How Long Will It Take To Get Your Child Back From CPS?

Some people want to know how long it takes to get your child back, well, it all depends, there is no set length of time. In 2007, my children were returned to our home in 12 weeks however, we were coerced into cooperating with their lame case plan for an additional 18 months. In 2010, our children were removed a second time, but were returned at the first hearing. Due to my husband’s ex-wife calling the social workers directly as well as the CPS hotline making up crazy lies, the director ordered a positive hair follicle test from CDT, Inc. so the children were removed again 30 days later and were from then on, determined to never return them at all. So, it could take as little as 3 months or as long as 18 months to get your child back. Due to budget cuts, not too many children are being returned at all. I know someone who had not seen or spoken to their child in over a year and a half. The social workers in that case were/are absolutely deranged. The mother and daughter child had a “riff” at Rady Children’s Hospital. That’s it..

A remarkable woman in Oregon recently got her children back and her case closed. I will be posting and article on how she did it in the near future so stay tuned for that.

If you are lucky enough to have a decent caseworker with a little superiority and a good relationship with your kid’s foster mom, then your chances are much higher. 

6 thoughts on “How Long Will It Take To Get Your Child Back From CPS?

  1. My children were never returned home. I was never a threat to them.
    I turned over to Tim Donnelly documents from 13 March 2004 about the Congressional Inquiry I had also testified to Senator Joe Baca about the very same issues posed today, and ongoing from so many parents. Why are the courts getting away with stealing so many children, and why aren’t the children being returned? Answer is easy; Money. Plain, pure, and simple. Money is being extorted from loving, caring parents. CP$ is a business, and not in it to “return” children. Wake up people. All the parents that I have ever spoke to have been charged an extortion fee, child support, for their children in the system. If CP$ weren’t a business, then parents would not be charged for the children in this corrupt system.
    Oh, and I never have heard back from Tim Donnelly about all the educational material that I submitted to his staffer back in October of 2013.


  2. I am sick of CPS and thier dirty tactics. They are control freaks and have nothing better to do than disassemble families homes. Especially in the African American homes. It is time for parents to really take a stand and let these ignorant and arrogant people know that they are not God for he is the one who puts these families together. Now I know that there is a fiery furnance waiting for them to fry in. It is called HELL. Perhaps they should go to Genesis and find themselves before Revelation hits and it is too late


  3. My sweet baby daughter died of SIDS over a year ago. Now CPS/ DCS have taken my 5 day old baby boy. They are punishing me for something that wasn’t my fault and which was so incredibly painful, and worse- they are punishing my new baby by denying him his family and a loving, doting mother! There is no end in sight to this nightmare, I don’t know if or when I’ll get my son back- the fight goes on and on and he grows up in a strangers care… Who knows what permanent damage is being done to him psychologically! I hate this! I hate these legal baby thieves!


    • i know what u are saying i had my 3 kids takeing from me in nov of 2014 and i am fighting to get them back plez call me 4439422201 my name is april someone tell me how to deal with cps


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