes that everybody will share it. I believe if enough people share this someone will see it that has the power and ability to investigate this case and bring my son Little Baby Jack back home. Also, to protect me against the false accusation of injury to a child. And the other 3 felonies.
    I sincerely thank you and anyone who feels a desire to read this, help or just pray.
    Richard G. Andrews


  4. I am totally blown away from all the horror stories and I personally have one to add. CPS has lied and degraded me as a father and a human being. I am running out of time and have done everything they have demanded I do and they continue to change plans without notice. I don’t know who to reach out to any longer. Everything the author of this article stated, I have experienced first hand. How many ways are there to say PLEASE, how many ways are there to put into words how your heart is slowly and tortuously pulled out of your chest while hearing your children beg to not be taken away from you. Please God tell me there is a way to have my children returned before it’s too late!!! I will check my email every few minutes for any answers or guidance regarding this post.
    Thank you


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