These people were totally manipulated. If there was a warrant they wouldn’t have knocked on the door! Notice how the police were not aggressive in any way? They hung back at the door as well as inside. They were used as an intimidation tactic. The social worker LIED about being allowed to take these children!


  1. Everyone is talking about gte dirty deeds of CPS but who is doing something about it. The sorry government is not in fact they authorize this mean and cruel act against birth mothers and letting the society mamas have the financial status and it is sickening and I would like for anyone out there to contact me via email daijam to talk about how we can get a real organization to stop this dead society


  2. It is all about money. Then when this women. the government was to take her baby away because she did a crime, live write bad checks or something. She sing for me to adopt. But we did not know, that my huband @time, had a bad background. He committed domestic violence on some1 else. When I tried to get help it did not work for us. He molest the child. The courts of cedar rapids iowa did no background check. He got custody, and I am paying child support to the human service,they say they give it to him. They take almost all the money.We non custodian parent is not suppose to eat, & freeze to death,or we are suppose to freeload off our friend&family,that is what happens if you are the rosondent. He the petitioner get everything. & I do not get to see the child.


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  4. This is so repulsive and sickening that it is actually difficult to watch. Yet, it is happening every single day in and around every major metropolis all across the globe.

    I actually felt like I was experiencing this with the little baby girl being kidnapped, or, “kidjacked.” This is a powerful video. I was crying with her. These poor little babies, with no warning, whatsoever, were made to believe that their parents were possibly giving them up willingly, as the mother did a great job, in my opinion, of appearing calm as a wild dingo runs off with her baby. I am sitting here trying to picture how those poor children, and parents, made it through their first night in captivity. Dramatic Pause Here.

    Then there are the cowardly cops who refuse to make eye contact because of their shame and embarrassment for their criminal assault on the little children they are supposed to be protecting. How dare they? How dare any of them? “Fear of God is the key to wisdom.” These people are “fools” setting themselves up for the next big Fall. For, the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible articulates so eloquently the moral that “he who lays traps for others will certainly fall in it himself”(paraphrase, The Holy Bible, NKJV).

    The incompetent social worker with the lisp should lock herself up in an institution like the kind she throws little children into for money and promotions as she obviously has a speech impediment. How many drugs is this pig on, I wonder? I’m just saying, children are locked-up every day for no illnesses or disabilities whatsoever save for the fact that they knew too much, as are protective mothers who refuse to “go along to get along.”

    Everybody who watches this needs to send this video to everyone they know. EVERYONE!


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