Ex Social Worker Tells All – PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS!

This woman worked for social services in the 1990’s BUT I GUARANTEE NOTHING HAS CHANGED, IN FACT, IT HAS BECOME BIGGER MONSTER. Social workers rarely speak out because their lives are threatened!

JUST AS I HAVE BEEN SAYING, JUVENILE DEPENDENCY COURT IS RIGGED. THERE IS NO WAY TO “BEAT” CPS. The “Judge” will never dismiss any case, for any reason. They are hired by the County and are instructed to never rule against CPS and the parent’s lawyers are told never to OBJECT TO ANYTHING!

15 thoughts on “Ex Social Worker Tells All – PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS!

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    • Depends on your searches, when you search for donnellyjustice we will be number one. If you search for court cohorts we will be number one. If you type in falsified evidence cps we will be on the first page. Thanks anyway.


  3. Call me ! Reaching out to anyone that can help. @justice4David instagram @mychildstolenon Twitter. Help me I am being stalked and harassed daily. Real photos posted daily. Google my corrupt judge Daniel Zeidler he has a 0 -1 rating. By peers, parents and other lawyers. Nasty Evil Man


    • Get as much video or written evidence that you can of the lies that they are taking and of you spending time with your child. Getv transcripts of your hearing and separate the lie from the truth. Sue SUe Sue


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  5. it starts with the governor of the state who was elected from prosecuting attorneys office. They will use any reason to FIND a problem with your child. so that they will be awarded more money from the “hence” Naive government grants. Washington state has the most put together, invincible , sick agencies. PLEASE HELP


  6. I lost my 4 children because they were Considered adoptable. My mothers cps history of abusing me was covered up so that once I was bullyed into signing adoption.


  7. My 2 children are taken illgally by Pinellas county court judge Kimberly Todd and directions for living cps now my son tried suiside and my daughter is missing in Alabama 11 yrs old dropped off at a church never to be seen no one will help I have all proof of facts need help


  8. My 11yr old daughter and 13 yr old son was taken by directions for living cps and now my son has been baker acted for suicide and my daughter is missing in Alabama no one will do anything at Pinellas county court or clerk of circuit


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