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  2. so right but also you MUST do a declaration and pick apart the report and all the lies and twisted truth and then you must also attach your proof such as grandma is a drug addict so you would put in your declaration denying grandma to be a drug addict that she has cancer and her age as well as what her illnesses are and then put the proof exhibit A and then any other lies if they say you had drugs in your system (just an example) then you will put I was on this prescribed prescription for a back injury then you will attach exhibit B and show the written prescription / proof then after you pick all their lies and attach your proof you need to file emergency hearing forms different for each state then let them know cps has placed kids in a unsafe home with criminal record and tell what it is and attach your proof then also at the same time family can be heard as well there are forms for them so hope this helps and you can contact me if I can help you I will do my best to help you with information. rosettedewart at American on line


  3. I too was tortuted by cps for years….theylied, cjangef court reports, and gorced me to visit my children with my convicted abuser. I wasnt allowed a seperate visit. Aldo they took thrm from me becsusr he hit the youngest one, cps stated “it doesnt matter that he did it…u loose. Then when their sister was born….they took her and put her w/ my adopted boys but disallowed them knowing her relationship to them. I have her back but my 3 -boys gone/adopted and im lethargic at best


  4. Hello! I’ve been referring to your site for 3+ weeks now, since the day I discovered it. Thank you for all that you e included in it. It has served to guide my research regarding juvenile law in riverside county and what our rights are as parents. It’s a lot of reading, and there’s still a lifetime more to read. It wasn’t until about 4 weeks ago, in my despair of being away from my babes, that, like a bolt of lightening, that we go to court on Oct. 22, to see whether or not the judge is going to terminate our parental rights over our babies. It then struck me,…terminate my parental rights? Then that means I STILL HAVE PARENTAL RIGHTS!!!! Holy crap! What the F are they? We hired an attorney only days after Sept. 15th 2014, when 2 CPS workers paid us a visit at the motel we were then living in. Our need for private counsel we figured would be absolutely necessary to prove to the Court that the conditions that we had of our living situation was only due to current circumstances that were far too much for our comfort and acceptance and that we were under way to making a change that VERY DAY! The sewer had backed up on the property so much that the motel had plumbers out for several days in a row, but when we were visited the smell of urine and feces in the tub was from my inability to provide a sanitary environment for our children due to our 2 dogs (had they pay attention, right outside the door was an area that served as their bathroom under the trees), they didn’t ask where I kept our food, which was loaded in the big 4 drawer dresser, and stated there was a BBQ on the porch that appeared to have not been used for SOME time. The truth was actually my son who was then 5, was proud to help mom, so he would go dump the ashes from the night before in the trash, so he and his sister could use the little thing as a support for the forts they constructed on the porch. Even a neighboring passerby, met up with me at the 7\11 that was down the street and he asked, ‘how come you’re not barbeque-Ing tonight?” Every night he paced the block outside the fence line of the motel while he talked on the phone with his girlfriend, all the while I filled the air with smoke and steam from my cooking on my lil grill (that another guest left for us after their visit!:) There were definitely more details that were apart of our allegations but I’m here tonight just to reach out. We go to court in the morning, right here, just down the street from our new little home. It’s been 13 months since the day they were taken. I had CPS call my parents, in a panic, which only served to fuel my dads bullshit ideas of my fantasized drug use and aloofness in life. He capitalized on our plight and has slandered us abusively. Even had my mother lie to our worker that we broke in to their house one weekend while they were camping, even though I showed him my key and how I used it to get in. So much for the new Schleg locks he had installed without my knowledge. Haha! In from of my dad, my son and God himself I demonstrated how my old key worked with his new locks. But she told our worker we broke in. While they were CAMPING with our kids. When part of why they called on us in the first place was because right after we lost our home, I moved us to a local campground, AND WE LOVED IT! My dad couldn’t stand to see me Happy in such a low life position as that. Though he isn’t capable of comprehending the necessity for me as a mother to always instill a sense of security, of perseverance, and of humility and gratitude to my growing children. I guess in his eyes those virtues can only be learned at church? Oh I beg to differ there sir, I’ve taught that to my children since day one! And my eldest will be 21 in February, and all merely by Example! But that’s enough of the verbal attacking that is only more turbulent energy for my spirit to contend with. Our babes, now J is 8yrs old and A is 6. It’s been a year like I’ve mentioned. We’ve fought to get to our substance abuse treatment program (because of my husbands record in the past), but transportation has been unreliable to say the least, we’ve not been present for their birthdays, this years pumpkin patch outting, school assemblies and the like, either because we weren’t informed about it or had no way to get there…our families simply exercised their opportunity to spit on us and kick us while we were very down. Just poor. That’s all it was. We had a home with a pool and big yards, happy kids, happy pit bulls, and a loving sound family. The economy turned on us, my school bus route was cut short the last time I had worked. Went from $900+ paychecks to somewhere in the $300s. My husband’s industry just chewed him up and spat him out. He is a master mechanic, with decades of skill and college training, all to lose his pay to a young kid that accepted minimum and didn’t have a family to support. He went from shop to shop with huge promises and high hopes, something always changed after he would get in the door. The first several checks would be satisfying to the soul, ‘OK gonna make rent!’ Then the manager would demand him do some illegal brake job, or the owner would try to commit suicide. The list goes on and on. The very last shop was kicking out $200 something paychecks for him, Yay! Yeah, no. That didn’t cut it. Trying to materialize our existence in my mind, without the comforts of home and the security to always be warm and dry and food on the table was slowly slipping away….i pushed it to the side for a long time, out of disbelief i think. But that’s how this saga began. Lost our home due to the economy and our lack of being proprietarily creative enough to do some other money generating activity (or job) for us. Simply poor. But we were a strong family unit. Our children were (are!) sharp and intelligent. Well balanced and strong, active vibrant kids. We wreaked of love and security even homeless and beginning to grow cold. It was the beginning of Dec. And was pouring down rain and bitter cold. We sent the kids to grandmas for a couple weeks so they wouldn’t have to deal with being chilled all day, then have no way to warm their bones when they came in the TENT at night. But only a couple of weeks away sufficed. The weather warmed but a few degrees and they rejoined us with thrill and joy. We were good! We acquired a little trailer that served as a solitary large bedroom for us. But it was dry, and warm -ER, and I could cook inside if I had propane versus the fire station I had set up outside. Did you know that pasta and beans and the like, they absorb surrounding odors and very rapidly become extremely distasteful and unusable? Huh! I would’a never’v known that cupboards within drywall and insulation was required to store those things properly. Yeah I tried ziplocks in the ice chest, but that eliminated room for the dairy and meat. ?? Interesting the things you encounter “out in the wild.” I also learned that we sure did waste enormous amounts of water when we lived in a house! A shower EVERYDAY!? A fresh outfit EVERYDAY!? Shoot! Clothes are good for at least 3 days! Come on! It made me almost sad to realize that fact. Until we packed up and went to WalMart as a family one night. We walked in there with our 3 day old campfire wreaking selves and good lord I felt like that son, the wild one, of that family that lives in Alaska!? Bear or something?! Yeah….no. It was Crazy!!! But we didn’t care, we were content and
    happy even homeless and dirty.
    A lot has transpired since those days, our children are much bigger now too. I am a different person as well. My spirit has been battered to almost completely out of life itself, but something has still drug us along. We went from where my mom told me one night that my son had told her “I can’t live without mom!” :{ And those Fridays that we barely made it to town to see the kids to learn that my parents decided to ‘surprise’ the kids and take them camping for the weekend, even though they knew we were trying to get there and were desperate to see them. Our son would tell me that here and there he would tell Papa that he hoped we were coming, all to be replied with “Don’t get your hopes up A, they’re Not Coming!” Would it have been so hard to tell him that, “Well, hon, lets keep our fingers crossed that they do come! I sure know they want to be here! And I know they are trying very hard!” would that have been so difficult for a grandparent to express to their grandchild, just love and understanding, instead of hate and discord? Oh it makes me burn so deeply inside!!! No one has a clue how tormenting this has been. My dad has also said to me that this has been a vacation for me, that I’m just loving this time with no kids to worry about. I jumped up and planted my finger at the tip of his nose and for the very first time in my 42 years said “F#%k YOU!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW DIFFICULT THIS HAS BEEN FOR ME! F#@K YOU!!!!” Like a moster he turned out to be. It’s all been nightmare -ish. The kids are now with my husbands sisters family. Lovely. That’s not much better. She’s never approved of me. Has always been jealous of me for some reason. Readily takes an opportunity to put me down at every chance she can get. Merely a reflection of her very low self esteem obviously. Otherwise she wouldn’t feel it necessary to build herself up in front of me. My eldest is about the same age as her eldest but the two girls are a far cry from being anything alike. Her daughter is a larger framed gal, extremely intelligent but not much in the way of remarkable looks. She had always been very sweet though and loved our kids like crazy, so I approved of that greatly. My daughter on the other hand is nearly 6 feet tall, wears probably a size 0 in pants, with darkened, long flowing hair, gigantic blue eyes, a great smile, extremely photogenic, I think SHE’S SAWESOME!!! As her little brother would say it when he was just a wee babe, naked in our tree out front. 😉 So, to say the least there was immediate animosity and jealousy when I introduced my eldest to my husbands family. My daughter though, she’s a good hearted young lady, has never judged them and has always done everything in her power to show only kindness and openness with his family. Never gave them any reason by judge of character to dislike her, but they aren’t big enough for interrelations like that, they would rather hate. And that’s where my kids are tonight. Their house. Already in bed, school like usual in the morning, mommy and daddy 50+ miles away. Yeah like that helped with visitation!? And to set up any other dates and times to be with them, are only a possibility if their Aunt hadn’t already made other plans. Who designed this nightmare where someone else could rule the roost and control my children as if they were their own? And then dangle them before me only to snatch them out of my reach once I realized they were there!? Dear god, please, guide me through this!! I don’t know what else to do. It definitely makes you have thoughts unlike you ever would have had prior to this! That’s a fact! But unfortunately we are sane humans in our right minds and can refrain from taking things to the extreme like we feel would be the only way for everybody to finally get just a glimpse of the anguish we experience every flipping moment of every single living breathing day!!! The only other option then, if we are righteous enough to not surpass our boundaries in such a way that would cease life as we know it now and completely severe any and all contact with our children for the rest of our days, unless they chose to pay us a visit in federal prison SOMEDAY, would then be the exact opposite. I have had thoughts of… well then I will just blow my face off right there standing in my parents front yard. Yep! With them standing there in fear and awe and confusion, just blow myself away from the top! Jesus fn Christo….i can’t do that either!!! I really don’t want to do that!!! I LOVE life!!! I’ve always been extremely passionate about just being alive and soaking in all the wonderment around me! And as a mother it has been a miraculous thrill to be able to share these wonders with my offspring! So, F—! I could never do that. BUT, its how I feel damn it! I want to do that just so they could see how badly this hurts!!! Maybe then they would get a clue as to what horrors theyve caused and the suffering we’ve all endured. But too, what would my kids do then? Without me? My son used to burst into tears at the thought of not seeing us, now he barks at me over the phone like I’m interrupting his tv watching time.
    ……….. Oh the anguish….
    Now tomorrow is D day. Our case worker, I just don’t know. She was who I called when my dad tore in to me one day while at his house, and I just wanted the F out of there, but wasn’t about to leave with my dear son there, standing right at my side. She talked me down out of my anger and frustration, and thanked me for calling her. She was the one who submitted the brand new referral for us to attempt to continue our services though it is so late in the game. Our families have lied to hurt us. And closed their doors in our faces. Something I never ever dreampt they would do. I’m holding on for dear life. And praying that our judge has some portion of a heart in them. I usually generate genuine and sincere Interactions with people simply by my blatant open honesty, sincerity and integrity. But this is the law we are dealing with. I must add though, each time we’ve gone to court, it honestly has been refreshing. Apparently our worker has finally gotten a grip on the antics as evil as they’ve grown to be, that goes on between the two families and has grown to disregard what they all have added about us. My husbands mother even told her that I threatened to kill everyone involved with this case!!! She used to be my friend!!! And I’ve done NOTHING at all to her!!! We’ve barely seen each other these last couple years! Why!? How could someone say such shit about someone that is a part of your family? This whole ordeal has transformed who are families are for us. In ways that just break our hearts. But its how it has gone down, its how they’ve chosen to take it. I tell you what though, had the tables been turned, and I had been the one to receive the call one fateful night asking if I could take in my sisters girls or maybe even my own daughters (future) kids, I know exactly what I would have done. I would have been sparked with anxiety yet would have listened to my instructions intently. I would be obient to the directions I was given and I would have complied with everything that was asked of me. I would then, take in my young relatives (or a friends kids, either way) and would immediately have done whatever I felt they needed to feel safe and comfortable, and would have deciphered a good moment to then sit down with them and talk with them, comfort them and explain to them that I would always be there for them no matter what, that they could always come to me about anything, I would never get angry or get mad, I would promise to always listen and to not interrupt. Then would do my best to assist them with whatever it was they brought before me. Then I would help to reassure them, that they were not being left to the way side. I would already know and trust the person that CPS had taken them from so I would know exactly what they were working on for them. I would encourage them at every whim to be free to, if they ever wanted to, call mommy and daddy. I would never harbor them in any way, I would have accepted the fact that this would alter my families activities for the duration but we would’ve been aware of that from the start, and would never have made plans that didn’t include their parents too. That is exactly what I would do!! Do my best to stay within the guidelines of course. Don’t threaten me to have the kids removed and put in to the system. But their parents are absolute key figures in their lives and I would never interfere with that relationship. Now if I knew, lets say hypothetically, that my sisters old man was violent and creepy, then still I would only provide love and understanding, and if he was dangerous, then we would do all we could to help him get the help he needed if he wanted it. And still not interfere with his contact with his children, even if we had to only do it over the phone for their safety. If he was the type to be brutally verbally abusive, then maybe only in person visits…with some other authority there as protection, I dont know, but I wouldn’t interfere to the best that I could. Within reason always. This experience has presented us with miscellneous people that have shared their stories with us, in particular were the ones that were taken from their parent/s. One friend of ours said that he would cry, like a baby he said, well in to his twenties for being taken from his mom. And she wasn’t much to speak of let me tell you. He said himself, she was vicious, violent. Beat on him and his brothers. Even blamed him when one of his infant brothers died while she had left him in charge at like 8 years old, to go out and do WHATEVER, but his baby brother had stopped breathing and he panicked and called 911. Brother went to the hospital, and mom was informed when she got home that she had to fly to the hospital. Where her son had stopped breathing again and passed away. I guess jt was a SIDS type of occurrence. No charges were ever filed against anybody. But scared and confused at home our friend said he just sat frozen waiting to see what had happened. Mom came back and beat him again. To this day will make statements blaming him for killing his brother. What evil is That for a child to go through and he STILL wept at the thought of no longer having his mom, the few years after that that he and his other brothers were permanently taken from her. So I’ve learned from he and others how excruciatingly painful it is for our babies to be ripped from their maternal, fundamental lineage. It’s not a place were government should have jurisdiction. But my fingers hurt now from typing so I’m going to close with that.
    I pray for all of you, and ask for you to pray for the 4 of us and our visit with the judge tomorrow morning. Thank you for reading! Bless you!
    Oh one last little tidbit, just imagine this…. My counselor during my second attempt at our treatment program, her mother used to work for CPS when she was growing up. And during her entire career not once placed any child in to the system. She would merely speak with the family and if need be would bring kids home with her. My counselor explained that they always had other kids in their home. But only for a couple months at most, then once her mother felt the parents were diligent and with genuine intent she returned their kids to them. Always staying in touch to make sure things were working in a positive direction. But that was how she performed her service through the Child Protection Services department. Isn’t that just something else!? What an inspiration! Now, I’m considering getting a job with the county myself! 😮 Goodnight everybody! And goodnight our sleeping angels where ever you all are! We LOVE you!!!


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