Speak Out Against CPS’s Corrupt Practices June 13, 2014

Help us inform parents, help us expose the illegal practices of CPS and Dependency Court, help end children being abused in foster care! Doing NOTHING doesn’t change anything.

8 thoughts on “Speak Out Against CPS’s Corrupt Practices June 13, 2014

  1. Hi can you go to voice of Detroit and email this to Augustus Fennerty please the story is about my son and daughter and now another son was trying to take his life due to foster worker and supervisor took away his visits to see other siblings this is deep.


  2. I was awarded by the judge back sole custody but cps said no I didn’t approve that so cps and my daughters father will not let me see my child or give her over now I have a soon court date where hopefully the judge throws the book at them for being such a disgusting agency


  3. We have been going through a CPS case now for six moths . we have missed a couple of courts due to non informative on their behalf they claim that due diligent search for us have been made and are unable to find us with also many other false accusations of us as well. When in fact this whole time we have been visiting our son and have had continuous contact with his driver. But yet our whereabouts are unknown to the courts and social worker how is that? The courts are trying to terminate our parental rights. Is there anything we can do to get our son back?


  4. my ex husband got custody of our family’s child. He was not related to child. And now he gets to go to bed with her. . They did not investagate it .When we adoted the baby the did not do a background check. We did not know that he was in& out of jail, for domestic violence on someone else.He was not clear of 5 yrs, when he adopted. His excuse is that I am mentally ill and make things up.but it is o k for the huma service to get my money from my check @ the nursing home where I work for child support.


  5. we need to rally in los angeles CA the kids are suffering they removed my 7 year old from school and was being bullied at school 8 months later they removed my 9 year old with downs syndrome saying I medical neglect and I go the extra mile cause he is my baby and now he is suffering do to false statement by cps I need help and we need to stand together for our kids sake and I pray for all kids suffering from a failed system.


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