FYI To Those Who Don’t Realize That This CPS Kidnapping Epidemic is WORLDWIDE!

Here is a video of social service kidnappers in the UK. Thank you to Cornel Brown who posted this video. Everyone needs to do this to expose COMMON PURPOSE which is at the heart of the destruction of the U.S. GOOGLE: COMMON PURPOSE also GOOGLE: AGENDA 21 AND BILL GATES.

5 thoughts on “FYI To Those Who Don’t Realize That This CPS Kidnapping Epidemic is WORLDWIDE!

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  2. Everyone is talking about this corruption and nothing is being done about this, why talk when we should be doing something now contact me at so I can share my ideas and plans to help stop this hate-crime, I know too well how they do because I am a victim and now my oldest grandchild is somewhere we don’t know and how could they expect and say this is in the best interest of the child. I suffered a pure prejudiced and racial crime in their so called justice system and so did my husband.


  3. The biggest problem that I see with CPS is that parents do not know their rights. You do not have to speak with any government agent – in America this is called Miranda. You do not have to open your door and you shouldn’t. Nor should you EVER allow CPS to see your children. CPS worldwide is no more than a child trafficking agency. They receive federal funding to place children in custody and incentives for adoption. Believe me when I tell you that they do not care if you abused your child. The reason they want access to your children is to see if they are adoptable so they can terminate your parental rights and parcel them out. The reason they want to speak to you is so that they can twist your words and use them against you because they don’t have any evidence. These people are lying cowards and they are practiced in the art of manipulation. So don’t talk to them, All they have is an allegation and the allegation is not proof of wrongdoing. if it were, they would just show up at your house with a court order and force their way in. They need evidence to get a court order. Don’t give it to them. Just don’t do it. Just don’t. Parents have to educate themselves about everything so they can teach and protect your children. Even the gentleman in the video gave too much information – He didn’t really get anything on video that can be used against them. But he gave them plenty of information that will make it easier to find out who he is. If the young lady had just come to the door – not open it mind you, but come to the door and told them they could not speak to her and asked them to leave it would have been much better. Parents DO NOT let CPS intimidate you into waiving your Fourth amendment rights! If you let them in your house you have waived your right to this protection! Don’t be intimidated by the police officer if they bring one, he is there for the social workers protection but they will use it to intimidate you if you let them. They will threaten to tell the judge that you are being uncooperative. So what? Cooperating simply means you are demanding your rights. You can’t be thrown in jail for non-cooperation. But you can surely get your children taken if you DO cooperate. They prefer it if you lay down and let them walk all over you – and your children. If they tell you they are there to remove the children and don’t have a court order, tell them in no uncertain terms that they can’t take the children. Stop waiving your rights and then screaming that your children were kidnapped. Yes, I know that they lie, distort facts, etc. but that doesn’t mean you have to believe them and I encourage you not to. They cannot be trusted, they want to keep their jobs and the only way for them to get it is to keep detaining children in state custody.Don’t be a victim and more importantly don’t let your child be a photo for all to see on while they solicit your children to potential adoptive parents (sometimes in an anticipation of terminating your parental rights and sometimes before it ever becomes a question. This is illegal since they are supposed to be working at “reunification” (a sad oxymoron, you don’t TAKE the child OUT of the home and then coerce the parent into signing bogus service plans if your goal is to protect children. If they truly were a child protection agency, they would keep the child IN the home and offer assistance to the parent. Separation trauma is real and CPS often takes these children kicking and screaming from their homes and places them with strangers who are paid to take them in. Many of these state workers and potential adoptive strangers are pederasts and pedophiles. Despite CPS’ lying data the fact of the matter is that children are 100 times more likely to be abused in state custody than in their own homes. Just look at the children who ARE actually abused. Rarely are they removed from the home – this is because the poor baby has been abused. Abused children have psychological and behavioral issues as a result of their abuse and the fact of the matter is that nobody wants to adopt a child with these issues. So they leave them there and as awful as it sounds they either suffer more horrendous abuse or end up murdered. The best way to win against CPS is to not let them take your children in the first place. Keep your door closed, don’t talk. Stick to the issue and don;t get involved in any conversation. If you have to repeatedly tell them politely but FIRMLY to leave then do it. They like to keep pressing people to wear them down and other guerilla type tactics and they rarely vary from the script. Don’t fall for it and don’t let them bully you.

    They conduct “hearings” in secrecy claiming to protect the identity of the child. I well ask, from whom are they protecting the child? The parents who they were already removed from? They are protecting themselves and their sick industry. I could go on for days but I really want parents to understand that they play a part in having their children removed. Recognizing this fact is half the battle. The other half is knowing your rights and standing firm on those grounds. Your children need you to protect them so learn them diligently.


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